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Using the internet from totally free of cost is not a dream anymore. Eventually, there are ways to get free internet on Android without service. The best way to make this happen is using a VPN ( virtual private network) on your android devices.

Free wifi services are available at numerous public places. But this may involve risk issues compromising privacy and security. Using a secure and versatile VPN app will bolster safety and performance. Using a VPN application will help the user to stay anonymous so that they can’t be traced and reveal phone balance at the same time the user’s activity remains classified.

Advantages of VPN for free internet

Remember that no VPN will get you access to free internet without an internet connection. What it does is locate the available internet hotspot by sweeping into loop holes present on an internet network connection or ISP. More likely this is a third party hacking method.

Using a VPN will guide you to get free access to the internet world without paying any additional service charges. Let’s talk about some of the advantages of using VPN for free internet.

  • VPN provides free internet services, so not to be concerned with MB balance.
  • Can easily get access into any blocked sites.
  • Protect privacy, prevent personal information and browsing activities from getting leaked.
  • Virus threat protection, no need to be afraid of malware and piracy.
  • Hide IP address and location into a secure routing server.
  • Moderate speed, no drawbacks related to internet traffic.

Requirements for using free internet on android

There are certain issues that need to be confirmed before you are about to use free internet on your android devices.

  • Active data plan with no phone balance otherwise it will consume all the balance from your account.
  • This method works for all android devices.
  • Recommended Android version 4.0 or above.

How To Get Free Internet On Android Without Service

There are tons of VPN apps available on play store that you can download for free to get free internet on android without service charges. In this article, we will only discuss the most popular VPNs for this particular application like DriodVPN and Sky VPN.


Droidvpn is much easier to use for android devices. Free to download but free accounts have 100 MB bandwidth limit on a daily basis. DriodVPN let users to anonymously browse the internet, bypass firewall, tunnel IP traffic through ICMP and fast internet connection.

How to use DriodVPN VPN For Free VPN

Step1: Register through email account and set the password.

Step2: Tap to the “Free Server” button to activate the free account.

Step3: Press the large connect button at the homepage.

Step4: A notification will appear and confirm “DriodVPN is now connected”.

Step5: Start browsing the internet through the DriodVPN tunneling server.  

DroidVPN - Easy Android VPN
DroidVPN – Easy Android VPN

Specification of DriodVPN for android

Last update May 27, 2020
size Varies with devices
Current version 3.0
rating 4.5+
Required version 4.0


Sky VPN is an ultra-fast proxy server with a strong security solution. The application enables the users to stay anonymous, enjoy unlimited free premium VPN service, cross-platform capacity and unblock restricted sites.

How to use Sky VPN For Free VPN

Step1: Download Sky VPN from the official website or from the play store.

Step2: Install the app on your android device.

Step3: log in through Gmail or Google account and set a password.

Step4: Open the app and press to connect.

Step5: start browsing the internet by using a verified Sky VPN server.


SkyVPN-Best Free VPN Proxy for Secure WiFi Hotspot

Specification of Sky VPN for android

Last update May 25, 2020
size 23 mb
Required version 4.1
Current version 1.7.8
rating 4+

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To get free internet on Android without service using a VPN is the best option. There involve no worries of data packs limitation and data usage. You can surf the internet from anywhere in the world without paying a penny.

From the article above you have come to know how easy it is to get free internet on android without any service charges. Only by using some well-organized and reliable VPN applications you can perform the task. If you face any problem regarding this matter feel free to connect with us. 

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