V380 for PC-Free Download On Windows 7,8,10,11 and Mac

Last updated on April 30th, 2023 at 04:10 pm

If you want to experience your Camera in a whole new level then you must V380 for PC. It is basically a mobile app available on PlayStore. Using this app you can utilize your camera to the best level like you may rotate it zoom it in and out and make video calling as well.

Besides, users find this app to detect motions and use it as an alarm. The diversified features are the main attention of this app and believe us, you are going to enjoy the app totally free! But to use it on your computer, you must come to know tips and tricks and apply it accordingly. In this article, we are going to let you know how to download and install V380 app on your computer.

What is V380 for PC

V380 for Windows PC

V380 is an android based new generation surveillance camera that helps you to process real-time video anytime and anywhere. You can remotely control the v380 camera app for PC by touching the screen because of its PTZ control system. V380 provides you live audio monitoring and also remote video playback and image capture facilities.

Lastly, V380’s site motion detection alarm notify you about the threats and record it to the server for future use.

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Why should you choose V380 app

v380 for pc free download

Facing danger has become a common phenomenon nowadays. So, we all need to take proper precaution, likewise, the V380 surveillance camera app will add extra precaution in your safety list. V380 app PC comes up with some sophisticated features that will process real-time video anytime and anywhere. With its site motion detection alarm, you will notify about your possible threats.

By the way, you can also control your camera’s direction remotely by v380 software for PC PTZ control system.


Technical Specifications Of V380 App

Before downloading V380 app you have to know all the technical Specifications about this app. Under the table ,you’ll find them in details.

App’s Name V380
Updated October 28, 2021
Size 65M
Installs 5,000,000+
Current Version 6.1.70
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Category Business
License Free/Paid
Offered By 广州市宏视电子技术有限公司
Developer [email protected]

Know V380 Lite Apk  Highlighted Features

v380 app for PC blissful features undoubtedly surprise you, so, let’s see Features of v380 apk download for PC those.

  • V380 provides you live video and audio monitoring facility at any time and anywhere
  • V380’s PTZ option provides you remotely control your camera’s direction.
  • You can do video calls with voice intercom through the V380 app.
  • V380’s site motion detection alert system will notify about any types of threats.
  • V380 also provides you a creative cloud streaming facility.

Upcoming features in 2020 V380

In V380  for mac upcoming features, you will get–

  • v380 on PC will fix their existing bugs to run your app smoothly.
  • V380 will enhance its app’s performance for the customer’s better experience.

How to Download and Install V380 on your PC, Using the BlueStacks or Nox Player

Download and install of V380 is not a tough job, you need an emulator for download windows 7,8,10 and Mac and follow the steps. You can download v380 for PC English version.

v380 download for PC

  • At first, you need to download an emulator like Bluestacks or Nox Player from their official website and install it on your computer.
  • When you install the emulator, run it and then sign up with your verified Gmail.
  • After that, you might notice your emulator’s home page along with a search box at the top corner and write “V380” then press enter.
  • After some time, you will get the search result, now choose your file  and download v380 for PC.
  • When you click on the V380 app, you will get an install button beside the app and click on it.
  • After waiting some time, the V380 app will visible on your emulator’s home page.

v380 app for pc


V380 alternative apps for PC

There are lots of alternatives to the V380 experience. You can find them on the web, google play store or app store. Many are free, some are paid apps. 

V380 Pro

V380 Pro is a security camera that works with your network router to send you real-time video from your home. It is a complete system, so you don’t need any additional equipment to set it up. It is designed to work with the V360 security camera.

Care Cam

The Care Cam is a security camera system used to watch your house while you are not there. The Care Cam has its own camera that you can install yourself, and this camera can be monitored anywhere in the world. You can use this camera to observe the alarm system, the alarm, the smart phone, the pets, the swimming pool, the security system, etc. The Care Cam is able to view the camera through the IP-camera server.

