How to use Zenly? Zenly Location Sharing App [Easiest Way ]

Zenly is most known as a location share app. Do you know how to use Zenly? Zenly is a live-sharing app that keeps your friends and family together. While traveling, you can find people around you by using the Zenly app.

Connecting with family and friends is not possible without Zenly. If you are far from your dears, Zenly helps communicate with them. To stay associated with the beloved people, you have to learn the use of the Zenly app. We are here to teach you how you can use this location app.

About Zenly

Zenly is a location-sharing application. You can find your friends or family members and share your location with them or other users in real time.

As a parent, you must worry about your children’s safety. You are tense; are they reaching school or the playground safely? Zenly gives you release from that. You can know your children’s location through the Zenly app and chat with them. Because Zenly offers free ingredient chat for iPhone and Android versions.

How to use Zenly on mobile?

Zenly helps you to find out and monitor your family members and friends to know if they are safe or not. To check the location is so easy. Just open the app to see your and your friend’s place on the map. Tap your friend’s picture, and you can know the location.

You also know how long it takes for your friend to reach you. Even if they are close to you, you can see the location.

This application is the most popular and downloaded app. Zenly is a well-designed and addictive application with good features.

It has a helpful feature that you can hide your location. If you want privacy, hide your site. Your friends don’t know about your activity.

If you are worried about your battery, please don’t. Because this app doesn’t kill your battery if you use it regularly, just 3% battery power is required even after using it all the time.

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How to use Zenly?

Zenly application is available on both iPhone and Android devices. So you can use it for anyone. The way to use the app is very simple. Follow our steps to install the Zenly app.

How to use Zenly on windows?

Step 1: Sign up or register on the Zenly app.

Firstly, you have to install the Zenly app on your phone. You can find the Zenly app on the google play store. If you use it for the first time, you have to register on the app.

After installing the app, open it and tap the ‘Create Account and Accept’ option. Now type your name and click the arrow for the following procedure.

Step 2: Confirm the registration

You get a new interface. You have to enter your date of birth and phone number in this interface. You must enter the correct number. Because you get a code to confirm registration on the number. So check it twice for safety.

After getting the code, enter the code. Your registration is done. Now you have changed the same settings and entered other information.

Step 3: Add friends

In this step, click the ‘choose Some Friend’ option to see your friend and family member list. Select the friends that you want to add. You can add your friend who has an account on the Zenly app. Those aren’t accounts; you can invite them to Zenly. After selecting, tap the arrow.

Step 4: See your friend on the map

Now the map will open. You can see the location of the people on the map who accept your invitation. You can find out your profile icon on the lower right side. Touch the icon to see your profile, access the settings, enable an anonymous mode that is a ghost icon, and add new friends.

Step 5: Access the friend list on the app

You access your friends list quickly by tapping the “+” button at the bottom of your phone screen. To know the location, select a name and click that. You also create a best friend list if you have multiple contracts. This list helps you to find out your friend’s location easily.

You can also add your family member to the list. So you quickly know your children or wife’s location on the map.

Step 6: Interact with your friends.

How to use Zenly on iphone?

After selecting one friend to know the location, touch the location on the map. Now you can send messages, and photos, send stickers and trace the route to find them.

Step 7: Access conversation and create a chat group

You access the conversation history by tapping the message button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Now you can create a chat group in the Zenly app “+ Group.”

How to delete a Zenly account?

If you want, you can delete your Zenly account. To delete an account, you have to follow the below instructions.

  • Firstly, go to your profile page and tap the settings icon.
  • Then, tap the “Contact us” option, and in the new interface again, tap the “Contact us” option.
  • Now, touch the option “Delete Account.”
  • Finally, You have to prompt them to confirm your decision.

After confirming, your account will be deactivated immediately. Now you cannot see your friend’s location and cannot interact with them. They also cannot see your location.

You will permanently delete the account after 30 days.

If you cannot delete an account in this way, you can do it another way. We will tell you another option.

  • Firstly, open your email account to register with the application.
  • Then, compose an email to the email address ‘[email protected]’. The Subject will be “Request to Delete Zenly.
  • Now write an email to Zenly customer care to request them to delete your account from their database and all your information.

After accepting your email, you will deactivate your account.

Is Zenly dangerous?

You get advancements from the Zenly app. But it also has some disadvantages. The first and main disadvantage is privacy. Zenly is a publicly available location-sharing app. And when you share your location publicly, everyone can know your activity. Where you go, who your partner is, and anything.

If you go on a date, your friends on your Zenly account can know that. They can track your location. So, you haven’t any privacy.

You can know if any friend meets with you without informing you. Even your friends can know your battery percentage.

Another disadvantage is that anyone can hide their location. So you cannot know your family member’s location if they hide the area.

Final Thought

In the above, it is clear how to use the Zenly app? Zenly is the perfect app that keeps your friends group together on travel. Not only travel time, but you can also see who is staying around you. If you visit another country, Zenly will send you notifications. How far you are from your family members, Zenly helps to bring you all together.

Zenly app also works for firefighters, car drivers, politicians, NGO workers, etc. So download the Zenly app now to add your contact people. Stay connected with your people with the Zenly app.

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