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Blink is a security device for any place home or office that gives the user peace of mind. The user can sit anywhere and know about the security of his home as it exposes all the images to the user. It is one of the most affordable home security cameras. But if you don’t know how to get blink subscription then this article is for you. Because all matters related to subscription will be discussed here.

Blink is a best-selling home security camera. It offers different subscription plans for users. You can choose any plan according to your needs. But every plan includes some basic features like two-way audio, live HD video streaming day and night, and motion-activated notifications. However, you should properly know how to get these plans.

How To Get Blink Subscription?

Blink subscription has a lot of benefits as there are some additional features available. You must visit Amazon’s page for Blink subscription. Whichever plan you purchase, you can enjoy maximum benefits. Now know how to get a blink subscription through the steps mentioned below.

Blink Subscription fee

  • First link Amazon and blink account;
  • Choose a plan that suits the benefits you want;
  • Now decide to purchase the subscription plan monthly or annually;
  • Select the device you want to add to the subscription plan.
  • Then select the Continue button;
  • Place your order for subscription now;
  • Finally, you can enjoy a subscribed blink camera with your desired device.

It should be noted here that if a user is still in the free trial then the paid subscription will be charged after it ends. The Blink Basic plan that is charged monthly meets the budget of most users.

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How Much Does a Blink Subscription Cost?

Blink camera subscription plans generally come in two types: Blink basic and blink plus. Users can purchase any package as per their requirement. Since this article is read by different users, the cost of each plan will be discussed.

Blink Basic

At just $3 a month, Blink gives you all the features and benefits that are truly worth it. You can purchase the package monthly or annually. Annually you need to pay $30 to purchase. The benefits offered in this plan include storing various motion clips on the cloud server, and accessing them over time through the app. But the disadvantage of the basic plan is that it will cover only one security camera. But for those who need relatively less features and want to secure a small space, this plan is definitely better.

Blink basic plan purchase

Blink Plus

It goes without saying that Blink Plus has more to offer. It will also cover several security cameras. That means you can add this plan to all your devices. You will get a long warranty on blink gadgets which is really amazing. As it offers more benefits than the basic plan, its monthly charge is also higher.

Blink Plus costs you $10 a month. This plan is the best option for those who want to secure large areas or those who use multiple cameras simultaneously. In addition, you will get a 30-day free trial in the Plus plan, which will be charged for the package after the subscription.

Compare Blink Subscription Plans

Without plan

Price $3/month per device or save and subscribe for $30/year $10/month for unlimited Blink devices or save and subscribe for $100/year
Number of devices supported N/A 1 Unlimited number of devices per account
Motion-activated notifications Yes Yes Yes
Live view streaming Yes Yes Yes
Motion detection video recording Available with Sync Module 2 and USB storage (sold separately) Yes Yes
Live view recording (does not include extended live views)
Yes Yes
Extended Live View (available only for Mini cameras) Yes Yes
60-day unlimited video history Yes Yes
Optional local storage backup* Available with Sync Module 2 and USB storage (sold separately) Yes Yes
Rapid video access (instantly watch your videos as soon as they’re recorded) Yes Yes
Video sharing Yes Yes
Photo Capture (images captured periodically for more coverage)** Yes Yes
10% off Blink devices on Yes
Extended warranty coverage

How To Get Blink Subscription for Free?

If you don’t want to spend money for a blink camera then you can go for a free subscription. But in the free subscription, you will only get a few benefits including Live view streaming and Motion-activated notifications. But if you set it in a small area and don’t need many features then there is no need to go for a paid subscription.

Previously, Blink users could not save camera footage to the free subscription. But now you can save camera footage to a USB drive for free. However, there are some limitations in this regard. It will stop saving footage once your storage is full.

After signing into your Blink app with an Amazon account, visit the subscription landing page. From here you can choose any plan. Here you will find three packages without a plan, blink basic and blink plus. Select without a plan from here and connect it to your desired device. If you don’t have a budget problem then never use a free subscription for big space.

Can You Use Blink Without a Subscription?

You can get few features and benefits by using blink camera without subscription. You can use it both indoors or outdoors. When you don’t need the premium features, you can switch to the basic plan or use it without a subscription. Some users are satisfied with only live streaming and speed-alerts. But they don’t know how to use it without a subscription. But it cannot be said that you will not get any benefits without taking the subscription. Multiple devices are available and no subscription is required.

You can easily set it up at your desired location. Even in case of outdoor use, you don’t have to go for any kind of subscription. Compared to other home security cameras, the Blink is quite reliable even though it doesn’t have enough features available with a free subscription.

Users will be able to initially secure their space without paying any fees. Especially new users can set it up normally for first time use without any need to pay any fee. Here you first set a motion alert. Then save all the live videos there to watch later. Now you can easily access these videos with the blink app.

How To Cancel Blink Membership?

If you wish to unsubscribe from Blink, you can do so at any time. In this case, Amazon will refund you for the canceled plan. You can do it with just a few simple steps.

  • Access the subscription page to see which subscription plan you are currently on;
  • Now select the subscription you want to cancel;
  • Here you will get few options from which you have to select a reason for cancellation;
  • After selecting click on End my subscription now button;
  • Then you will be given two options to cancel, from here select the one you want;
  • Now your subscription cancellation is complete.

How To Cancel Blink Membership Without Paying?

You don’t have to pay anything to cancel Blink’s subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time without any payment through a very simple process. This is the same process as canceling blink membership. You will need to access the membership page and select the membership you are currently on. Here you will find some options that you can easily unsubscribe by following step by step.

Final Thought

Blink indoor and outdoor cameras are designed to provide ultimate security to your home and office. Blink App offers various benefits and hence it has two subscription plans which have different features and benefits. Hope you have learned from the above discussion how to get blink subscription.

You can use it without subscription with some limited features. If you want to go for some affordable option then a basic plan will be good for you. Besides, the blink plus plan is the best in terms of advanced features. However, you can subscribe to the package of your choice by following just a few steps. You can even cancel the plan as needed within minutes.

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