Life360 Vs Find My Friends – Which One is Better in 2022?

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 01:45 pm

Are you anxious about your partner where they are going or whether they are cheating on you? Or worried about your teenage kid’s safety? Don’t you need to panic about it because Life360 and Find My Friends these two apps are there for you to find out the location of your partner or teenage children location. Both of these apps have the further benefit of tracing someone’s place. Now there is no need to worry about your partner or teenage children’s location: the apps will help you solve your problem.

Now the query is which of them is best? Is Life360 the application you need rather than a simple Find My Friend the bulk beg?

What Do They Do?

Life360 and Find My Friend is the same, but only when you want to track your friend or family member’s location.. Life360 is a field that helps to know your friend’s or family’s exact location. At the same time, Find My Friend helps you to know where your contacts are by using iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Both apps are a treasure, but the most important thing is that Find My Friend is only designed for iOS gadgets. On the other hand, Life360 is available on both Android and iOS gadgets.

Find my friends

Find My Friend helps you to know where your contacts are by using the iOS gadget. Using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will be free and easy to stock for you, your friends, and your family.

Find My Friends

Using the guide Find my friends

Find My Friend app comes typically installed on all iOS devices. Now install find my friend’s app to share your location with your friends or family. You can share the location by choosing from your contact list and also you have to enter their email addresses on this app or phone number.

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Life360 For PC

What Makes find my friends Special?

By using Find My Friends, this app shared your iOS widgets from anywhere. Suppose you have an Apple Watch, which is neuronal adept, Then Find My Friends app can switch the location to your Apple Watch. It is easy to know your location via find my friends app. Ensure your Wi-Fi is connected to your gadget for the most pleasing zone exactness and message rendition. There are some features in this app:

find my friends for pc

  • Readily find friends and family.
  • Location-based information
  • Easy privacy rules
  • Parental limitations
  • Complimentary for iPhone, iPad, and iPod contact
  • Convey your location briefly or eternally.
  • Fast share your zone with nearby friends operating AirDrop

The Downside of Find my friends

Meanwhile, Find my Friends has several downsides. You ought to know that and these are:

  • Your friend may need to update the date on their widget.
  • The widget is off or is not attached to neuronal or Wi-Fi.
  • Find My Friend is only designed for iOS gadgets. However, in this reference, Life360 is a more attractive option than Find my Friends.
  • Finally, this app has a vital downside because hackers can enter the app, hack your private details, and be capable of stocking you. Once the hackers have your place, they may enter your oration.


The Life360 app describes itself as a GPS and family finder. It desires to help you discover your phone and locate your family associates. This app not only stalks your phone but also lets you follow your buddies and family. Life 360 app is available on both Android and iOS gadgets.

Life360 app install on windows and Mac

Using guide life360

Now install the Life360 app from the google play store or apple store. It is necessary to have this on every single of your family member’s phone. So every one of your family members has to download the Lfe360. Family Locator life 360 app lets you to know your family is secure when they’re distant away. Life360’s Family Locator facilitates life in the digital world by creating it comfortable to stay related to the people who count multiple.

What Makes life360 Special?

You can consider the actual-time sites of your family members or your mobile widget. You can make your site personal or allow your whole family to hoop traps where you are. You could have one for identical mates, and so onward. Life360 has a lot of amazing features with both spent and premium benefits:

life360 family locator

  • Location alertness– Set alertness for home, academy, and profession. When the user comes, you will be informed.
  • Battery dash information
  • Current travels record
  • Crash statement

The Downside of life360

Life360 also has several downsides, as Find My Friend has. For that cause, many teenagers oppose tracking apps like Life360 due to the fear of their parents using the app and evolving into over-controlling. And most of the family members can not use life360 manually.

Which is better life360 or find my friends?

It is difficult to say which is better between life360 and find my friends app. There is always one winner, which is Life360. However, Life360 is better than Find My Friend because Find My Friend is not secure as Life360. Find My Friend does not have many features as Life360.

Life360 Vs Find my Friends-Difference between life360 and Find my friends

Life360 Find My Friend
Life360 is available on Android and Apple gadgets. Find My Friend is only available on Apple devices.
Generally, you can use Life360 on both Android and iOS devices. However, you can use Find My Friend only on your iPhone. iPod, or iPad.
 Life360 has a lot of amazing features.  Find My Friend has some features.
Life360 is a complete benefit. Whereas Find My Friend has some downsides.
Life360 has a 4.6-star rating. It has a 3.4-star rating.
Millions of users use the Life360 app Few users use this app

Final Thought

Meanwhile, selecting a suitable location application for a trouble-free search is essential. Once again, Life360 and Find My Friends differ in their features. However, if you compare both Life360 vs Find My Friend features. Find My Friends is okay if you don’t need many additives and just want to do that entirely. But on the other hand, life360 is fine with a load.

Furthermore, life360 doesn’t have qualities like Find my Friends. Though the benefit of life360 is that it contains multiple social devices and helps Android and iOS widgets. Although you are an iPhone landlord and desire to save it, you can operate the Find my Friends app.

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