Is 128GB SSD Enough For Windows 10?

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 09:43 am

Wonderful! Have you got a laptop or computer with a 128GB SSD, but you are confused about its performance?

Here you can know about the details of the 128GB SSD and also describe the connection between the 128GB SSD and Windows 10.

SSD is a well-known tool for Windows, but selecting the size of SSD and versions of Windows depends on specification. A 128GB SSD requires 15-20% free storage, and Windows 10 does not ever need more than 50GB. So, you can use 80-90GB of free space from a single 128Gb SSD.

That’s why it is a significant term that a 128GB SSD is enough for Windows 10.

What Is 128GB SSD?

SSD means Solid-state Drive, and 128GB SSD is a computer storage standard with 128 gigabytes (GB). And 128GB implies that it contains 128,000,000,000 bytes of data.

Is 128GB SSD Enough For Windows 10

Is 128GB SSD Enough For Windows 10

Generally, a laptop including an SSD contains 128GB or 256GB, and this storage is perfectly enough for Windows, all programs, and other data.

Some features which can a 128GB SSD are given below:

  • A 128GB SSD may store 4.5 million articles, where each contains 28KB storage.
  • It can store 32 videos where each one holds 4GB of memory.
  • It can be stored in both MP3 or FLAC format. If it is in FLAC format, an 128GB SSD can store 346 CDs, but for MP3 format, it will contain 1800 CDs.

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Smallest SSD For Windows 10

In the world, Samsung Unveils World’s Smallest 512GB SSD provides reading and writing speed capable of 1500MB/s and 900MB/s. And the weight of the smallest NVMe SSD in the market is just 1 gram.

Minimum SSD For Windows 10

Windows 10 requires 16GB free space for the 32-bit and 20GB for the 64-bit active operating systems. But it is deficient, and you can’t get enough space to update, install software and save files.

Recommended SSD Size For Windows 10

If you are a simple manipulator and use your computer slightly with small files, a 128GB SSD will be perfect. But if you need to add high-capacity files, then you should add an extra SSD. At this moment, it can be recommended that a 256GB SSD may be good for you.

Best Size SSD For Windows 10

Most users want to run various programs, store files and games. That’s why at least 500GB is the preferred size. Because updating different software takes a lot of extra space and a typical PC game needs 40GB to 50GB memory space.

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Is 128GB SSD Enough For Windows 10?

128GB SSD is an implementation that is more responsive for Windows 10. It doesn’t matter whether the SSD card is large or small. It depends on you because if you want more and more free storage, 128Gb is perfect for windows 10.

A 128GB SSD is a storage device; that’s why when it is included, your device starts to consume its space for any action related to memory. When you install Windows 10 and have a 128GB SSD, it will decrease the room from this SSD. And also, you can install different software and save your photos, videos, games, files, etc.

Although a 128GB SSD gives you more and more space for use, it will fill if you don’t use the SSD systematically. So, you should use it carefully and clean the junk files of your computer which are useless.

If you become a simple user, you can’t understand how you can fill your 128GB SSD because it is enormous for you. On the other side, if you become a professional user, you need extra SSD than 128GB SSD because you need more memory for heavy files

128GB SSD or more than the size which is fit for you. This choice relies on your demand because Windows 10 needs a little space, just like 50GB or lower, and the rest is just for you.

How Much Space Does Windows 10 Take On A SSD?

Windows 10 is an operating system that has two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. Each version has a little different specification, and for this reason, these need other criteria. Moreover, using the 32-bit version of Windows 10 will take 16GB of storage space. But using the 64-bit version of Windows 10 will take 20GB of storage space. This requirement is applicable for only new, freshly installed Windows 10.

Nevertheless, the size of Windows 10 doesn’t stay fixed because it requires an update. When it takes an update, it will need 20GB of storage to activate all programs smoothly and spontaneously. Also, it can add extra memory for some external features such as hibernation, system restoration, and virtual memory activation.

How Big Of An SSD Do I Need For Windows 10?

Whether you need the big size SSD or the small size, only the user can decide according to his demand. It isn’t the central fact what Windows you are using. Because according to the criteria and requirements of Windows 10, after installing a fresh Windows update, it takes only 50-60GB of free space on the SSD. And you can use the rest storage as said by your need.

As a user, you can buy any SSD. But you should think and purchase one which is perfect for you. If you don’t take any plan, you can select the wrong size SSD for you. Such as, a minimal size that has low capacity doesn’t fill your need. On the other hand, an enormous size with high capacity across your demand and more space is unusable.

Final Thought

Finally, it can be said that an SSD is an essential part for Windows to run your computer smoothly. So, analyze your demand and choose your best one.

A laptop or computer with 128GB SSD for Windows 10 is standard quality because it makes the output faster. Windows 10 consists of 32-bit and 64-bit versions; both can efficiently run through using 128GB SSD.

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