How To Set Up Life360 On Your Child’s Phone?

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 10:03 am

Life360 is a familiar app that provides location sharing among friends and family. As a location tracking app, it presents exact spots from google maps.

For many properties, Life360 is believable to people. For this popularity, many parents apply this to their child’s phone to track them certainly.

Don’t worry. The procedure of setting up the Life360 app is very straightforward and more beneficial to your family. So, starting to read the content, here step-by-step methods are described in this article.

Cause To Set Up Life360 On Your Child’s Phone

Children are used to modern devices in the modern world, and sometimes their behavior isn’t normal. That’s why parents are worried about their children, and they want to keep them in their eyes. For this reason, parents set up Life360 on their child’s phones.

Set Up Life360 On Your Child's Phone

Also, there are reasons behind setting up Life360 on your child’s phone.

  • If you want to take care of your child or worry about their security, you can add the Life360 app on your child’s phone with you as a parent.
  • If you think that your child is frustrated or depressed about anything, but you can’t understand that matter, then you can use the Life360 app.
  • If you need to observe your child, you can undoubtedly apply the Life360 app.

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How to set up Life360 on your child’s Phone?

As a location tracking app, Life360 works on Android and iOS devices. People apply it in their daily life just for the authenticity and standard free features. Here an easy procedure is described step by step.

set up Life360 on your child's Phone

set up Life360 on your child’s Phone

Setting Up Parents Life360 App

  1. Download the Life360 app from the Google play store and install it on your device.
  2. After installing, open the Life360 app.
  3. Go to the Map partition and scroll until you get the “Invite New Members” option and click it.
  4. You can send the invitation code in this step, which isn’t the same; rather individual.
  5. To send a request, you can select which method is perfect for you. This method may be SMS, Mail, Whatsapp, etc.
  6. After choosing the method, you send the code included with the download link.

Setting Up Childs Life360 App

  1. Take your child’s device and open the SMS sent from your device and click on the download link.
  2. After downloading, install the Life360 app and sign up using the child’s name, a mail address, and contact number.
  3. In this step, as an advanced feature, you can set up a check-in option and save some selected locations ( such as schools, playgrounds, etc.) known to you.

Backward To Set Up Life360 On Your Child’s Phone

Life360 is very valuable, but as a user, you need to be concerned about security. Because if anyone gets your Life360 information, they may misuse these and can occur at any occurrence. So, firstly ensure that any stranger or bad people can’t know about the data involved in your protection zone.

Another backward situation is that your child may ask about it, and sometimes they don’t use it correctly. To guidance, you tell them the importance of Life360 and emphasize and explain all features.

Moreover, if you accept Life360 carefully, it will return good benefits for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Life360 Work Without WiFi? 

No, it isn’t possible to run Life360 without WiFi. It works only with the internet connection through WiFi or Cellular Data. If you stop the internet connection, Life360 also stops the task and shows the last location and other information before losing connection. Such as, it stops all notifications and other services. That’s why, if you want to get all features of Life360, you need to connect to a network such as Cellular Data or WiFi. Otherwise, Life360 doesn’t work at all.

Does Life360 Work On A Computer?

Of course. Life360 works on a computer. You can easily install the Life360 on your device. It is acceptable for Windows 10, 8, 7 and also supports Mac computers. If you use Life360 on your android phone, you can apply it directly to the computer or laptop. Life360 is installed through a setup file, and a user gets proper service just like an Android device.

Does Life360 Work On Android?

The Android device is a perfect choice for using Life360 because it easily brings. You can notice all information such as location sharing among family and friends through GPS at any place and at any time.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, everything is updated, and everyone develops them through using advanced technology with modern features. So as a concerned parent, they are connected with a location tracking app or software and add their child or another family member. Because, by this process, they can know the location or the information of where they go or return rather than boring texting or disturbing asking.

As the last word, it can say that if you allow Life360 with your loving child, it provides location and gives safety for both.

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