GeoZilla VS Life360- Difference between GeoZilla & Life360

Last updated on May 6th, 2022 at 08:03 pm

Location tracker application has a different priority because it can provide a man better security. Nowadays, many people use this type of tracker without any explanation. That’s why various organizations create applications that have advanced features rather than previous ones. So, people compare different location trackers such as GeoZilla VS Life360 and then choose which app is perfect for them.

Tracking other activities isn’t good legally, but parents have the right to follow children for security, or a friend can view others’ movements for different purposes. So, in the modern world, different safety technology ensures better and secure life.

What Is Life360?

Life360 app is a smart tracker  that attaches family and friends. Users can conveniently separate each sector, such as family, friends, or others. This app maintains a global positioning system and displays maps even if it helps a user in danger.

A user can download and install it on his iPhone and Android device. Its free version provides many features, but a premium user also gets advanced opportunities.

Life360 App for pc

What Is GeoZilla?

The GeoZilla is a great application that serves locations between family members, and also it shares connecting people activities. Everyone needs an installed app and creates a circle between family persons. By using this app, you can easily send messages to another connected person or also be able to take help by providing emergency alerts.

GeoZilla for Windows And Mac

This app is acceptable on iOS or Android devices, and for using its advanced features, everyone needs payment to purchase.

GeoZilla VS Life360

Both GeoZilla and Life360 are location-sharing apps, but they have some variations that make them different. The following chart gives a comparison of GeoZilla VS Life360 in detail:




TypeLocation tracker appLocation tracker app
TitleGeoZilla – Find My Family Locator & GPS TrackerLife360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker for Safety
DeveloperGeoZilla IncLife360
Supported byMobile SDK, Android, and iOS devicesMobile SDK, Android, and iOS devices
Creating CircleA user can create one or more circles.A user can create a circle.
Emergency alert In danger, it represents an emergency alert.In danger, it represents an emergency alert.
FeaturesIt provides location history, driving security, messaging, place history, and different alerts.It provides location history, driving security, messaging, place history, and different alerts.
Need codeTo join a circle, you need to fill up a six-digit code.To join a circle, you need to fill up a six-digit code.

Final Thought

Each person knows their needs and demands, and based on that, they find a solution. So, they can apply Life360 or GeoZilla according to their wants, which is perfect. Performance of Life360 or GeoZilla is more beneficial for protection and privacy, and you can choose a perfect one for caring for your loved one.

Don’t be late anymore; rather, add a good location tracker app after analyzing GeoZilla VS Life360 for a secured and caring relationship.

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