Life360 Free Vs Paid- Which Is The Best For Users?

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Do you know the difference between life360 free vs paid? Both LIfe360 and 360 paid are GPS location tracker that does not stand in one place. It tracks your every movement to maintain security, and you need a location tracker. But when you do not need to share your location, you have to freeze your location tracker.

In life360, you can use location from one place by using tricks. The new life360 pro version comes with exclusive features. Which one is the best between the two life360 apps? We will disclose it here.

About life360

Life 360 is a social network app designed for family communication, sharing location, alerts, and tracking with smartphones. It is one kind of social network application.

This app brings your family closer smartly and allows users to share locations. You can protect and connect people who are essential in your life with this app.

When your family members leave or arrive at a place, you can track them with geofences. You get geofences after setting life360 on your smartphone.

Life360 is a service of life360 Inc. company. It is a San Francisco, California-based American information technology company.

Chris Hulls and Alex Haro created the life 360 app and released it on the Google Play store in 2008. BMW integrated life360 into their navigation system.

Over 27.2 million active users use this app monthly, and the revenue is over $59 million (2019).

Life360 is available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

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Features of life360

Life360 app designs smart features that make your life easy and happy. You can know about your family member’s location and ensure their safety with the app.

life360 free

1.Real-time directions to Circle members

It is a handy feature for users. You can direct your family members with the elements.

When your kids go to a new place or a crowded place, this feature is needed in that situation. You can be direct to your kids.

2.Crash Detection technology

This feature is also called Driver Protect. The life360 app can detect you with the part if you face any problem and inform everyone nearby you. Also, call an emergency from your list.

3.Roadside Assistance

This feature works for less complex situations like towing, flat tires, engine jump-starts, running out of gas, etc. Go to the “Safety” tab and tap the “Call Roadside Assistance” button when you need roadside assistance. A live representative is always ready to help you.

You get access to 24/7 roadside assistance.

4.Emergency Dispatch

If you feel sick or an accident happens, inform the app team. The team sends an ambulance immediately and contracts with your family.

5.Medical Assistance

This app also works as your medical assistance. You get a nurse helpline 24/7.

6.SOS Help Alert

When you cannot call anyone, you can send an immediate alert to your family to get your location.

7.Individual Driving Reports

This feature helps you know every trip’s details, including top speed, texting, and more driving details.

8.Family Driving Summary

You get a weekly snapshot of your and your family’s trips, miles driven, and more.

9.Travel Support

The app gives you travel support. You get access to pre-trip planning, rebooking support, and location information. Even if you lost your luggage, the app helps you find the bags.

10.Weekly Distracted Driving Reports

The application provides a weekly report in your circle with hazardous activities like hard braking, using the phone during the drive, etc.

What is Life360 Pro?

Life360 pro is a paid version. You need to pay for this version. Life360 offers three paid membership plans; silver, gold, and platinum.

The prices are different and get limited features. You get all the elements in gold membership, and its cost is higher than others.

The membership plan is available for a month and a year. You can buy anyone.

But the price is different for the USA, Canada, and other international users. So check your region price before buying life360 pro.

life360 pro

Features Of life360 pro

Life360 pro or membership plan is divided into three types; silver, gold, and platinum.

The features are different from each other. We will point out the characteristics of each membership plan.

Silver Membership Plan

Location Safety

Seven days location history

Five place alert

Crime report

SOS help alert

Driving Safety

Crash detection

Family Driving Summary

Digital Safety

Data Breach Alert

Emergency Assistance

$100 in stolen phone protection

Gold Membership Plan

Location Safety

  • 30 days location history.
  • Unlimited place alert.
  • Crime report.
  • SOS help alert

Driving Safety

  • Crash detection
  • Family Driving Summary
  • Individual Driver reports
  • Roadside assistance
  • 5 miles free towing
  • Emergency Dispatch

Digital Safety

  • Data Breach Alert
  • ID theft protection
  • $25k stolen funds reimbursement

Emergency Assistance

  • $250 in stolen phone protection

Platinum Membership Plan

Location Safety

  • 30 days location history
  • Unlimited place alert
  • Crime report
  • SOS help alert

Driving Safety

  • Crash detection
  • Family Driving Summary
  • Individual Driver reports
  • Roadside assistance
  • 50 miles free towing
  • Emergency Dispatch

Digital Safety

  • Data Breach Alert
  • ID theft protection
  • $1m stolen funds reimbursement
  • Credit monitoring

Emergency Assistance

  • $500 in stolen phone protection
  • Disaster Response
  • Medical Assistance
  • Travel Support

life360 free vs paid- Difference between life360 & paid

Life360’s free plan is called the basic plan, and it allows a free trial for 24 hours. It is available for everyone. You get limited features in this plan.

What are you get:

  • Two days location history
  • Two place alert
  • SOS help alert
  • Crash Detection
  • Family driving summary
  • Data breach alert

The free plan is for anxious people to know the loving person in an emergency. It is helpful for parents.

Your kids leave for school or the playground and do not reach home timely. You can use it in that situation.

The paid version of life360 is designed with so many features. You get over ten features from the paid version. There are no limitations. It has three paid versions; silver, gold, and platinum. They differ in price and features. So before buying, check the features and price. That is suitable for you, select it.

In the paid version, you get unlimited place alerts, 30 days of location history, medical assistance, travel support, digital safety, driving safety, emergency assistance, etc.

You get high performance from the app, be happy, and ensure your family safety.

Which is better: life360 free or paid.

Life360 paid is better than the free version. You can use the free version with limited features and time. Otherwise, you get unlimited features from the paid version. Also, you can buy it in a month or year. That is good for you.

Final Thought

In the above, we learn the difference between life360 free vs. paid? You can track your family member’s location by life 360. Life 360 pro is more accurate than the life360 free version. The life360 location app alerts the place. If your kid faces any problem or needs your help, you can know your kid’s location and reach there quickly. You get a notification if your family’s stolen data is found on the dark web before it leads to identity theft.

The life360 pro application has driving analysis features that assign drivers and provides reporting, emergency response, and crash detection. So download the life360 paid version location for your safety.

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