Types Of Optical Disk & Learn The Advantages knowledge Of Them

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The optical disk is considered an integral part to store the output of the sophisticated invention called the computer. You will find many types of optical disk which is useful in various terms and processes. An optical disk is used to hold information for a permanent as well as a temporary basis.

As to use effectively this handy device, our article will help you to acquire proper knowledge on the optical disk.

What is mean by Optical Disk?

Optical Disk is operated its read and write activities through LASER technology. For your further knowledge, the LASER stands for LIGHT AMPLICATION THROUGH STIMULATED EMISSION OF RADIATION. Within the disk, the laser’s ray generally writes on the upper flat surface, and here it makes small pits or holes.

What Is An Optical Disk

What Is An Optical Disk

Moreover, the laser’s ray identifies the holes or pits of the flat surface. It comes in the form of binary code (0 or 1) then the laser transforms the binary code into the digital data.

If you look at optical disk’s storage capacity then you will find it between 600 MB to 200 GB.


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Types of Optical Disk:

Let’s introduce the types of optical disks using throughout the world.

  1. CD-ROM
  2. DVD
  3. WORM Disks
  4. Rewritable Optical Disks


CD-ROM or the compact disk (also known as read-only memory) is used to read by computer’s optical drive. You can not change or delete any stored data rather CD-ROM is used only for storing data. Moreover, if you need to transfer data then CD-ROM will help to do that.

Types Of Optical Disk

If you look at CD-ROM’s storage capacity then you will find it can store 650MB or 700MB of data like little application, sound, etc. You will find the CD-ROM’s speed indicated by 1x to 72x which means 72x is faster than 1x.

Advantages of CD-ROM

  • CD-ROM is considered as the less expensive medium to hold a considerable amount of data like 650MB or 700MB.
  • CD-ROM is durable along with easy to handle so, you will not face any hassle.
  • You will find the CD-ROM can store data for a long period of time.

Disadvantages of CD-ROM

  • Data stored in the CD-ROM can not changed or deleted.
  • CD-ROM is vulnerable to be scratched and, therefore, data might be lost.

Digital Video Disk (DVD)

You may familiar with this type of optical disk called DVD (Digital Video Disk). DVD’s size is similar to the CD-ROM and a popular method of storing data. Similar to other disks a laser is used to store data on DVD. DVD’s transfer rate is also indicated by 1x to 24x which means 24x is faster than 1x.

In addition, you can store 4.7 GB data in a single layer DVD, and 9GB data can store in a double layer.

Advantages of Digital Video Disk (DVD)

  • DVD permits you to store large amounts of data like 4.7GB to 9GB.
  • DVD assists you to store good quality videos, pictures, applications, and many more.
  • As it is popular as well as widely produced so, you will find it cheap.

Disadvantages of Digital Video Disk (DVD)

  • DVD can not run on the CD drives rather it needs DVD drives.
  • You will find the DVD as a fragile item so, you need to handle it with care to avoid breaking.

WORM Disks

Computer scientist invents many ways to store data likewise WORM disks is one of them.

WORM disks full meaning is “write once, read many” and is considered as the latest technology to store data. WORM disk allows you to store information one time and read it several times. Most importantly,  you are not allowed to edit or update data in WORM disks.

Interestingly, WORM disks permit you to store data worth 200GB which is more than DVD.

Advantages of WORM Disks

  • WORM disks permit you to store data worth 200GB.
  • In the WORM disk, it is possible to store data one time and read it several times.

Disadvantages of WORM Disks

  • You are unable to edit or update data in the WORM Disk.

Rewritable Optical Disks

Here we will introduce you with a new storage technology that allows you to read and write data multiple times. So, this splendid technology is called the Rewritable Optical Disks. Rewritable Optical Disks is 5.5 inch in the size and allow you to store up to 5 GB data.

In addition, Rewritable Optical Disks generally used to store big amounts of data that need frequent updates.

Advantages of Rewritable Optical Disks

  • You are allowed you to read and write data multiple times in Rewritable optical disks
  • Up to 5GB of data can be stored in a rewritable optical disk.

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Faq For Types Of Optical Disk

What are the three types of optical drives?

You will find the CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and Blu-ray are 3 types of optical drives that help to hold a big amount of data for a long time.

Which is an example of an optical disk?

CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, and Blu-ray drives are some examples of the optical disk using throughout the world.

What are the 4 types of storage devices?

You will find the CD-ROM, Digital Video Disk (DVD), WORM disks, and Rewritable Optical Disks are popular 4 types of storage devices using throughout the world.

What is an optical disk on the computer?

Optical Disk is a storage device and operated its read and write activities through LASER technology.

Final words:

Undoubtedly, without the storage device, a computer’s importance will not widely popular. Today the fear of losing valuable information is lessen by the storage device. Hopefully, our article on types of optical disk will be perfect for you to gather storage device-related knowledge.

Lastly, if you find it is worthy then share with your friends and notify your vague point after reading.

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