How Does Blink Outdoor Camera Work?

Do you want to know how does blink outdoor camera work? Blink is an application that comes with an Amazon-owned company. Blink camera provides high-quality HD video for those people who purchase minimal packages.

The outdoor camera supports two powerful audio cameras. When your subscriber the blink app from the cloud storage and can store video. The blink camera also allows video motions. So how the blink camera works well, we will show you here.

How does blink outdoor camera work?

The Blink Outdoor Camera is a wireless and weather-resistant camera. You can easily install a blink camera by yourself.

Blink has 2 AA lithium-ion batteries and works over Wi-Fi. The blink sends alerts and records 5 to 30 seconds long video clips to trigger with motion. It has two-way audio, night vision, and a 110-degree field of view with 1080p full HD video quality.

You can use the free Blink Home Monitoring app. This blink app provides a live stream. You can watch blink recorded video in 2 different ways. One is a cloud storage subscription that costs $3 per month or $30 per year. Another is storing video locally on the sync module using a USB flash drive that has to be brought separately.

It has a turn on and off button. The camera records where you need it and when you need it. You can set the camera system on a schedule with the turn on and off buttons. So, when you are at home, it automatically stops, and again it will start when you go out. Even it never records in certain areas if you don’t want to. You can customize the private zone and activity zone.

You can install it easily. No need for professional installation is required. You need just a few minutes for installation. You can place a blink outdoor camera anywhere, where the Wi-Fi signal reaches. Blink outdoor camera comes with a temperature sensor that shows you the current room temperature.

The Blink outdoor camera allows working with Amazon Alexa and the web-based automation platform IFTTT.  Through Alexa it is easy to record clips, disarm, arm, and play the live stream.

The performance of the Blink camera is excellent. It records any moving object. It doesn’t have artificial intelligence. So, it can not distinguish any difference between people, vehicles, and animals. You get all the video footage.

How does blink indoor camera work?

How does blink indoor camera work?

The blink indoor and outdoor cameras come with the same design, dimensions, and Sync Module Wi-Fi hub. The difference is Indoor camera comes with a white case, and it isn’t weather-resistant. Blink outdoor camera provides a 110-degree field of view and captures 1080p video at 30fps.

Blink indoor camera has a speaker and a microphone for two-way audio.  The indoor camera uses an infrared LED for black-and-white night video. When night vision is enabled LEDs enclosure, it informs you that the indoor camera is in active mode.

The blink indoor camera has a temperature sensor that informs you of the current room temperature. You are also allowed to set temperature alert thresholds. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi. But the camera connects to the Sync Module hub with RF technology.

The indoor blink camera has a Sync Module hub that contains a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio. This Wi-Fi is connected to your home network with an indoor camera. The dimension of the hub is 0.7 by 2.3 by 2.5 inches. The indoor blink camera allows power status LEDs with a mini USB AC power port as well as a USB-A port.

You can connect the Blink with Amazon Alexa by Wi-Fi connection. The most exciting thing is that according to the Alexa voice commands blink indoor camera starts its work. Not only that the indoor camera also streams live video on an Echo Show device. You get the basic storage plan for $3 per month or 30$ per year.

You can set the camera system in your way. The indoor camera of blink allowed us to set home temperature alert thresholds.  To enable it to go to the blink indoor camera andTap the camera settings icon.  Now set the current room temperature with a blink indoor camera, equip video clip length, enable motion detection. If you want to set motion zones with the indoor camera, you can do it. Also, set sensitivity levels, and adjust video quality in the audio settings option in the Indoor camera.

It is easy to change the indoor camera’s Wi-Fi settings by tapping the Sync Module panel. The Sync module panel helps view local storage information. The camera setting has an armed button and a disarmed button. Using this armed button you can enable motion detection in the indoor camera.

How do I contact blink customer service?

How do I contact blink customer service?

You get support from the blink supporters 24 hours and seven days. Their support phone numbers are available toll-free for most mobile users. You have to charge for long-distance call rates only. For getting support, you have to submit a cost-free email support ticket. You must have a Blink username for technical support. Most of the time The Blink support can solve your problem while physically with your Blink system.

The Blink support secures your privacy. Your account details are hidden until you are not tapping the ‘Account’ icon.

What does it mean when the Blink camera is busy?

Sometimes you see ‘Camera is Busy’. You see it for many reasons. It is an error that means your camera has some issues with recording. It will be connectivity problems or attempting to access the live feed while recording motion. It is not a big deal. You can solve it quickly.

When you pull up the live steam, you see ‘Camera is busy’. This message means, the video footage is already recorded, you have to wait for it to stop before you can look. At this time the camera doesn’t work. You can’t get any video record when you are watching live.

Final Thought

Above, we describe how does blink outdoor camera work? Blink outdoor cameras are nice to look at. And the most fantastic thing is that blink’s outdoor camera is waterproof based. Blink outdoor camera is easy to install without using any plugging system.

To maintain security you need to install a blink outdoor camera for your home. Follow the Sync Module and install the blink indoor camera. You can install it in a few minutes. Professional installation is not required.

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