5 Different Methods On How To Get Blink On Smart TV 2023

Blink cameras are well known as a great security device for home or office. Blink is just a camera that doesn’t come with a professional monitor. That is why it is very important to know how to view the image or video captured by the camera on a large and clear screen. From today’s article, you will know how to get blink on smart tv.

Blink Camera can be connected to smart tv in your home through Alexa. Besides, you can cast all camera feeds from your phone to smart tv. However, you probably don’t know these ways. You will get detailed information about this from today’s article.

How to Get Blink on Smart TV?

There are many effective ways to get Blink on Smart TV. Now you are going to know about those ways. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see your Blink camera feeds on a bigger screen from now on.

Alexa Commands:

Blink Camera is easiest to get on smart tv through Alexa commands. With the help of Alexa, you can control Blink Camera using just commands. In this case you command Alexa and Alexa commands Blink Camera. Alexa will perform step-by-step tasks as soon as it receives your command.

First ask Alexa to disarm Blink. Then claim your blink camera status by providing a pin. Also can query when was the duration of the last motion clip and how many motion clips are there.

Blink on Smart TV

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Mirroring Your Phone On an Apple TV:

If you want to receive Blink camera feeds on iPhone or Apple TV, you must use AirPlay. In this case you have to keep the devices compatible with the same wifi network. However, first, enter your iPhone’s Control Center and notice there is a Screen Mirroring icon. Now click on this icon.

Now select your compatible tv. Note that you must enter a code from the TV just to do mirroring. After doing this the process will be completed. Now open the blink app and start a live stream.

Cast the Blink App to Your TV:

Do you have a Chromecast-enabled TV? Then don’t worry about getting a blink camera. You can easily access Blink TV by casting your phone to your TV. You can easily do this on any phone using the Google Home app. People looking for a cost-effective alternative to watching blink camera feeds on TV can use it.

Share Blink Camera Video Clips:

Another effective way to get Blink Camera on TV is to share camera video clips. In this case, you can easily upload the recorded video clips of YouTube from your Blink app. Then you can watch those uploaded video clips using the Youtube app on your smart tv. However, this method is considered somewhat inconvenient by users as compared to other methods.

blink app install from play store

Although you can watch uploaded videos, there is no option to watch live streams here. But it cannot be said that it is inconvenient at all. You don’t need to buy a fancy smart tv or casting device to watch live streams. Even your neighbors will be able to watch your videos on their TV if you want.

Use USB Drive On Your TV:

Another easy way is to use a USB drive. Blink saves videos to the cloud when you are a Blink subscriber. Just this USB drive is enough to watch these videos on your smart tv. Connect the drive to the camera and smart tv and watch the videos stored in the cloud on the smart tv.

Final Thoughts

Since Blink Camera does not come with a professional screen, people look for the opportunity to view its feeds on a larger screen. It is quite convenient to watch on smart tv but users find it complicated at times. However, from this article, it is clear to you how to get blink on smart tv. Moreover, it is a convenient way to view Blink’s feeds that many people are using.

The methods described in the article have been well received by the users. So you can choose the easiest and most affordable way out of it. Undoubtedly, having a blink camera on smart tv is convenient. But normally you won’t be able to watch the recorded videos. But the way to watch the recorded video is also described above.

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