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To know the location of the other, we use the GPS app. The Geozilla is a kind of app that has GPS power. How does geozilla work, we will disclose it here. The other benefit is Geozilla app comes with an Android or iOs version. So if you want to track your family members, they also need an Android device to run Geozilla app.

It is a family locator app to keep communicating with family members. When you install Geozilla on your phone, you can easily invite your family members. Geozilla app is the first family locator app that keeps you and your dear ones connected.

What is geozilla app?

Do you want to know where your family members are? Are they safe or not? If yes, the Geozilla app is the best option for you.

Geozill is a Family Locator application. You can know your family member’s location. When your family members go out to school, playground, or office, you can track them and know they are safely in the correct area. When your family members arrive, the app will notify you that they are coming. It is a great feature.

You also can chat with them. If anyone faces a problem or has any questions or needs to go to a new location, they can inform them through the messaging option.

When the Geozilla app is closing, it works or is not used, and you can share real-time location, SOS alert, and place alert. You can contact or find other members to join your circle. You get a notification if any member changes location.

You also get the notification if your family drives at high speed or faces any problem like an accident or crash.

This locator Geozilla app have the ability to cover 12 family members. Geozilla app permit to access unlimited location reminder so that you can see the location history. This app is free for everyone and available for Android and iPhone.

Features of Geozille locator app:

  • Using Geozilla app, you can know when your family members are leaving or arriving at a place like a school, home or office.
  • User-friendly location history for every family member
  • You can Messaging and share images & videos privately.
  • Battery-friendly location tracking for family & friends
  • Family reminders via location and time-based tasks

Benefits of Geozilla app:

  • You can share your location in a circle privately. Only your family can see.
  • Easy to use with your phone GPS tracker.
  • Get a location alert and avail to set a reminder
  • You can know when your family leaves or arrive at a place.
  • See all the location history and know where your family spends time.
  • You can share and text with your family in the private chat group.

How does geozilla work?

Geozilla app work in easy way. You do not need to pay the subscription fee for using this Geozilla app.

 Geozilla app for mac

1. Install Geozilla app on Android

You need a third-party application to install the Geozilla app on your Android phone. We will discuss the installation procedure step by step.

Step 1:

Download the GeoZilla Find My Phone Tracker.apk file on your phone.

Step 2:

Enable the third-party apps on your phone.

Step 3:

Open the GeoZilla Find My Phone Tracker.apk file you just downloaded in your file manager or browser location.

Step 4:

For installations, the app clicks double. Now they ask a question, you say yes, and read all of the on-screen prompts carefully.

After finishing the installation, you open the Geozilla app and use it.

2.Install Geozilla app on iOS

Installing the Geozilla app on the iPhone is quite simple. You do not need to install a third-party app, and you can download it from the app store directly. Here is the step; you follow it.

Step 1:

Go to your iPhone app store

Step 2:

Type Geozilla on the search box

Step 3:

When the “Install” option appears, tap on it and wait for a few minutes.

Wait a few minutes to finish the installation of Geozilla app, and you can use it.

3. Create an account on Geozilla website

You can create an account on the Geozilla website easily. There are a few steps. You need the Geozilla website to create an account.

  • Go to Geozilla’s official website
  • On the right side of this Geozilla app, you will see the login option; click on it.
  • You have two options; sign up with your Google account and sign up with Facebook. Choose anyone.
  • Geozilla sends a link, click the link and confirm your identity. Your account is created on the Geozilla Website.

How does Geozilla app work?

How does Geozilla app work?

You can see the location through the map of the Geozilla app. Your family members and friends are added to your circle, and they can visit your site. The locator app notifies you every five minutes to 30 minutes to know the location.

The Geozilla app has cell ID technology that tracks the device accurately. You can use Geozilla app with the wireless GSM network. By wireless, you can transmit positions to the geozilla app and the user’s device location.

Is geozilla free?

Geozilla is one of the best locator applications that locate your family with the GPS within your mobile phone. It is the first artificial intelligence that assists your family to keep safe and happy. Most importantly, the Geozilla app is free forever for everyone. You can download and use it for free.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download Gozilla app quickly from the play store easily. It also has a premium version.

You can get it by subscription. You can buy it for better features and performance.

The premium version gives the track an unlimited number of members, alert absolute location, two-week location history, flexible family schedule, etc.

You can buy the premium version for a month or year, and the price will vary by location.

Is geozilla safe?

Geozilla helps you to locate your family using your phone’s GPS. You can know when your children, wife, or sister leave or arrive. If they need you or face any problem, you can contact them and go to the right place to rescue them.

This application is safe for you and your family. You will relieve tension with this app. It keeps you happy and tension free.

It has so many positive reviews also. The performance of the tracker is excellent. It tracks an accurate location. You can keep the tracker on the kid’s backpack to know the site. The tracker informs you of all the areas of your kids.

The Geozilla is very portable and easy to use. You can easily connect it on your device, and also, a way of checking the location is accessible.

Final Thought

Above discussion, it is clear how does Geozilla work? You might say that the Geozilla app works very well and can track accurate locations. Your kids who are going to school can be safe if you are using these family location trackers. This app always notifies you where your family has.

So, if you want to be tension-free, download this Geozilla app on your Android set now. Count the benefit of this Geozilla, and We suggest you install it to keep safe of your family members. The device is effortless to connect to the portable. And you will get the accurate location via Geozilla.

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