How to Use CapCut Video Editor on PC (Windows/Mac) In 2023

Editing any video or photo is more convenient than the other devices. CapCut editing app gives you the opportunity of using the app on PC or Mac. CapCut photo editing tool will help you to make a natural impression in your video. If you are a PC or mac user and don’t know how to use CapCut on PC, here is all the procedure.

This free app and all-in-one video editor are specially designed for youtube videos. It comes out in the google app store with a lot of outstanding features.

What is the capcut?


CapCut is a video editor app that allows making incredible videos. This is now so popular app to users due to its convenient using method. Through this app, anyone can create amazing videos with its simple graphical interface.

It offers updated features, convenient functions, and easy-to-use methods. CapCut supports android and ios devices. But it works on PC from Google Chrome browser or using android emulators.

How to use capcut on PC (windows/mac)

when you are a CapCut user, You need to know about the all following questions answer,

how to use the green screen on capcut?

A green screen allows to change or remove the background of the video. The green screen removes the background of the video and then replaces the desired color or background. You can use the green screen on capcut following the methods.


  • At first, Open New project on capcut app.
  • Add your desired image or video which you want to change.
  • You will see the “Overley” option, Open it.
  • Click, Add overlay.
  • Find and add the green screen video.
  • Click the chroma Key menu.
  • Pick the green color on the color picker menu.
  • On the intensity, menu set the reset until the background is not visible.
  • Click on the checkmark for the Chroma Key effect.
  • How to use the green screen on capcut is complete.

How to zoom in on capcut?

to zoom the object in on capcut, follow the instructions,

  • Create a new project and add the video or photo that you want to zoom in.
  • Click on effects
  • Find the slow zoom effect and click on it.
  • To apply a zoom effect, click on checkmark.
  • At last, set how long the effect will run.

How to add text on capcut?

  • Open your selected video on capcut app.
  • You will find the add text option; click on add text.
  • Use the keyboard option and write your text there.
  • Use the style tab.
  • Finally select the color.

How to use chroma key in capcut?

using method of chroma key or green screen are same.

  • Open a new project.
  • Add the video.
  • Open the overlay and click on it.
  • Select the green screen video.
  • Open chroma key and click color picker to green.
  • Click checkmark and apply chroma key effect.

How to do the 3d effect on capcut?

  • open capcut app and create a project.
  • Add your selected video or image.
  • Select edit menu.
  • Then click on the style option.
  • Select 3d zoom style.
  • The processing of 3d effect will be started.
  • Finally, click on the play button and see the final result.

How to blur a video on capcut?

  • Go to the new project option.
  • Select the video you want to blur.
  • Then click on add option.
  • Next, click on effects.
  • Find the basic category.
  • Select blur option
  • And finally, you will see the result.

How to add an overlay on capcut?

  • Go to cap cut editing panel and use a black background.
  • Open a new project.
  • Click on the overlay option.
  • Add the text.
  • Open splice option.
  • Choose the overlay types to use.

how to do slow-motion on capcut?

  • Open a new project.
  • Add the video.
  • Click split and cut the part which you want to make in slow motion.
  • Click on the cut part and select the speed option.
  • Press on the checkmark to apply the mode.

How to get good quality on capcut?

  • Create a new project.
  • Select a video.
  • Go to overlay.
  • Open stock video and add the black image.
  • Zoom the image
  • Open splice.
  • Sharpen 100 times

How to do the capcut trend on TikTok?

  • At first, download capcut app.
  • Open capcut and import 11 photos.
  • You will see the style option at the bottom; click on it.
  • Select 3d zoom effect.
  • Create the first 4 photos 0.5 seconds long and 7 photos 0.3 long.
  • Tap ‘finish’, and the process is done.

how to make a velocity edit on capcut?


  • Open capcut app and create a new project.
  • Add video and add a song with it.
  • Click on the edit menu.
  • Next, open the speed menu and go to the curve option, then select custom.
  • Select one beat point from the 5 beats.
  • Press the tick option to apply the velocity effects.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We have conferred answers to some questions that will help you to perceive more about CapCut . If you have any confusion about this app, you can check them out below.

What can you do with capcut on PC?

You can edit any video or image with cap cut on PC. PC is so convenient device for using capcut.
Capcut has an advanced filter to give a video an attractive look. You can also add stickers, text, and magical effects with your video using capcut on PC.

How to download capcut APK for Windows PC?

Here are the steps to download capcut apk for windows PC
Open your browser and search for capcut editor apk and download the file.
Run your emulator and drag the apk file into it.
After that, your emulator will start installing it, and you will have capcut apk installed on your device.

Is there an official version of capcut pro?

Yes, there is an official version of capcut pro.
Can I install CapCut on my laptop?
If the device meets the system requirements, you will be able to run it easily.
How Do I Download CapCut to My Computer?
You can download capcut on your computer using an emulator like bluestacks and noxplayer.

Final Thought

Capcut application is so useful for video editing. The editing will be more enjoyable if you know how to use capcut on PC( Windows/Mac). As the PC or windows have a big screen, it is easier to edit on PC than on other devices.

In the above article, I have written all the capcut app-related question answers. I hope, all this helpful information will assist you to use capcut on PC or Mac device.

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