What Are the Main Components Of a Computer System?

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If you think about your body then you will identify some major parts like lunch, kidney, heart, brain, etc play a vital role to run. Likewise, in a car, a tire, battery, axle, brakes, etc helps to run a car. Similar to these, there are some main components of a computer which we need to know to get the best service from it.

If you are a student, job seeker, or programmer you need to hold perfect knowledge on the necessary components of the computer. For you, we give our endeavor to familiarize you with the main parts of a computer.

Four Main Components Of A Computer

I told you earlier that the computer has some fundamental parts which lead to the computer’s activity. These parts are divided into 4 sections and we discuss in details below:

Main Components Of a digital Computer

Main Components Of a Computer System

  • Input Unit
  • Output Unit
  • Storage Unit
  • CPU

Input Unit

As you know that a computer is a lag behind to operate alone so, it requires instructions. These instructions are based on what a user wants from a computer. The input device is similar to the human’s nose, mouth, eye,  etc.

A user has to inject data or information through the input device known as the keyboard, mouse, barcode reader, scanner, microphone, light pen, webcam, etc. Input devices vary from the input type like the keyboard is used for writing, webcam for the picture, microphone for the sound, and so on.

Because a computer can not understand our inputted data so it needs to convert those into the binary code (0,1).

Output Unit

Think that a computer only analyzes the data and keeps the result inside. Then, I think no one wishes to buy a computer. The good news is we don’t need to think like this because whatever we input the computer analyze those and provide an outcome.

You can get your desire result through the monitor, printer, speaker, and projector. Although the output is the difference so the output device also differences like monitor for the picture, etc.

As you know the computer transforms the input item into binary code but after analyzing it converts those code in input form again. Here output interface helps to transform this binary code.

Storage Unit

Till now we hear the computer take input and provide our desire output. Apart from this, a computer helps us to reserve those outputs for future use or for analysis data. Here, the computer uses its various storage devices like hard disk, RAM, ROM, etc.

Those input devices are segmented under two parts like primary storage and another is secondary storage. RAM is known as primary storage where a little amount of data is stored for a short time. On the other hand, hard disk is known as secondary storage where a big amount of data is stored for a long time.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

If I told you to find out our body’s main part then undoubtedly you will answer the brain is that part. Likewise, the human brain, a computer holds the same part called the central processing unit (CPU). Here a computer performs its crucial task like calculation, comparison, etc.

In a central processing unit (CPU), two parts one is the Control Unit and another is the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) situated.

In a control unit, analyze the data or instruction which comes from the memory, afterward give the command to the pc system. Moreover, the control unit is not processed or store data or information rather it arranges the entire computer process.

In the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), there are two sections like the Arithmetic Section and the Logic Section.

  • In the Arithmetic Section, arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and vision of the data carries out.
  • Logical activities like comparison, selecting, matching carry out in the logic section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 main components of a computer?

The computer has some fundamental parts which lead to the computer’s main activity and these parts are divided into 4 sections like the Input Unit, Output Unit, Storage Unit, Central Processing Unit (CPU).

What are the components of computer?

A computer has some compulsory parts which are segmented into 4 parts like Input Unit, Output Unit, Storage Unit, Central Processing Unit (CPU) and it leads to computer’s main activity.

How many parts are there in computer?

A computer holds lots of little along with big parts and those are segmented under 4 parts like Input Unit, Output Unit, Storage Unit, Central Processing Unit (CPU).

What is basic unit of computer?

Input Unit, Output Unit, Storage Unit, Central Processing Unit (CPU) are considered as the computer’s basic parts that carry out a computer’s activity.

What is RAM and ROM in computer?

Read-only Memory (RAM) and Random Access Memory (ROM) is considered as the storage device of a computer. Here, RAM is known as volatile memory, and the data will loss when the power cut and ROM is non-volatile and the data will not lose after the power loss.

The Bottom Line

In this 21st century’s advanced world, a computer has a great influence on this. Now we don’t need to wait for a long time to get services like in health, education, etc sector even in this pandemic situation life is not stuck. Hopefully, you can get a detailed idea of the main components of a computer to use it efficiently.

Last but not least, share your experience in the comment box and if you find it righteous then told others.

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