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Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 08:46 am

When you are looking for the best security precautions for your home which lets you control from the remote place. Then you may consider Blink apps developed by Immedia Semiconductor. Blink apps remote control security features will provide you professional-level home security. Basically, Blink apps come only for the android platform and no customization for the computer. So if you are interested to take advantage of this app on your PC then this article on blink app for PC will teach you.

What Is Blink App?

As an affordable home security camera system, Blink apps provides you so many security solutions. Blink apps help you to detect motion happing inside your home and notify you by giving a video or audio alert to your phone. In addition, you will get live HD quality video along with audio surveillance facility from your smartphone.

Blink App for Windows

Another fascinating feature is two-way conversation features which help to connect between Blink apps with mini cameras.

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Impressive Features of Blink App

Blink apps sound like a fantastic tool for your home security, let’s have a look at some of its features.

blink for home desktop app


Blink App provides a lot of benefits like monitoring everything as a security guard but it doesn’t have any payment or subscription plan.


It requires the battery to gain the power for operation, and these batteries are workable for at least two years without any disturbance.

Night vision:

In the night mode, it doesn’t stop working; rather at this moment it initiates the capturing of black and white images or video clips.

Detect Motion:

It can detect each motion accurately and send alerting messages to the owner when any unauthorized entrance occurs. Also, you can personalize the task like enable or disable the motion activity, timing, recording the part option, etc.

Construct Scheduled Performance:

You can customize according to the demand. Here you can obtain scheduling with time and date that may be weekly, monthly, etc.

Two Way Communication Method:

In both sectors, you can join with the other part by audio and video connection. Also, you can control each camera like mini, indoor or outdoor, and can receive alarming notifications for any intruders.

High quality:

It delivers high-quality audio and video at a high-speed internet connection. The range of videos may be 1080 p.

Easy To Install:

Blink app links with the camera and this procedure is so straightforward. After positioning the camera, you can attach the blink app with the QR-code or serial number and then log in to the account to maintain the app.

Wire-free And Wireless Connection:

Blink app has no requirement of wire or any cable, and also, you can manage the app through WiFi or data connection.

Blink Home Monitor Specification

For user convenience, you have included some core Specifications of Blink Home Monitor. We hope these will aid you in getting the authentic app from app store.

App’s Name Blink Home Monitor
Updated January 7, 2022
Size 25M
Installs 1,000,000+
Current Version 6.7.1
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Category Tools
License Free/Paid
Offered By Immedia Semiconductor
✅Easy to set up with higher features.
✅Premium features enjoy without payment.
✅Both side audio connections.
✅Capturing each part of the motions and store.
✅Offer a Live display of the activities.
✅Permit a lot of devices with a single account.
✅Possible to record audio and video.
✅Provide scheduled tasks.
✅The mini or big display doesn’t affect showing the footage.
❌Less advanced technology.
❌Possibility to hack.
❌The only mobile platform, no PC version.
❌Dependent on data or WiFi connection.
❌Less professionalism.
❌Recording time is limited.

How To Download & Install Blink App For PC?

Blink Home Monitor App for PC logically has no these types permissible tools because it is designed for Android and iPhone-based gadgets. But you can apply the Blink app using some tricky methods that may emulate supporters like MemuPlay. This MemuPlay emulator serves the same environment on the Desktop like Mobile platform.

blink home monitor app for pc download

Download & Install Blink App Using MemuPlay Emulator:

  • Proceed to the browser to acquire access to the authorized website of MemuPlay.
  • After reaching the download link, store the file and Install it on the PC.
  • After successful installation, unlock the MemuPlay emulator.
  • Now, finish the Login process by applying the Gmail or Username and a strong Password.
  • After configuring the emulator, explore the Blink App in the PlayStore.
  • After reaching the Blink App, select the Install option to acquire the app.
  • Now it activates downloading and installing spontaneously.

Download Blink App for Mac

How to quickly download and install Blink app for PC-Windows And Mac

So, when you want Blink app functioning, you need a via named emulator which helps to run an android app to PC app. So, let’s see the process on how to operate the Blink app on the computer below.

  • At first, you need to download the emulator (recommend Bluestacks or Nox Player) from the official site by your browser and install it.
  • After that, the emulator’s icon visualizes on your PC, now click to open it.
  • When the emulator opens, you need to sign up with a Gmail account (make sure a verified mail).
  • Afterward, find out the search box and write “Blink Home Monitor” and click on the search icon and wait to get a search result.
  • Now, hopefully, you will see the Blink app from the search result and click on it.
  • When you get into the Blink app, you may see the install icon, now click and wait to install.
  • At last, you will see the Blink app visualize on your computer’s home screen, now open and enjoy its features.

blink app for pc windows 10

How to Download the APK File Of Blink App For PC?

Blink App has no PC version but you can obtain it through linking with the emulator like BlueStacks, MemuPlay, etc. After assisting with these emulators, you can download the raw file of the Blink app. The step-by-step process is highlighted below:

blink home monitor app for android

Permission Setup:

  • It requires permission when another source app is installed on the device.
  • That’s why you extend the device and choose the Settings option from the Menu
  • Here you can view the Security
  • After selecting the option, you can achieve the Unknown Sources.
  • Now you choose the Allow option to permit another app.

Download the APK File Of Blink App:

  • After creating a mobile interface of the PC, you spread the browser to explore the verified website of the Blink App.
  • After obtaining the download link, you store the APK file of the Blink app.
  • Now, extend the file to install. Then the Blink App is prepared for operation.

How To Connect The Blink Cams With The App?

