Top 5 Apps Like Mobile Patrol For PC (Windows / Mac) 2022

Last updated on November 19th, 2022 at 04:38 am

There are several useful apps on the market right now that ensure a lot of people’s safety by providing necessary news and the MobilePatrole app is one of them. You also have many apps like mobile patrol in the Playstore. As the days go by, the incidence of various crimes is increasing. These apps can be installed on Android and iOS and the apps play a very important role in any adverse time.

These apps work great as a security app the same as mobile patrol. So when you come across some apps similar to mobile patrol, you will naturally want to know more about these, right? In this article we are going to inform you about some apps like mobile patrol. Keep reading this article and get to know your unknown information.

About Mobile Patrol App

You are always curious to know where the dangers may lie for you and for that you want something that will do the job instantly. MobilePatrol is a security app that delivers important news published by law enforcement agencies to communities in an area that keeps them informed and safe.

Mobile Patrol App

The main purpose of the MobilePatrol app is to alert the public by issuing various important notices including any kind of emergency alert, various offenses, and arrest warrants. All smart phone users can use this app for free. Also if you are looking for other apps like mobile patrol then you can get some more similar good options.

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What is JailBase – Arrests + Mugshots?

JailBase is a great app for sharing details of criminals with the general public. It presents information about an arrested person along with his previous information. Not just one person, you can get a list of some of the most recently arrested criminals as well. You can also search for people who are in jail through this app. Moreover, you will easily find out if any of your acquaintances have been arrested and jailed for the crime.

What is JailBase

Features of  JailBase – Arrests + Mugshots

JailBase comes with some attractive features that you should know:

  • It’s easy to find out about countless arrested criminals
  • Adding new records every day can give the latest news
  • By browsing, you can find people you know who have been arrested
  • You can also find information by race, gender and date
  • Provides quick information about newly arrested criminals

What is VINELink?

VINELink is one of the most widely used security apps similar to mobile patrol. Used on mobile devices, this app helps to get details in a short time with the information of the top criminals of the country. The VINELink app is considered to be extremely convenient for getting all the information of all criminals and victims. You just have to select the state where the information you want to access is. Moreover, at any time of the day you can access all the necessary information by accessing the Vine online portal.


Features of  VINELink:

The VINELink app has some features that make it attractive to you. The features are as follows:

  • The VINELink app can be used as a guest without creating an account
  • As an offender there are options to search for information that keeps your identity secret
  • Case search facility using only case number
  • Information about service, basic needs, healthcare, land counseling is easily available in the service provider directory
  • Its toll-free option allows you to call to search for any information
  • Used on iPhone or Android mobile device
  • There are also options to receive automated notifications
  • You can also get information immediately if someone is captured or released

What is JailFunds?

The special feature of JailFunds app is that it allows users to deposit a fund for their imprisoned loved ones in a very short time from anywhere in the world. This is an excellent mobile patrol app alternative through which you can not only deposit funds, you can also send gifts to your imprisoned loved ones. While it may not be called a complete security app, since it interferes with legitimate matters, it can be called a secure app from this point of view.

Features of  JailFunds:

The features ofJailFunds app are shown below:

  • A unique app for expressing love for the loved ones of prisoners
  • You can save money or give a gift to your loved one in less than 30 seconds from anywhere
  • Other incarcerated members can also be included here
  • This app is available for three countries and thirteen states

What is HomeWAV?

HomeWAV is a way for families of prisoners to easily meet in a home environment without the hassle of traveling. There is no need to set up an appointee or any special permission because the app is licensed for this purpose.


Features of  HomeWAV:

The HomeWAV app has some unique features that are going to be mentioned below:

  • Account creation is totally free
  • Registered users can choose the facility of their choice and add inmate
  • It is very easy to deposit, transfer and view funds
  • Debit / credit information can be updated or changed at any time
  • Useful for phone call, video call or message

What is Police Scanner FREE?   

When you come to know about mobile patrol similar apps, you should not miss the Police Scanner FREE app as it offers many nice features to its users. You can search for information from any country, state, or province as well as searching different counties in the United States. Moreover, as soon as the new updates come in the news feed, you will get access to them. Suppose your area has become catastrophic. The Police Scanner allows you to search and reach the police, fire, and rescue frequencies in just a few seconds.

Features of  Police Scanner FREE:

There are a number of good features in the Police Scanner app that make it easy to access legal services in seconds.

  • Users can access more than 5,000 radio feeds via WiFi or Cellular Data
  • Various international channels are available, including channel search by state and county in the United States
  • You can find channels near you using GPS.
  • There is a option to save your favorite channels
  • You get instant access as soon as the new feed is online

Final Thought

The MobilePatrol app is undoubtedly a convenient and useful mobile app that provides you with the necessary information and warns of the dangers. But, there are several apps like mobile patrol that may seem more attractive to you as they have some different features. Although each app serves a purpose, the main goal of each is to ensure security.

If you want to raise funds for your loved one and reach out to them, you need an authorized and secure means. The MobilePatrol app does not have any such feature, but you can find this feature in similar apps. So a mobile patrol app alternative is undoubtedly equally important to you.

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