How to Connect PC Internet to Mobile via WiFi Hotspot?

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 09:13 pm

You can use your PC as an access point and connect PC internet to mobile via WiFi hotspot or router. Broadband internet connection can be shared between WiFi enabled devices like smartphones, PC , laptops and iot gadgets.

As the latest operating systems like windows 10 offer wireless internet sharing features like WiFi hotspot, internet connection can be shared without using a USB cable or wireless router. But hotspot connection offers limited WiFi range whereas the router offers a much better network and fast internet connection.

How to connect pc internet to mobile via WiFi Hotspot

There are some simple and easy ways to connect PC internet to mobile via WiFi Hotspot . You can connect devices to your private LAN network (WiFi) and ensure data transfer, data safety and notify illegal doesn’t matter that the devices are running on operating systems like android, ios and windows every WiFi supported devices can be connected.

We will discuss three smart ways of doing it. You can choose any of them that seems easier.

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1.Connect PC internet to mobile via WiFi hotspot (windows 10 genuine )

If you’re using Windows 10 then the WiFi hotspot option already exists in the settings menu. Now You can connect your mobile to the internet through a WiFi hotspot. Just follow the simple steps below.

Share Internet via WiFi from a PC

Setup MyHotspot to Share Internet via WiFi from a PC

step1: Navigate over the windows start button and click to the settings icon.

Step2: Now go to the windows settings menu and you will see a number of features, click to the “network and internet”. Now, you will find an option named hotspot at the left corner of the homepage.

Step3: Then, turn on the hotspot option and you will be able to share the internet connection with other devices via WiFi hotspot.

Step4: Now select the WiFi option at the selection bar of “ source of an internet connection”. You can set a password and username of your choice.


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2.Connect pc internet to mobile through the Connectify tool

Connectify is the most popular free virtual WiFi hotspot software that you can use to share an internet connection. If you are using Windows 7/8 then Connectify is the best tool to set up a WiFi hotspot. The software can adjust any type of networks like WiFi, DSL, LAN and 3G/4G. Let’s see how it works. Make sure you have a built-in wifi adapter or manage an external one.

Follow the steps below

Step1: First, Download and install the latest version of Connectify for free on your PC. After installation is finished restart your PC is highly recommended.

Step2: Now, go to the settings menu and surf the “WiFi hotspot” option. Give a password and username of your hotspot besides you can add pictures and emojis to set the hotspot icon.

Step3: Now, click the “start hotspot” button and share internet connection via Connectify hotspot.

Step4: Lastly, connect your devices with the sharted wireless internet connection.  

3.Connect PC internet to mobile via WiFi router

Still can’t set your PC as a wireless hotspot!! Well, there is another way of doing it, you can use a router to share an internet connection. Router extends the WiFi range and allows devices to be connected into the private network with an assigned IP address. In this particular way, the router itself works as a wireless access point and is connected to the ISP( Internet service provider).

internet connect via mobile hotspot

Follow the procedures below:

Connect PC internet to mobile via WiFi router


Step1: Connect the ISP ethernet cable to the WAN port of the router.

Step2: Now, with another ethernet cable connect your PC with the router through the LAN port.

Step3: Set a password and an IP address of your private LAN network.

Step4: Now, connect devices to the internet. If you face any problem,get help from experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is connectify safe to use?

Yes, connectify uses high-grade security and advanced level encryption to protect your hotspot from illegal transparency and unauthorized access.

is the Windows 10 hotspot option reliable?

yes, it is. Using the authentic windows hotspot option is much safe and no drawbacks. It ensures faster performance and easy interaction.

Does Connectify save bandwidth?

Yes, it does. It saves up to 60% bandwidth and has a universal adblocker.

Is the windows 10 hotspot option requires any additional information?

No. Just turn on the hotspot option, set password and username.

Does Connectify extend the wifi range?

Yes. connectify has wifi repeater mode to ensure full coverage.


If you’re using the internet and want to share an internet connection with multiple devices via WiFi then you can use the windows hotspot feature or download third-party software like Connectify. When using software like Connectify make sure you have a wifi adapter and involves no risk issues. Sharing internet connections from PC with devices like smartphones uses the same level of connectivity and performance.

In the above article, you have come to know the best option of how to connect PC internet to mobile via WiFi and easy procedures of doing it. If you still face any problem feel free to ask.

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