  • Firstly, you start the Blink App and press on the Sync If the connection is good or fully satisfied, it will represent a green light.
  • The Blink app displays a (+) option on the Homepage. After pressing on it, you can attach the App with the Camera.
  • Now, it’s important to link the camera by utilizing the Add Device Here you can observe different camera options.
  • You require a Blink camera that has a QR-code and this code is involved in attaching the Blink app. After applying the Mobile or Computer device, you can scan the code from the camera. But if the QR-code doesn’t show the right output, you can apply the serial number that is located on the battery. When the scanning or putting the number approach is submitted successfully, you will achieve a notification.

How To Connect Blink To Alexa Show?

  • Start with the Homepage of the Blink App on the device.
  • Press on the Account icon that is located on the bottom part of the page.
  • After expanding the Account page, select the Link to Alexa
  • After receiving the next page, choose the Open Alexa App
  • Now, after selecting the ENABLE TO USE button, it begins the installation process.
  • Then, finish the Login procedure by putting Email, highly secured Password, and a Security PIN.
  • This step requires Account Verification to complete this by providing the code and pressing the Verify Code
  • After verification, press the Close
  • On this page, you will notice the Discover Devices button, after selecting the option, jump to the next page.
  • In the setup step, after acquiring the Blink camera, select the SETUP DEVICE
  • Now, you can SKIP or create the ADD TO GROUP button to construct a group.
  • Then choose the CONTINUE and DONE button step by step to terminate the configuration.

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Blink Home Monitor App Alternatives

Blink App Alternative for PC has a lot of sources because many alternative apps support these secure zones via camera linking the app. Before choosing another, you can check the Blink app because it serves the best performance in the sector. Although you don’t achieve the best service, you can select other alternative apps from the following list:

Arlo App

Arlo App has the same criteria that hold a Blink app. But it has an extra feature in a security system that alerts the consumers by providing a siren when it is affected by intruders. Otherwise, it has well-organized features like capturing each part, night vision, etc., and smooth performance.

Reolink App

Reolink App achieves popularity through its convenient workability. So if you look for an easier app, you can utilize the Reolink app. Setting up the app isn’t a troublesome task and also it has many advanced features like capturing video in a scheduled time, email sending and receiving, observing multiple blocks, a notification system, etc.

Alfred Security

Alfred Security camera also offers a smart space service that supports mobile tools. It expands the worldwide popularity of monitoring systems. It creates a barrier for an unauthorized accessor. But it demands subscription costs for utilizing the services like a notification system, live activity, capturing videos, etc.


XMEye app is not only a simple technique but also a video observing app. After a successful account setting, anyone can operate the video controlling app to make protected space.  Like the Blink app, you can take protection space from keeping free from the hacker or unauthorized access.

SuperLive Plus

Supertive Plus is a specialist-based software that can capture the video to store and offer CCTV service. Consumers can achieve the app without any charge and it’s obtainable in the PlayStore. You can link the app like Blink app.


WiseView is a security provider tool that is organized by the Hanwha Techwin America company. It has no subscription charge. It has a live Video, searching feature, and provides a playback option that can operate any place.


After purchasing an IP camera and for completing the easy setup, your requirement is an ID and Password. You can view the outstanding features of live video, acquire notification of alarming activity, etc of the iSmartViewPro app. It also consists of an Emailing system.

Ip Webcam

Utilizing the internet connection, IP Webcam converts your device camera to view as a security provider like Blink App. It has many criteria that support audio-video capture, store video activity with sound with detailed data like time, date, etc. A good selection for monitoring the demanded places or beloved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Blink Cameras Be Hacked?

Blink cameras are wireless tools and this sector may hack. But you don’t tense anymore because nowadays many hacking protection tools are available and these work very well. So if you attach the Blink camera with this firmware, you are protected because these don’t collect any previous info for hacking.

Do Blink Cameras Work Without WIFI?

No. To operate a Blink camera, you must need an internet connection like WIFI or other data connection. It works based on the internet. That’s why if you provide high-quality internet, it will work smoothly.

Can I View My Blink Camera Away From Home?

Yes. It’s an achievable task for you to operate the Blink camera from any place like home, office by utilizing the Blink App over an internet connection. Because if you have a strong data connection, you will control the Blink camera and maintain it according to your demand from any place.

Can You Turn Off the Blue Light On The Blink Camera?

Of course. If you feel that blue light is disturbing you, you can stop the function. A small hardware device assists you to block the lighting. Also, you can obtain a guideline of the device that provides detailed information about turning off the blue light.

Can You Have 2 Blink Accounts?

There is no need to keep two Blink accounts for the same app because you can control multiple devices by utilizing the same account. You can log in the app into mobile devices like Android and iPhone, besides Windows or Mac-based gadgets. If you wish to set up numerous devices, for this there is no need to log out from another one.

Is There A Blink App for PC Windows 10 and Mac?

Logically, there is no Blink app for Mac and Windows 10 but you can achieve these types of apps after applying the Emulator like MemuPlay, BlueStacks, etc. When you utilize the emulator, you will get the same environment as mobile on your PC.

Is Blink App Free?

Yes. Blink app has no payment to use. You can achieve all features like live activity, detecting movements of the app without any cost. Because Blink App has no subscription plan.

Final Words

Security is considered the prime requirement to avoid any kind of danger. So, to maintain professional-level home security, the Blink app will be the perfect example. Besides, operating the Blink app on your PC will give additional amenities than on the smartphone or tablet.

Hopefully, this article on Blink app for PC will serve you full details to visualize on your PC.

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