What Is the Difference Between Kakaotalk vs Line?

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 12:42 pm

Do you know what is the difference between kakaotalk vs line? Both are the same as a messenger but it is a little bit different between these two apps. Kakaotalk is a Korean dominant app that trumps all other apps. Kakatalik worked as a messenger. Line is a mobile messenger, a Tokyo-based corporation that brings users close to their friends and family.

Though kakaotalk and line apps are the same in the category, they have some differences. So in our blog post, we will show the details about these two apps. We share their features and how to work so that you can choose your favorite apps.

What is kakaotalk?

What Is the Difference Between Kakaotalk vs Line

If you find the best Korean messenger free calling service, you will hear the name of the Kakaotalk app. Kakatalik allows instant messaging with your closest persons, voice, and video calling, sharing your locations with the dearest person or family member, and other features. Often 150 million people use Kakaotalk for messages in the world.

Kakaotalk comes with Korean VoIP services that look like Viber. Some services give you a great communications system and free calling to the network users. It is a social networking tool that connects your friends and family for twenty-four hours.

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Feathers of kakaotalk

Kakotalk is unique and familiar with its features.

Difference Between Kakaotalk vs Line


Kakaotalk offers simple, funny, and reliable messages for its users. You can make the group chat unlimited with your friend’s circle and family members unlimited. You can also see who reads your message with unread count options.


You can chat with new friends worldwide if they share the same interest. You can chat anonymously and share your hobbies, interests, and lifestyles.

3.Video calls and voice

You can create group video calls and voice calls using these features. Kakaotalk allows 1:1 group calls. Using a voice filter or talking to you can change your voice.

4.Themes and Profiles

You can change Kakaotalk’s official themes and profile. And also customize themes. You can create your profile with photos, music and video.


You will get so many stickers to make your chat more fun. You can also send an emotional mood via stickers.


Kakaotalk has event features, and you will see events in the chatroom at a glance.

What is Line?

What is Line?

LINE is an app that transforms the way people communicate with each other, closing the distance between family, friends, and loved ones. And you can do it with the Line app free. Line app comes with video calls, messages, voice calls, and funny stickers.

Line app is now available in the world. It comes with new features to do more fun and explore the world. Line app works like whats app or messenger but with extra services. Japan leads this social platform with social feeds, news, etc.

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Line app offers you free voice and video call over Ip address, and instant messaging. Eighty-four million people use the Line app.

Feathers of Line

Feathers of Line

Secure to use

Line app uses millions of people and it is safe for parents and children. Line app secures your messages history, voice and video call, etc.

Chat option

Line app comes with group chat options. You can communicate with your friends by writing in the Line app. You can create so many group chats, such as groups with family, a group with friends, etc. In the chat option, you will get various stickers in line, and you can send them for fun.

Message read

When someone reads your message, “Read” option automatically appears on your screen. Line app helps you to know when someone reads your message, even if that person does not give you a reply.

kakaotalk vs line- Difference between kakaotalk & line Or

Line app comes from Korean and Kakaotalk app comes from Japan, as well as part of Korean. If you ask what is the better between two apps? Then the answer is complicated. Because Line is a better message option to communicate with people around the world. Not only is that line a much better app than WhatsApp.

On the other hand, Kaokatalk is a popular game app platform, as well as messaging, voice, and video calls. Line app shows you when someone types in the message box. You can directly sign up for your Facebook account via the Line app. Kakaotalk comes with features but Line comes with more features than Kakaotalk. Another difference is Line app is a social network but Kakaotalk does not consist of a social network. It’s just like a messenger app to communicate with friends and family and others. Line uses two-way opt-in where Kakaotalk does not go with it. So using these two apps depends on you, how you want to use them.

Which is the better line or kakaotalk?

Both apps are coming from various Korean corporations. Line app supports so many features of Kakaotalk. When you go for a social network then a line app is best for you. Line app allows you to sign up for a Facebook account, whereas Kakaotalk does not support social networks. In 2014 Kakaotalk was not safe for chat, but now the company developed its features. Line app is safe for parents, children to communicate with each other privately.

Forty nine million people use Kakaotalk and Line app uses two hundred eighteen people based on the top four countries. Japan started the Line app but now Korea also uses the line app. Above all the discussion you can decide which app is better for you.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, we find out the difference between kakaotalk vs line apps. Both apps are used for chatting, messaging, voice, and video calls. The best thing is that both two apps ‘ functions are free. And you can download Kakaotalk and the Line app for free. Both are supported on Windows and Android versions too.

Kakaotalk is also for mobile gaming, online shopping, etc. Kakaotalk is operated by South Korea whereas Line app is operated by Japan and South korea. So considering all things you can choose Kakaotalk or the LIne app.

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