Wattpad for Mac 2021 – Free Download and Install Guide

Last updated on June 17th, 2022 at 05:52 am

Who doesn’t like to read stories online for free? There are a huge number of people who are very fond of reading stories. People usually read stories from books, but what would it be if you could read a huge collection of spoken stories, novels from your mobile with an app? Wattpad is that type of app that confers the opportunity to read out free stories and write your own tale.

Wattpad is a global storytelling platform that connects more than 90 million readers in a community that’s the power of story. When you download the app and join the Wattpad, you become a member of the international community of those who are story lovers.

Wattpad is designed to be used in smartphone platforms like Android & iOS. But what will you do if you wish to have it on your Mac? Do you have any idea about it? Don’t be frustrated as we are going to show a complete guide on downloading Wattpad for Mac. We hope this will help you out.

All About Wattpad for Mac: A Story Reading App

Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen jointly developed the Wattpad that is now offered by Wttpad.com in the Play Store & Apple App Store. This app was first released in 2016 after many years of big ideas. From its launching date to now, more than 100 million people have downloaded the app on their devices and the number is still increasing over time. This application is rated 12 plus in the Google Play Store and the age rating of the app on Apple Store is 7 which clarified how popular the Wattpad app is.

wattpad download for mac

‎Wattpad – Read & Write Stories on the App Store

Pieces of information: That You Must Know About Wattpad App For Mac

Each and every app that is available on both Play Store, App Store, or Mac Store belongs to technical information that should be known by all the users. Knowing the specifications of an app aids a user to inspect whether this application will be accessible on their devices or not. For your convenience, some technical details of the app have been indexed throughout the table below.

App’s Name



Varies with device

Requires Android

Varies with device

Current Version

Varies with device

Last Updated

9 June 2021

Offered By Developer





Books & Reference

Offered By

Content Rating


Why Should You Pick up WattPad App For Mac Rather Than Others?

This question may come to your mind that, what is the difference between Wattpad and other applications, isn’t it? Actually, Wattpad contains lots of advanced features that will make anyone understand why this story reading is best. To make you believe, we have come up with some amazing features that are vital and Make story reading easier. So without any further intro, let’s have a look at these features.

wattpad mac for mac free download

  1. You can browse different genres depending on your interest and can search by definite titles.
  2. It is possible to drop down comments and you can also vote your favourites.
  3. When a new chapter is included, you’ll get an instant alert to see them.
  4. If you have good story writing skills, you can start your writing journey & will be up to share your own story.
  5. You can read stories in multiple languages as it is probably available in 50 languages.
  6. Connect to the millions of story lovers community along with reading and writing.
  7. In this app, you’ll get different genres of stories like Science fiction. Romance, thriller, mystery, comedy, adventures, fantasy, and many more.
  8. You can save your favourite stories on the favourite list to read whenever you get time.

How to Download and Install the Wattpad app for Mac

Wattpad desktop app for Mac download is a little bit challenging as it is not available on the Mac store and has no version for this operating system. So, what should you do now if you are supposed to have it on your Mac? In these circumstances, Android emulators can be the only solution that enables Windows & Mac users to download any apps that are designed for Android Operating System.

Which emulator should be your first preference as there are a remarkable number of emulators out there? All the emulators don’t provide the same services to the users, and some hold difficult user interfaces. For your convenience, we have inspected some of the emulators to notice which one does better. And according to our observation, we prefer using the Bluestacks emulator.

In this write-up, we’ll show the total download procedure of Wattpad for Mac with Bluestacks emulator. Bluestacks emulator relatively provides the best user interface and has some unique features thus anyone can easily use it without any complications. So without any further intro, let’s move to the Installation Process.

Download & Install Wattpad for Mac Using Bluestacks

  1. Move to the official website that Bluestacks belong
  2. Download the Bluestacks setup file by click on the “Download Bluestacks” option
  3. Run the setup file to install it and it will grab a few moments to be accomplished
  4. After accomplishing the installation process, run the Bluestacks emulator
  5. Now from the homepage select Google Play Store
  6. Sign in to the Play Store with a Google Account to have access
  7. Search the “Wattpad” app on the search bar of the Play Store
  8. Select the “Wattpad” after showing search results
  9. Press on the “Install” option
  10. The Wattpad app will be downloaded and installed automatically.

How To Use wattpad for mac with Bluestacks

“Wattpad for mac” is a famous app for mobile that allow people to read and download stories. But when we want to use it, we can only use it in Windows, so, this article shows the way to use it with Bluestack.

Frequently Asked Question

For the user’s convenience, we have answered some of the questions that we are generally asked by some users. These will help you to know more about the app and you may be cleared about some questions that you were thinking to ask.

Is Wattpad Free?

Wattpad is a completely free application that contains almost 350 million stories in multiple languages. You can read and share your stories by writing there which is also entirely free. Even by joining the international community, you can share your own experience with it.

How to Create an Account on Wattpad?

Creating an account on Wattpad is pretty simple. Just follow the instruction below that we have conferred.

1.Go to the official website of Wattpad
2.Press on the “Log in” Option on the Right side above
3.You’ll see the “Sign Up” option below and click on it
4.Now Provide username, Email ID, and Password
5.Press enter and the email verification code will be sent to you
6.Check the Email to confirm the verification

What Should I Do To Use Wattpad on Windows?

To have the Wattpad app on your Windows, you must take an emulator help. To download the Wattpad app on Windows, follow the step-by-step guide below.

1.Download & Install an emulator
2.Run the emulator and log in to the Play Store 
3.Search the “Wattpad App”
4.Select it after having search results
5.Install it by pressing the install option


Wattpad is nothing but a great platform for reading and writing stories where you can read millions of stories in several languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Chinese & many more. You can save the stories to your favorite list and read it later also and then you can vote for your favorite writers as well.

In short, for the story lovers, Wattpad is a heaven of stories that will tempt you to download Wattpad for Mac for sure.

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