How To Track A Sprint Cell Phone Location For Free Online?

Last updated on April 29th, 2023 at 04:55 pm

In the online platform, you will get more options for tracking and the Sprint Family Locator is one of them and you can get it free for 15 days. Then you purchase a monthly bill of only $5 for four location tracking devices.

Family persons and friends circle even parents mostly like the app for its trustworthy tasks.

Moreover, tracking with the Sprint Family Locator is more helpful because you can get information without restrictions.

How To Track A Sprint Cell Phone Location For Free Online?

Sprint Family Locator easily finds out the sprint network and tracks the sprint cell phone location from anywhere and at any moment.

  • First of all, you need to complete the signup process after downloading and installing the app.
  • Now start your journey and sign in by providing the user name and password. Then read the agreement where the rules and regulations are described clearly and continue with “I Agree.”
  • Then Open the My Sprint option and select Spring Mobile Locator.
  • Now choose the People button to track the targeted person and go to the selected person’s name and press “Enable Tracking” and after this, you view the location.
  • For immediate opportunity, you click Locate from the People

How To Stop The Sprint Family Locator?

As usual, you can stop the Sprint Family Locator app by applying a small action. To finish the method, you need to follow the below instructions carefully:


1.Disable the GPS:

Menu > Settings > Location > View the disclaimer and press Ok > GPS Turn Off.

2.Stop Update Features:

Menu > Settings > Apps > After Swiping Select All > Sprint Family Locator > Uninstall Updates > Force Stop.

How Accurate Is The Sprint Family Locator?

Sprint Family Locator shows accurate data mostly and sometimes it breaks the desired output. Because this procedure completes based on the GPS location and internet speed. If any criteria break their activity, it also changes the accuracy. But if the device gets the proper signal, the app works so fast and shows accurate data.

When you start to track your target device, it is necessary to keep the proper network connection in it otherwise it will fail to represent the best results.

Does The Sprint Family Locator Work When The Phone Is Off?


The Sprint Family Locator works well as usual. But when the phone is off means it stops all communication, in this time tracking software may rarely work. But you can view the last location where the phone is turned off.

The Sprint Family Locator stops the working capability at the stop moment because many features don’t represent data that will help to track.

How Does The Sprint Family Locator Work If The GPS Is Turned Off?

The Sprint Family Locator performs even when the GPS is turned off. Because if you attach your device with a network connection, it utilizes the assisted GPS and applies it for the tracker method. And if the device gets location then the app enables it to deliver the tracking information.

It considers that GPS is the main point for location tracker, but if another technique will help to get the location then the Sprint Family Locator app operates excellently.

Final Thought

Overall, the Sprint Family Locator app provides the best performance for security issues. Although it is the most trustable app, it has some limitations like another tracking tool. So before going to start the journey with it, you can view the above content and keep in mind the points which you eagerly want to know.

Finally, after analyzing it, I can say, the Sprint Family Locator is a demandable app to make a secure environment with a loving person.

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