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Would you like to experience excellent TV entertainment? Magic TV on Firestick is there for you. You need to download and install it on your streaming device to watch Magic TV. You will get access to so many newest and oldest records and contents. You may listen to your favorite songs too.

It is treated as one of the best streaming apps available. Because you are going to get Chromecast support through the device. It enables you to watch movies and shows on a large screen.

The punchy article will help you get information about Magic TV Firestick, its downloading and installation process, and its legal issues.

About Magic TV on Firestick

Magic TV is an entertainment genre. A British music television station is popularly known as Magic TV. Box Television owns the station. This Magic Radio Network-based station entertains the audience by mainly playing and listening to music videos. They are easy to listen to.

Firestick is a media streaming device. You can easily stream video, play music and install apps on your television. You can turn a regular TV into a smart TV using the device.

To watch your favorite content on a smart device, the Magic TV streaming application is a desired handy resource to serve the purpose. Magic TV will help you with so many features on it. You can enjoy 100 plus live TV channels and movies through it.

You will find all of the Android devices compatible with Magic TV. But it is possible to run the TV on big screens with the help of Android-supported devices. NVIDIA Shield, FireStick, Fire TV, etc., are some examples of such devices.

Magic TV for Firestick

To get your Magic TV on the Firestick streaming device, you can –

  • Use the iPhone to mirror your Magic TV on the Firestick.
  • Take the help of a downloader to use and download Magic TV on Firestick.
  • Use an Android phone to cast it.

The latest version of Magic TV is 1.1.2. Then it needs 4.1 to run the Magic TV. Your Firestick may run on an Android version higher than the 4.1 version. It will not affect your media streaming.

There might arise issues like no picture, malfunctioning of remote control, sound problem, distorted picture, unstable live TV signal, the poor performance of RF Signal Monitor, shaky images while using HDMI to DVI, etc. Then you should go for troubleshooting guidelines. Thus you will be able to solve problems in most cases by yourself.

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How to download magic tv on Firestick?

Magic tv apk for Firestick supports Windows PC and Android phones and different streaming devices.

You can download magic tv on Firestick for free. But how do you do so? Downloading method differs according to the device.

On the home screen, you will find the Apps section. You will get a Magic TV firestick App there. You can download Magic TV directly on your Firestick in the way mentioned below:

  1. Going to the Apps section, check the apps available there.
  2. Click on the Magic TV App. The Apps are listed under different categories. It will make your task easier.

You may download The Magic TV by using the search function. Then follow the instructions as stated below to get the magic tv app firestick:

Magic TV Firestick

  • Click on Fire TV settings.
  • Tap on my fire TV option.
  • Then from the menu, select – The developer options.
  • Under this option, you will find – Install unknown apps.
  • Please turn on the apps by clicking on them.
  • Click on the search button going back to the home screen.
  • Search for the downloader app on the search bar. Then download the app as it appeared in the search.
  • You need a downloader app to be downloaded. Then allow the app to get access on your device.
  • Then you need to give the URL from where you will download the old version of the magic tv apk for Firestick. Paste the URL to the intended site after copying it.
  • Tap on the install button on the following popup. And you are all set for magic tv now Firestick.
  • After completing the Magic TV app download, you may delete the app downloader.

You may follow the exact instructions for other streaming devices, including your Android TV. If you download the magic tv firestick following the procedure mentioned above, you will get benefits like –

  • Having a user interface with easy navigation
  • Get videos with HD resolution
  • Fixed kids section

But there is a problem: sometimes it takes a long time to receive the server’s response.

How to Install Magic TV on Firestick?

You may opt to install any app after downloading it. Your app installation is done when you can open the app successfully for the first time. So, by following all the steps of downloading the Magic TV on Firestick only, you are on the way to installing the magic tv for Firestick.

After completing the installation, open the app on your Fire TV device. The app asks you for necessary credentials like passwords etc., in the field. Then click on the Next button.

Tapping on the sign-in button, you will be able to log in. This is how you can complete the installation process. Now it is your turn to start content streaming on your device. But note that if you sign out, you have to repeat the login verification process.

You must love magic stream TV on Firestick. Because you are going to have an outstanding experience through it. There are some video tutorials. You can watch them. It will make your downloading and installation process more manageable.

Is Magic TV Legal

Android-based devices that allow users to access free premium channels are gaining popularity in Perth.

It is prohibited, according to authorities, to use a gadget to circumvent subscription channels for free. The Copyright Law makes it illegal for customers to view or download premium content that requires a subscription.

If you view non-paid subscription networks like Free View, it is legal.

Three guys were sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2011 after selling over 400,000 magic TV sets to the general public. According to authorities, consumers should pay for subscriptions and avoid magic TV gadgets that circumvent premium channels.

When bypassing paying premium channels, the encryption on the devices was turned off, And then linked back to the ISP of the device. The app’s service holder declared their legal issue.

“We strongly advise the public to avoid any service other than the recognized supplier that purports to be giving discounted access to these channels and programs.”

Those guilty of distributing equipment that bypasses premium channels that need a subscription could face penalties under the Copyright Act.

Those convicted of distributing equipment that bypasses premium channels that need a subscription might face a 10-year prison sentence and an unlimited fine under the Copyright Act.


Magic TV on Firestick will enrich your entertainment zone by adding a lot of magic. You may enjoy the fun time to the fullest by downloading it. But you need to be conscious of preserving your privacy. Because there is a risk that your personal data may be sold to third parties.

Usually, the advertisers and government agencies collect them from the ISP – internet service providers. Before streaming on your Firestick device, you can use a VPN to avoid such issues and threats. It will help you encrypt and secure your network. Thus, you will be able to protect your privacy on the web. Get alert and enjoy your time.

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