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Last updated on November 19th, 2022 at 04:09 am

The Voloco software for computers will be discussed in today’s article. When Patrick Flanagan, co-founder of the resonator as well as CEO, sought to incorporate live vocals to the experimental music venture Jazari, he created the Voloco Desktop and Mobile software.

Patrick created this Homemade robot song quintet with drums processors, custom-built controllers, and vintage synths. Voloco, a simple vocal style program that combines automated tune, harmonization with vocoding, was born as a result. You may quickly sign and drape around any song from your record collection and from the voloco’s complimentary beat collection.

What is the voloco app?

Voloco is a vocal style software that connects instantaneously. Automated scaling, harmonization, even vocoding are all included. After choosing a song from any music collection or Voloco’s complimentary beat collection to scream or rapper across, it’s really the software that can identify the pitch of the music then tone the voice correctly.

voloco app for mac

Voloco captures any performances in audio and video format for simple sharing. It is indeed an effective instrument for taking selfies in music videos. All users of this app may also have music video selfies posted on Voloco’s social media channels. When a person labels them in a post, progresses, and they like, that is.

The software is simple to be using and has a lot of features. In a word, Voloco utilizes the preferred autotune impact to pitch, harmonize, or encode the vocal towards something extraordinary once you’ve opted to capture audio and video on the application plus started to sing, rhyme, and perform voices of any form. Voloco is so comprehensive that it borders on consumer and enterprise zone.

Why use the Voloco app?

Voloco is the vocal style application of choice for artists, DJs, actors, filmmakers, dubbing professionals, even social media influencers alike. It is unique amongst voice-processing programs in that it combines automated tune, symmetry, including coding.

voloco app for pc


Voloco is the ideal software for everyone who wishes to perform much like a professional and accomplish anything amazing with your voice. This is also a fantastic program for businesses to utilize to produce succinct and appealing advertisements. Unlike most difficult-to-use and great voice-processing services, Voloco is the polar opposite. It is extremely simple to be using. The app teaches more users to the audio processing capabilities of autotune, which is usually reserved for professionals.

What are the features of the voloco app?

voloco app for pc

  • Simple alternatives for linking to social networking outlets.
  • Enables incomplete vocals to be exported to another location for full editing.
  • Options both for audio and video capture are available.
  • There are eight vocal effects preset packages included in this bundle.
  • To rap and sing across, a number of sounds from the beat collection are available.
  • The basic collection of autotune features is included.
  • It has everything you’ll need to make your own music video selfie.

Pros and Cons of voloco app

✅It’s simple to share your work on social media.
✅Beats from the beat collection are pre-installed.
✅Application with a lot of features which is quite stable.
✅It’s ideal for making gorgeous meme moments.
✅Tune, symmetry, plus vocoding are all combined in this piece.
✅It is available in a free version.
❌There is also no option for individuals to collaborate with you on the application.
❌Users pay for further capabilities.

How can I download voloco on my PC?

Voloco may be downloaded on the PC with ease, and you’ll need an Android emulator to do it. The two most common Android emulators for enjoying Voloco on the PC are Bluestacks as well as Memu Player. These programs are much handier than some other Android Emulators for getting Voloco on your computer. We’ll walk you through each stage of downloading the Voloco to use these Android emulators. Now let us return to where this discussion began.

voloco for pc free download

Download & Install voloco for PC Through BlueStacks Emulator

Phase 1: Get an Android emulator for your Mac or PC

First of all and foremost, even when you wish to use the program on your computer, go to the Appstore, and the PC Google Play store, then look for the Bluestacks application. Many internet instructions advocate the Bluestacks program, and then I’m inclined to suggest it as well, although whether you have difficulties that use the Bluestacks app on your PC, you’re more likely to discover proactive solutions online. You may get the Bluestacks app for your PC or Mac.

Phase 2: Downloading and installing the emulator on the computer and Mac.

After you’ve downloaded the preferred emulator, look for the Bluestacks program in your desktop Downloads directory. When you’ve identified it, double-click it to launch the program or executable file on your Mac or PC. To confirm the licensing deal, select Continue. The Emulator program would be finally deployed if you followed the steps mentioned properly.

