How To Share Tiktok Videos On Snapchat (In 2023 – Update)?

Nowadays, most social media users likely have a TikTok account. Every TikTok user wants to share their video on other social media like Facebook as they are trying to increase their followers.

TikTok gives this opportunity to its users. Because TikTok encourages the users to share their videos or content on other sites.

This article will teach you, How To Share Tiktok Videos On Snapchat or other platforms. It is a simple method if you follow all the steps, you can do it perfectly.

About TikTok

Tiktok is a video-sharing app where millions of users share their short videos. Users posts pranks, stunts, tricks, jokes etc. There are currently billions of users using TikTok. It is a very popular app. It was made by byte dance five years ago. It is available on IOS and Android in more than 40 languages. Its first name of it was, and currently renamed TikTok. People can create a new video and then upload them to TikTok.

Share Tiktok Videos On Snapchat

About Snapchat

Snapchat is a messaging app that is used by billions of users. Users can upload pictures, videos, and files using Snapchat. They can chat with their friends and family very easily using Snapchat. Anyone can Snapchat as it is free, and they just have to open a new account, and that’s it. Anyone above 13 years old can use this app, and it is a very easy-to-use app.

Snapchat app

How To Share Tiktok Videos On Snapchat in 2022

In this article, we will discuss two different methods for sharing any TikTok video share on Snapchat.

Part 1-Steps to Share TikTok Videos on Snapchat

There are many techniques for sharing TikTok videos on Snapchat. Firstly, you can download your TikTok videos and then share them on Snapchat with your friends. You can follow these steps to transfer your TikTok videos on Snapchat:

  1. First, you need to open your TikTok app and go to your profile.
  2. Then find the video which you want to share using Snapchat.
  3. Click on the share icon and click on the copy link.
  4. Now you can share the links with your friends.

Part 2-Download Video Before Sharing

TikTok permits to download of videos to the users on their phones or device. You can download their video in two ways;

Firstly, there is an easy way to share any video on Snapchat. Just need to press and hold the screen to save the video.

Secondly, you can press the share icon, and save the video from the bottom. After downloading, you will see the video in your mobile’s default photo app.

Download your Video on TikTok

Tiktok is a popular app that provides the easiest way to download videos. It also allows sharing videos on Snapchat in a simple way. You have to follow these steps.

  1. Press the desired video that you want to share.
  2. Click on the share option.
  3. Select the copy link
  4. Press on the video downloader and choose copy URL.
  5. Next, download it.
  6. Then click on download and paste the copied URL into the application.
  7. Now you can able to download any videos.

Download other/someone videos from TikTok

Tiktok doesn’t allow to download someone’s video from TikTok. But it is possible. You can download any video from TikTok using a simple method. Here are the steps for downloading TikTok videos.

  1. You have to download video downloaders for social media and install the application.
  2. You need to find and select a video that you want to download.
  3.  Then click on the share button and copy the link.
  4. Open the video downloader application and then paste the URL.
  5. Finally, select download and your video will start being downloaded.

Differences Between Snapchat and TikTok Video Uploading

Tiktok and Snapchat are the same kinds of apps. Users can use both of them for uploading short videos and showing their creativity. Snapchat was launched in 2011, and TikTok was established in 2017. Snapchat will automatically delete videos after 24 hours. This platform especially tries to make its users upload light-hearted videos and photos. On the contrary, TikTok allows users to create videos that are no longer than 60 seconds. They put that video algorithmically on users’ feeds. Tiktok has more than 800 million monthly users, but Snapchat has 310 million active daily users.

Is TikTok more popular than Snapchat?

Yes, of course. Because TikTok has gained more popularity than Snapchat, there are about 2 billion downloads of TikTok.

Final Thought

Tiktok is an app that is full of funny and exciting videos as well as it has different types of effects and filters. Again Snapchat is another app like TikTok, and it also offers different kinds of filters, stickers, doodles, and lenses. Snapchat is always ahead of TikTok in this case. But Snapchat has a limited life span, so they do not show video forever. That is why TikTok is more popular than Snapchat. As most of the footage of TikTok is funny, TikTok users like sharing the video with their friends.

This guide will help you with how to share a TikTok video. After reading this article, hopefully, now you will easily able to do it.

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