How To Use Super VPN On Windows / Mac And Smart Phone?

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Generally, most people use VPNs to access blocked sites in the region, defend the privacy of information, and protect themselves from being tracked when they are browsing sensitive content. The use of VPN is prevalent nowadays. When you are a regular VPN user, you must have heard about super VPN apps. If you do not know how to use super VPN, this article is for you.

If you find a website blocked in your country or ISP, you can browse it using a VPN. All this data gets encrypted while using VPN. It will also help you to keep your real location secret and avoid tracking the websites you’re visiting. Super VPN has gained wide popularity among users. So let’s know about the significant details of the Super VPN app.

How to Use Super VPN App?

Super VPN is one of the most popular VPN apps for Android or smartphones and an unlimited VPN proxy for Android. Super VPN protects your privacy by veiling your IP and encrypting your internet traffic,  also allows secure and anonymous surfing online.

It has over 2000+ servers that help block unlimited services and networks wherever you are. Prior to using it, you should know what a Super VPN is and how to use it.

First, go to Google Play Store and download the Super VPN app. Then open it. Then you will see different countries such as India, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, America, and many more. If you want to change the place where you are browsing the Internet, then select the IP address; it will change automatically. Now you can easily use Super VPN on your device.

How to Use Super VPN on iPhone?

Super VPN is basically a private VPN software; you can access any website for free with this VPN. One of the best aspects of this VPN is that if you use it, you can connect any proxy with just one click, and for free, you will get a proxy from several required countries.

However, there are some differences in how Super VPN is used on Android and iPhone. So when you want to use this VPN on an iPhone, you need to know some essential things. After you download Super VPN on your iPhone, you should follow some specific steps.

How to Use Super VPN on iPhone?

  • First, go to the ‘setting‘ option of your iPhone.
  • From Settings, go to the ‘General‘ option and click.
  • Now scroll down and come down and click on ‘VPN
  • Click on the ‘Add VPN Configuration‘ option here
  • Click on the ‘Type‘ button at the top and select the ‘PPTP’ option.
  • Go back to the ‘Add VPN Configuration’ and fill in the required boxes for description, server, and others
  • After giving the required information, click on the ‘Done‘ button at the top right and save
  • Now connect the VPN and look at the top of your phone screen to see if the VPN icon is visible.
  • After successfully connecting to Super VPN, start using it.

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How to Use Super VPN on Android?

How to Use Super VPN on Android?

  • To use Super VPN on your Android, first, go to the google play store from your smartphone and search by typing Super VPN.
  • After searching, you can see some VPN apps below.
  • From there, click on the option’ Super VPN Free VPN Client‘ and install it on your phone.
  • Once installed, open it and click on ‘Continue.’
  • Now click on the 3 dots on the top right side of the interface you see and select any one of the 4 options by clicking on the ‘Select Location.’
  • After selecting the location, you will see the connection text. Click to connect to a VPN. Since you are using Free Super VPN, you have limited country locations.

How to Use Super VPN Free?

In Super VPN free use, you can enjoy some features. As a new user, you get a 20-day free trial. At the end of this period, you will need to restart it in 60 minutes, and you will get a new connection and a new IP address.

The free Super VPN app is easy-to-use as you can make a VPN connection with just one click. You do not need to have any root access and user account to use the features.

How to Use Super VPN on Windows?

To use the Android application on PC and Mac, you must first install the Android emulator software on your system. You can use the Densify Android Emulator to Install Super VPN on Windows or Mac. Densify Android Emulator helps you with a smooth installation of other Android applications and games. However, there are many alternative apps like Super VPN, but this is one of the best VPN apps.

How to Use Super VPN on Windows?

Densify is one of the most popular and reliable android emulators which works effectively for both Windows and Mac OS. Described with its fastest loading speed and high graphics, it is gaining massive popularity among users on the Internet.

Step-1: First, you need to download the ‘Densify App Player‘ to install your favorite Android application on your PC.

Step-2: Double click on the downloaded densify.x file to run the densify installer. This will require administrator permission. Click Yes.

Step-3: You will then see the setup installer popup. Select your language and location where you want to install the software. Then click Next.

Step-4: After clicking Next, it will start downloading the software, so you have to wait till it appears to download completely.

Step-5: Click Finish when it shows the download is finished 100%

Step-6: All will be done by clicking on Install Now next page to start installing the software.

Step-7: It will extract the software files and then launch them. Install the application player installer. Click Continue.

Step-8: Select the location where you want to install DESFI and click Next. It will start installing the Densify emulator on your system.

Step-9: Launch Densify App Player after complete installation.

Step-10: Open Google Play Store and log in with your Google Account.

Step-11: After searching the application for the successful application you want in the Play Store. Click on the Install button.

Step-12: Now, you can see the installed app running on the home screen. Open the app and enjoy. 

How to Use Super VPN on Mac?

  • Many VPN users want to use it on their Mac as well. In this case, it is possible to download the Super VPN app for macOS through emulators. You can download and use it with popular emulators like BlueStacks Emulator, Nox Player, MEmu Android, ARChon and Remix OS Player.
  • Nox Player is a high-quality emulator that offers you a simple download and installation process. Follow the steps below to download Super VPN for Mac via Nox Player.
  • First, go to Nox Player Emulator’s Official Website to download the latest version.
  • Now run the downloaded setup file to install the emulator. The process will take some time to complete
  • Once the installation is complete, open the emulator. Search the Google Play Store from the emulator home screen and click
  • Launch the Play Store using your Gmail. If you do not have a Gmail account, create a new one.
  • After gaining access to the Play Store, searching for Super VPN increases its search.
  • Select the correct app from the search results and click on its install button.
  • When all of the above is done, super VPN will appear on the home screen of the Nox Player emulator.
  • Now just click on the app and enjoy the freedom of the Internet.

Can I Use VPN for Tiktok?

TikTok is not like any other social media platform. It is the perfect field for artistic expression, especially dance. However, it is trendy but not available everywhere. Some countries have even banned TikTok. Bypassing the TikTok ban is an effective option if you use the app in a country that is not officially banned. If you were traveling in India, for example, you would not be able to use your TikTok app whether you were banned or not.

The perfect solution to the ban is using a trusted virtual private network service. But how can you do it? First, you have to choose a VPN app that can successfully hide your original IP location from TikTok.

When you want to manage your TikTok account independently in this process, it is better to avoid free services. A great app like SuperVPN is an ideal solution for you in this case. It offers super-fast, significant server location and excellent client support.

Log in to your account, then select a VPN server in a country that supports TikTok. Be sure to choose the country closest to you geographically because you will get better speed. If you have problems with this method, you will need to perform a factory reset on your phone and remove it from any detection. However, if TikTok is only removed from the App Store, SuperVPN can bypass this issue..

Final Thought

Super VPN is a highly secure virtual private network and a program that makes it easy to change IP to some foreign versions. That means your device will seem to be in another country. You may want to use it on different devices, but first of all you need to know how to use super vpn on any device.

No login or sign-up is required to use this application. You can have a great experience using the Super VPN app for your Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac. So you don’t have to go to any other option for safe internet browsing.

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