How to Install Free Fire For PC On Your Computer With Nox Player

Free Fire for PC is a form of survival shooter game developed by the GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED. It is a fun game and was intended basically for Android and iOS users. There are more than two million players of Free Fire and at a time 50 players can join the multiplayer game.

In the game, you will be dropped on to lands of a huge area, and players have to compete with each other to survive. The area of the game also decreases with time and players have to stay on to the safe zone to survive. Free Fire is really a wonderful game for players all over the world. This is a futuristic game with all the cool features you would need to pass your time with your friends and family.

Why choose Free Fire for PC

Free Fire is an awesome game that gives you tons for cool features, action, and fun. You can play it with your friends by making a group or with your family members anytime you want. Free Fire can be installed in any device with a minimum RAM of 1gb and low graphics.

Squad Free Fire Legends : Battle Royale 3D
Install Free Fire On Your windows Computer With Bluestacks

Free Fire has a huge gaming area where you can choose weapons from inside houses and other buildings. You will always feel the thrill of the adrenalin flowing through your veins. You can stay connected with friends and family playing a survival game like no other. So, choose Free Fire for your Windows and Mac and have loads of fun in its various modes.


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Benefits of Using Free Fire  app for PC:

Free Fire is basically desired by players due to its high graphics and multiplayer functions. There are some benefits to playing a game like Free Fire. They are:

Squad Free Fire Legends
Free Fire Download (2020 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7 And Mac
  • Free Fire improves the coordination skills of every individual player.
  • It enhances your memory and sharpens it on the go.
  • Free Fire also improves your attention and concentration.
  • It surely speeds up brain speed and enhances your multitasking skills.
  • As it is played by many individuals, you will be able to also improve your social skills with Free Fire.


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Features and APK File Free Fire on PC:

Surprisingly Free Fire has more features than any other multiplayer games out there. The features include,


Free Fire is one of the best multiplayer games in which you can play with both your family members or friends. You can play solo, duo, or squad in the various modes of Free Fire.

Bundles and token

There are tons of bundles and token that you can use for exchanging goods and other items in Free Fire. Without the tokens, the players generally would need to top up for those items.

Weapon selection

You can select your favorite weapons from the buildings inside the game. Each weapon has more efficiency and power than the other, so choose wisely.


Free Fire has a total of 23 characters and every character has a unique ability of its own. The number of characters is frequently updated and you can also use the abilities of other players on your favorite character.

Graphics and RAM

Free Fire requires less RAM and graphics power compared to the other multiplayer survival games. You can also increase the graphics settings for a better visual quality in Free Fire.

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How to Download and Install Squad Free Fire Legends Battle Royale 3D Using the Nox emulator  on Windows and Mac

As you have heard, Free Fire is meant for Android and iOS users. There is no way to install the game on your PC natively. But you can surely emulate in and run Free Fire smoothly on your PC. Android emulators come in handy when you want to install Free Fire for your PC.

You can use any android emulator you like, but I would recommend you for using the Nox App Player because it provides a multi-functional user interface that is very fast and efficient. Steps of installing Free Fire for Windows and Mac with the emulator are:


Step 1: Open the Nox app player on your Windows or Mac PC first.

Step 2: You will have to open the Play Store icon inside the emulator.

Step 3: Search for the Free Fire game inside its search bar.

Step 4: Simply click the install button on the Garena Free Fire game and enjoy the full fun of the game.


Squad Free Fire Legends : Battle Royale 3D


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Install Free Fire for mac without Emulator:

If you have an updated version of Mac, then you can use Free Fire without emulating it on your PC. The apple store will have the Free Fire game for you inside it. You can just go there and install Free Fire natively.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use other emulators for Free Fire?

Yes. You use any android emulator to install Free Fire as long as it has an android version of 4.4 and above. You can use Bluestacks, KO Player, etc.

Is free fire better than PUBG?

In the case of Multiplayer and High graphics performance, no game is better than the other. Both PUBG and Free Fire has its own advantages and disadvantages. The player of PUBG will prefer it over Free Fire and vise versa.

Is PUBG is a copy of free fire?

Truly speaking no Multiplayer Survival game is directly copied from the other. Both PUBG and Free Fire game has unique features that make it different from each other.


Free Fire for PC is a great game for people of all ages. You can pass your free time with friends, make a squad and fight, or just play alone in the solo mode. Get more skilled and experienced after every match, you play. Follow the above instructions now and install the Free Fire game for PC.

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