Icalendar Vs Vcalendar- Difference Between Icalendar & Vcalendar

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Day by day, most of the users familiarize themselves with the calendar-supported system like iCalendar, vCalendar, etc. But when they find a better supportable and user-friendly tool in the calendaring area, they can compare differentiation between the iCalendar vs vCalendar. This calendar tool fills most of the needs related to time and date.

After the in- depth judgment, the consumer can verify the best calendaring tools just by focusing on some notable aspects. Then take a decision and pick a calendar format that makes the time and date easily maintainable.

What Is an iCalendar?

iCalendar is a progressive tool that transfers calendar-based information by utilizing the electronic system. The Internet Engineering Task Force launched the iCalendar in 1998. The file extension of the iCalendar is .ical, .ics, .ifb or .icalendar. Although it is developed by Apple company, this tool is supported by Android and Windows devices.

iCalendar executes the transportation section of any event or date and time-based transmission. Mainly, it concerns the user’s time scheduling calendar lifecycle and processing all information through the internet.

What Is an iCalendar

Features of iCalendar:

  1. Provide single and numerous calendaring information.
  2. Create an event by indicating Start and End timing.
  3. Categorize busy and normal alerting events.
  4. Attach multiple assignments with time and date into creating a to-do list.
  5. User supportable and compatible.
  6. Control each section without complexity.
  7. Supportable for each device.

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What Is vCalendar?

vCalendar represents the calendaring features and is the predecessor format of the iCalendar.The creator of the vCalendar is the Internet Mail Consortium (IMC). The file extension of the calendar is .vcs which was released in 1996. But Microsoft Outlook users can obtain that calendar mainly that’s why it is known as Outlook format.

vCalendar performs the scheduling exchange and electronically preserves the movement data. It supports the Personal Data Interchange program to connect with different tasks like meetings, events, etc.


Features of vCalendar:

  1. Well configured display and advanced features.
  2. Supportable characteristics and furnishing style.
  3. Attach numerous dates and times related events and meetings.
  4. Easily accessible navigation that represents all indicating attributes.
  5. Easily selectable date-based information.
  6. User-friendly API system.
  7. Easily maintainable and responsive tools.

iCalendar vs vCalendar- Difference Between iCalendar & vCalendar

There are many points to differentiate and that’s why a comparison question arises for iCalendar vs vCalendar. The unique and main outlines between iCalendar and vCalendar are summarized below:



Released in1998 Released in 1996.
The developer is the Internet Engineering Task Force. The developer is the Internet Mail Consortium (IMC).
Scheduling and managing events and meeting-related tasks. Scheduling and managing events and meeting-related tasks.
File extension is .ical, .ics, .ifb or .icalendar. File extension is .vcs.
Consist advanced features even mainly focus on the Meeting requests. Lower features than iCalendar even mainly focus on the Appointments.

Which Is Better: iCalendar or vCalendar?

In a schedule lifecycle, a user can fetch multiple calendaring systems like iCalendar, vCalendar, etc. When a question rises to select a single and desirable calendaring system, it is really tough to say which is the better one. Because each calendar has countless features that may bring users satisfaction.

Although vCalendar has the same calendaring features, it isn’t compatible with modern technology. Because it’s a too old configured tool and nowadays people don’t apply this system.

On the other hand, iCalender developed calendering technology and is compatible with advanced devices. So the newer electronic system may assist to acquire the calendaring information rather than the older one.

Finally, iCalendar may obtain a large number of votes from the users between the iCalendar or vCalendar. Because it introduces the consumer to too many advanced and new opportunities.

Final Thought

After observing the above differentiation on iCalendar vs vCalendar, users can choose the better tool and implement this instead of the recent calendar app. But overall analysis, it can say that iCalendar brings the most beneficial opportunities rather than the vCalendar. Because it consists of advanced aspects and performs all technological devices.

That’s why a user selects the iCalendar app as a perfect choice and acquires the experience. Then maintain the organizable and memorable moments and share the thoughts with others.

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