Phase 3: For Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PCs 

Launch the Emulator software you just acquired, then search for the search feature. When you’ve discovered it, look for Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio in the search field and hit Enter. Select the icon for Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio. Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio’s Play Store and App Store window will appear, and also the Store should appear in your emulator program. Next, click the Install button, as well as your program will begin downloading, just like it would on an iPhone or Android device. We’re all done now. You’ll notice an icon labelled “All Apps.” You should be able to view the icon. Start to use the app by clicking on it.

Phase 4: if you’re using a Mac,

The procedures for using Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio on a Mac are identical to those for Windows. Everything you have to do is download and run Bluestack on your Mac.

Download & Install voloco for PC Through Memu Emulator

Step 1: Upon obtaining MemuPlay, install it on your computer. Consumers can get Memu Play from the Memu Play official website.

Step 2: After the emulator has been downloaded and activated, go to Memuplay’s home screen and look for the Google Playstore Official app again. To gain access, try clicking it twice.

Step 3: Go back to the Google Play Store or the Mac App Store and look for the Voloco Application.

Step 4: Voloco will appear on the MEmu Play webpage after a successful passage.

How to autotune your voice on PC by using voloco?

When you are using your voice as an instrument with effect rather than expecting the impact to do all the job, autotune works the best. Voloco is a master of vehicle tuning. It would also be amazing to be able to adjust as well as add in pre-recorded voices. You can play with various effects and sometimes even rebound them down and overlay them. That kind of speech synthesis makes so much more sense after the fact. When you can mix them, you’ve got yourself a winner! Your music has been autotuned.

Voloco app alternates

Songify for PC

This autotune tool translates spoken sentences into music in the style of Autotune the Entertainment, has over nine million downloads on Apple devices.

Download Songify

Rap Fame

It is an application that enables people to create their own rap records plus show off their rap skills to their friends and relatives. Additionally, the software supports a wide variety of beats that you may have used to create your personal raps.

Download Rap Fame

Rap Maker

Recording Studio: Anyone may distribute their songs anywhere you like since Rap Maker is royalty-free software.

Tune Me

It is indeed the best hip-hop as well as an R&B recording studio.

Download Tune Me


It is an application that involves selecting a song from a collection, rapping out over, and posting it with your Rapchat pals.

Download Rapchat


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which iOS emulator is the best for voloco?

The Mac versions of Vocal Recording Studio are similar to the Windows versions. All you need to do forthwith is install and run Bluestack on your Mac.

Is there a free Voloco VST3 plugin?

Voloco has become free to download as a VST3 as well as an AU plugin. In this version, you can use six presets and alter the key, scaling, including pitch corrective intensity. The design is produced with comprehensive management over audio design specifications is in the works.

Is it possible to use Voloco without headphones?

Voloco would only emit mono audio through all the receivers or capture through to the smartphone bottom microphone if you do not have earphones connected in. Hold the phone upright like you’re talking on the phone to capture sounds in this manner.

Are Voloco’s beats protected by copyright?

You maintain ownership of the Sounds but grant RC and Voloco customers a royalty-free, quasi, transferrable right of use, reproduce, alter, modify, distribute, disseminate, derivative works depending on, or show the Beat exclusively via Voloco or RC-hosted sites.

Is it simple to utilize Autotune?

Even though it can produce a robotic and high pitched voice, this can control and enhance classic vocal accents. You could use autotune to change the sound of music very quickly.

Final Thought

In the audio processor, adding Voloco effects to sounds you’ve captured somewhere else is simple. Voloco elements including reverb and auto-tune could also be applied to the voices of pre-recorded clips. I’ve compiled a list of two of the most efficient methods for downloading the Voloco application to your PC. Every one of the emulators mentioned above is frequently used to execute software.  Voloco can be used as a recording device plus a converter. This vocal converter plus recorder program allows users to upload the video of a famous encounter and modify their speech to seem like the kid or perhaps an irate monster. Be inventive!

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