iCalendar For PC (Windows 7,8,10 and Mac)– Free Download

Last updated on November 19th, 2022 at 03:26 am

Imagine a day, you are about to go to the meeting outside of your office, and you miss that meeting as you have forgotten to note down on it. More specifically, you don’t know the exact date of arrival there. In that case, a great app like iCalendar for PC will save your ass and give you the best deal to solve out it. But getting the iCalendar on your PC is not easy to set up as it is not available by default.

In order to have the app run on your computer then you need to learn some tips on it. Here in this article, we are going to let you know the hacks, all you need to do is to wait a bit and stick to us.

Why use iCalendar for PC

iCalendar is an app for iOS-based so you may see it on every mac device. It runs faster and lets you keep updated on your day to day to do tasks. So once you are synchronizing with the app then you will be well routined of your daily activities.

Keeping this in mind, the app will help you out when you are having a hard deadline with the meeting and clients. The app comes with an amazing user-friendly interface and so if you tuck this with so many projects, you can find them very easily. Getting all the data updates from the app on your computer is the key reason why you are going to have this app on your computer.

iCalendar for Mac

Best iCalendar for PC & Mac Software For Download

Now you are getting the advantage of the app from your windows operating system this is awesome actually. Suppose you don’t afford to have an iPad or Mac then this process will give you the amazing experience to run it right from your Windows OS based computer. From now on, you are going to enjoy the navigation, even more, better in comparison to the other low rating apps.

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Features & APK of iCalendar for PC

iCalendar for Windows OS comes with amazing features and surprisingly, you are going to enjoy the same features as the Mac offers to it. So let’s come to know its features of it from here:

iCalendar for Windows

  • It ensures the time zone support so you won’t confused while traveling
  • Built-in maps help to set the location in real-time
  • Easy navigation among dates, months and year
  • Ensure searching the title, notes, and location of any event
  • Easy to drag and drop of an event
  • Adding custom alerts and snooze them
  • Easy Synchronization with the Google calendar

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What’s new with the app in 2020

The newest features of the app are better updates and like other apps on iOS, it will be getting an update each year. Here are some of the key updates that you are going to see in the following year

  • The app will support the German and Spanish Language
  • It will fix up all the bugs
  • It brings some new UI enhancements

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How to install and download iCalendar for PC

Installing your iCalendar on PC requires knowing some hacks. First off, you just need to have an emulator and then you come to know how to download and run the app within the emulator on your computer. Here are the hacks on the iCalendar for PC

Installation Process:

  • First of all, you need to have either BlueStacks or Nox player on PC
  • After downloading the emulator now run it on your computer
  • Now, make sure you have a Gmail ID to operate the Google PlayStore
  • Now, look at the search box at the top corner of the emulator and type the app
  • Once you search the app on the search box you get to know the install button
  • Over there click on “Install” and then download it and install it from there

iCalendar For PC

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Final Words

Now you get to know how to keep iCalendar for PC and using our simple tricks you can easily use the app and manage your daily meetings with great ease of experience. If you think that you have failed to accomplish the task then let us know. We are going to solve it out and give you the feedback again.

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