How To Turn Off Life360 Without Parents Knowing?

Last updated on May 6th, 2022 at 06:36 pm

If you wanted to know how to turn off life360 without parents knowing then you are in the right place. This article is all about life360 app . The child is very innocent.  It takes a long time for something suspicious to come to their mind which puts them in a lot of danger.  Parents should always keep a watchful eye on them.  And keep track of where they are going, who they are going with, and what they are doing.

Thanks to modern technology you can now take maximum care of your child at home.  One such modern technology is the lifr360 application.  Which will ensure maximum safety of your child. Here we are going to discuss about what life360 really is and the ways to turn it off.

About life360

Life360 is a social networking app that was released in 2008 founded by Chris Hulls. Chris Hulls is the executive director, co-founder and chief executive officer of Life360. Life360 provides location based information or service. Especially designed for sharing location with friends and family members. The headquarters of life360 is in San Francisco, United state, and California. It has more then 27.2 million of active users in every month. This app is available in so many languages for example, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian Portuguese, Indonesian. This is also known as the family communication application.

In the beginning this app was not for worldwide people it was only available in English. After 2013 life360 announced that, they are going to provide their service in any language that means world’s people can use it. In 2016 life360 becomes available for android and smartphones. In this time it was only used for detect when people in a car accident and police or investigator needs to know the location. Like this it begins to update their services regularly.

How Does Life360 works?

Most of the people still unclear on how does life360 works. The first thing I would like to say to know each other location both devices should have the app turn on. Install the app on your device first then then turn the GPS location turn on to check each other location on real time.

This app will also keep you notified when the person you are following leave or arrive the specific place. With this app you can also know how slow or fast someone driving car to reach home. That is how the life360 works.


Life360 is basically a mobile application and social network for sharing location details. The features of life360 being updated regularly. And the main features of this application is, circles, location sharing, places etc. Lets know about its features in more details:

Premium app

It has some premium features that are known as freemium app. Here if user want to add some extra feature they can do that by paying. For premium features it has some aesthetic options such as, driver protect ( it also familiar as emergency roadside assistance , creating unlimited circles or places, insurance for stolen phone, access to live advisor 24/7.


This the new feature of life360 that was added in 2013, September 3. The circles feature give permission to its users to create separate groups within the app e.g John’s basketball team, extended family or caregiver. Users only can share their location when they are a part of this circles. Again the caregiver members can never see the location of extended family if they are not in the circle.

Location sharing

The most useful feature of life360 is location sharing. With this feature one can know about the current location of their desired person. Open the app and see where he is right now. Also the user can choose a particular place and time with any particular time of circle.


Life360 has a feature by which user can make a geofences that notified them when the desired person enter or leave a particular place.


Life360 has unveiled a new feature called Bubbles. Let us know how the feature works. This allows its users to set a radium and a time frame so that other people cannot detect you, when you are in the bubble. To activate the feature you need to create a security feature and the messaging feature will remain active.

Crash detection Technology

This is the another boom features of life360. People who lives in US and use life360 can take the advantage of this feature. This app can detect you when you are in a major collision and any user can detect you and safe your life. Its also can notified the members of your circles and call for emergency help.

Roadside assistance for 24/7

Members of your driver protect circles can access your critical condition with the 24/7 roadside assistance. For make this setting turn on you have to tap the button called “Call Roadside Assistance”. You will find this setting in the upper left hand menu. This feature will let the circles member know exactly where you are.

One tap directions

If you are thinking for detecting your family members location you need to do so many things. But no, you don’t even need the address of the person you wanted to detect. The only things you need to do is, tapping on the photo of the person.

Driver report

This app can detect and report the circles members when someone driving carelessly. Those reports are very helpful to avoid driver unsafety. If you want to check the driver report daily you can do that by doing some settings, oberiwse, it will give you the reports weekly.


If you are feeling unsafe and need emergency help life360 SOS feature can help you by alert your emergency contact. For make the feature on go to the circle members menu and tap on the SOS button. Just tap and hold the the button when you are feeling unsafe or any dangerous situation. SOS has security materials, means when you wanted to keep your SOS secure just set a PIN number.

How to turn off life360 without parents knowing?

Here best six way to turn off life360 without parent’s knowing. Each methods are 100% working and super quick. If you fail to make one work then the another will. So Let’s know How to turn off life360 without parents knowing:

Method 1: Burner phone

I know it’s sounds wired but trust me its works amazing if you are wanted to disable life360 without parent’s knowing. Here’s the following steps:

Step 1: First of all install the app on your burner phone with the same account details of your real account.

Step 2: Now you need to connect the device to Wi-Fi and set the location where you should be.

Step 3: Now uninstall the app from your main phone.  When your parents want to track your location, they will see the location they entered on the burner phone instead of your phone.

Method 2: Delete Life360 account

If you are not able to try any of these methods then I have a suggestion for you. You can simply delete your account from the app life360. That means uninstall the life360 app from your device or remove your account temporary.

For deleting or uninstalling the account from your device you have to do this. First of all if your life360 is paid then cancel its subscriptions.

Method 3: Make the GPS service disable of your device

Disable the GPS service also can be a nice method. Let’s know how this one works on android:

Step 1: Open the setting on your phone

Step 2: To find out “Privacy” scroll down. Tap on the privacy.

Step 3: Here you can see a option named Location

Step 4: turn the location off.

Method 4: Turn on airplane mode

The easiest and quickest way to turn off life360 is turning on the airplane mood. Here’s the following steps for doing this:

Step 1: Open your device and go to setting

Step 2: There is a option name “Airplane Mood” tap on it.

Step 3: enable the airplane mood.

Method 5: Disable circles location sharing

By disable circles location sharing you can turn on the life360 app without let your parents know. Here’s the following steps:

Step 1: Open the app first and go to the setting situated right corner on the bottom.

Step 2: look at the top of the screen and choose a circle

Step 3: There is a option named “Location Sharing” tap on it

Step 4: Now make it disable.

Step 5: You can check on the map. And it will show the location sharing is paused.

Method 6: Turn of Wi-Fi or data

Turning the Wi-Fi or data connection off is the another best way to turn off life360 without parent’s knowing. Lets know how this one works:

Step 1: To stop apps from background turn the battery saver mode on.

Step 2: Now turn on the Wi-Fi connection or data connection

Step 3: Go to the setting find life360 app and turn off cellular data.

Step 4: Now the location will be paused until you turn the data or Wi-Fi connection on.

Final Thoughts

Life360 app is equally popular among parents and children both. This is a modern solution of modern problem. Anyways, many youths wanted to know How to turn off life360 without parents knowing. I think you will get your desired answer after reading this article. But remember this is not good since parents are not knowing what their child’s are doing in the outside.

Besides, describing the way to turning off life360 we also try to give you all of the details about life360. After changing your life360 location details you can also make it like before whenever you want.

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