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SpeedVPN is a mobile application, which gives you a protected network on your mobile devices when you are surfing on the internet. The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. This is now one of the most downloaded VPN applications by mobile users.With a very easy user interface, this application has tons of features. After getting so much attention and positive reviews from mobile users, PC users now want SpeedVPN for PC.

What are the benefits of using SpeedVPN for PC :

This application will provide so many benefits to its users. Here are some examples of how you will be benefited after using this wonderful application :

SpeedVPN for Windows
Free Speed VPN For PC – Download Windows/Mac
  • For geographical restrictions, users from so many countries can’t visit specific websites. AS like as users who are living outside of the USA cant watch some videoes on Netflix. However, they can also watch those videos from wherever they are by using SpeedVPN. What they have to do is change their current location to the USA.
  • Sharing your identity and pieces of information on the internet is too risky. You can hide everything about you with the help of SpeedVPN.
  • Sometimes we can’t access certain websites and contents or get slow internet speed only on some specific websites and contents. Well, this is not a website or browser bug, our internet providers intentionally do that with us for some reason of course. But don’t worry, you will be open from their conspiracy if you are using SpeedVPN on your device.
  • Spam messages are a very disturbing thing for internet users.
  • SpeedVPN will keep you free from spammers. It will also keep your connection secure and protect you from hackers too.
  • You can also transfer your important files and data safely by making your network protected with SpeedVPN .

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Features of SpeedVPN for PC :

This application is so much popular for its outstanding and large number of features. These are the features of this mindblowing application :

SpeedVPN Free VPN Proxy
SpeedVPN for PC / Mac / Windows 10/8/7 – Free Download
  • This application provides a high-speedVPN connection and it’s totally free.
  • It gives the most stable networks.
  • Connect to a VPN proxy server very quickly with a single tap only.
  • It’s very easy to use, you won’t need any registrations or anything else.
  • You won’t need any root access.
  • It doesn’t have any bandwidth or speed limitations.
  • Works fine with 3G,4G, LTE, and WiFi.
  • It doesn’t require any extra permissions or something.
  • You can visit any blocked websites.
  • Choose your preferred locations from so many options.
  • Protect you from tracking and secure your privacy.

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How to download and install SpeedVPN for PC :

SpeedVPN is a mobile application, that’s why you can’t directly download and install it on your PC. You have to go through some processes if you want to use it on your PC. Here we’ll tell to how to download and install SpeedVPN on your PC step by step :

  1. The first thing you need to run a mobile application is an emulator. So, download and install an android emulator on your PC first.
  2. You will see the emulator icon on your PC, open the emulator by double-clicking on the emulator icon.
  3. Now you have to sign in with a Gmail account. So, make sure you have a valid Gmail account otherwise you have to create one.
  4. Then go to google play store and search for SpeedVPN.
  5. You will see the SpeedVPN application on your screen with an install button, now click on the install button and install it on your PC.

Free Download Speed and Proxy for PC

Now you are ready to use SpeedVPN on your PC.

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How to Use SpeedVPN on PC [Windows and Mac]?

Click the “SpeedVPN VPN” icon to open the app when it has been installed on your computer. After that, press the “CONNECT” button. It will establish a strong connection to the nearest default VPN server that is available. The dashboard will then display which country’s server has been set up. The VPN will connect to the best server available based on your package and location. This might take several minutes to access, relying on your network speed.  Once you’ve connected, you can minimize the SpeedVPN dashboard. Begin unblocking content and browsing in a secure environment. If you wish to close it, go to the dashboard and click the linked button.

Final Verdict:

SpeedVPN is the best choice amongst all free VPN application you will see on the internet. With lots of features and superb performance, this application is being used by a million users all around the world. So why don’t you? Download and install SpeedVPN for PC and have a fast and safe internet connection.

If you face any problem while using or installing this application, please contact us. We will try to solve your problem as fast as we can.

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