Care cam pro 

Have you ever stood around outside your house hoping to catch someone breaking in? If so, you probably had a Care Cam security camera installed by your local home security company. This little camera is designed to do just that, and can be easily mounted onto a wall or ceiling. The video from the Care Cam is streamed to a mobile device, allowing you to view what’s going on from anywhere in your house. In this article, I’ll show you how to setup a CareCam security camera using an Android mobile device.

USB camera

A camera that plugs into your computer, or television, or phone, or computer monitor or printer is called a “USB” camera. They work by transmitting video signals to the host device (computer, phone, etc) using the USB port. It is possible to use generic software to view the resulting videos, or to use special USB cameras with special software.

Wansview cloud

Wansview cloud camera is the latest in the series of wireless network camera. It is equipped with 4.3-inch display, which is perfect for viewing in outdoor areas. The Wansview is very easy to install, just need to connect it to the power supply and set up Wi-Fi.

Security camera

Security cameras are great for catching criminals (or, at least, catching them on film), but they’re also great for us, the people who live in the same house as the camera. Any security camera is a valuable tool, but an especially valuable one is a security camera with a built-in audio feed. You can use it to listen in on a conversation without being there in person, and it gives you a third party perspective.

360 camera

360 camera apps allow you to view content in 360 degrees around you. This means you can’t only see a circle of a scene, but you can also see a whole scene at once. When they were first released, these camera apps were mostly used to create videos for YouTube and Facebook, but now there are many 360 camera apps that can be used for still images as well.


While the main Camera App on your phone does a good job of taking and managing pictures, it doesn’t do much to help you take captivating photos of your home. However, there is a third-party camera app that is not only an excellent home and travel camera, but also one of the most feature-rich and easy to use cameras on the market.


A security camera app is opened in your phone and you can see what’s happening on the live feed on your screen. But you can also see the video feed on your computer. You can see what is happening in your home or office anywhere you are thanks to the TinyCam app.


The camhi security camera app is a security   camera app that can be used to monitor your home or office from any    device,including computers,phones, and tablets.It is a very simple surveillance app.

Alfred camera

Alfred is a free and Open Source security camera app for iOS and Android. This app can be installed on your smartphone to make your phone a security camera. This app is compatible with various devices including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc.

Ycc365 plus

Ycc365 is a CCTV security camera application that can be used to use your smartphone as a CCTV camera, with its built-in camera function, the app can act as a CCTV app for you to watch the security videos of the front door, back door, parking lots, etc.


Nest security camera app – This app is to turn your Nest camera into a security camera for your house. It can monitor your house when you are not around. It has motion detection, night vision, web server, photo viewer, alarm, and so much more. You can also view your house on Google Earth or join the Google Maps. And you can join the cool google+ community.


The yoosee is a free security camera application that enables you to view and record videos and take still pictures and snapshots. You can use it to check on your house, or the car when you leave, or even when you are away.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the best Android emulator for V380?

The best Android emulator for V380 is BlueStacks. It offers the best performance and is compatible with most Android applications.

How do I connect my V380 camera remotely?

You can connect your cam remotely by using the V380’s built-in Wi-Fi and the free app called “IP Cam Viewer”.

Is there a V380 app for my PC?

There is no direct way to install a V380 app on your PC. However, you can download the app from the V380 website or from Google play store,App store , then try to install it on your PC.

How can I watch my V380 on my PC?

At first, you need to download an emulator and find out the V380 app through its search box. When you find the app, install it and open it. Thus, you can watch your V380 on your PC.

How do I download V380 Pro for PC?

You can easily download V380 from the google play store. Most importantly, you required a verified Gmail account to download any kind of app from play store.

How do you install a camera on a V380?

In order to install V380 on your PC, you need to download an emulator and find out the V380 app through its search box. Once you find the app, install it and open it.

Final Words:

V380 for PC would bring excellence in your life with the help of Cam-surveillance free of cost. Also, it comes with so many features which will be good to go. Using this app on your big screen computer is a great way of operating the app. Hence we tried to show you up a way to run the app on your PC aside from mobile. If you think you are still getting confused to know in this regard, then we are all ears to you, let us know.

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