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Among many social apps available on the internet, Wechat holds the most loved position because of its exciting features and user interference. Wechat has gained lots of users within a brief period of time. Most of the Mac user out there has doubts about how to use wechat on Mac. In this article, we will talk about downloading and installing wechat for Mac.

After the popularity gained from android and iOS users, most of the users search for using WeChat on their MacBook or PC. For those who are working and chatting with other people simultaneously, rapid change of devices can be a hectic thing to do. This is where the use of wechat on Mac comes in handy. You can easily share and receive important files, check them, and talk about them if you use WeChat on your mac device.

About Wechat for Mac

Wechat was firstly launched in 2011 by the tech giant company Tencent. Wechat now has more than a billion users, and it is recognized as one of the world’s most popular messaging apps at the present time.

download wechat for mac

Wechat users can pay bills, buy products and services, send and receive money to their friends, pay in all kinds of stores. WeChat is becoming more and more valuable in our everyday lives, so most of the users now tend to use wechat on their MacBooks.

WeChat is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and can also be used online. You can download WeChat and use it on any of these platforms. There are many good reasons to have a WeChat app for Mac, so let’s have a look at some of them.

Technical Specifications Of Wechat

In this segment, we have presented all the information of Wechat that will aid you in getting the right app from the play store.

App’s Name Wechat
Updated October 18, 2021
Size 396M
Installs 100,000,000+
Current Version 8.0.15
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Category Communication
License Free/Paid
Offered By WeChat International Pte. Ltd.
Developer [email protected]

Some Special Features of WeChat App

wechat app for mac

File sharing

Through the use of wechat on Mac sharing photographs and documents with other people who are also using wechat is as simple as clicking a button on your desktop. It doesn’t matter if your friends use a desktop or phone because sharing files is that easy.

Screenshot tool

Whether it’s for business, school, or just for pleasure, explaining anything using a screenshot is simpler. Using the Screenshot tool, you can add visual call-outs to your images with different shapes and messages.

Mentions in Group Chat

When many things are going on, the group chat mention function makes it easier to get someone’s attention. When mentioning anyone in a group chat, that person will receive a unique notification, which will make sure that they do not ignore your message.

Recall of Messages

The message recall feature on Mac is added because errors occur not only on smartphones but also in Mac’s case. You have to keep in mind that messages that are sent can be unsend within two minutes from delivering that message.

Additional features

One of the features is forwarding messages to another person, and the other is viewing sights; both of these features can be done by using wechat on Mac.

Pros and Cons of using wechat app

The Good Side:

  1. Free to use:Wechat offers you to use all the features free of cost, only if you want to add extra emoji stickers, it may cost a few bucks. There is no limitation of how many messages, photos, voice calls, video calls you give or receive.
  2. The layout is simple and easy to navigate:You can communicate with your friends as unnecessary notifications or whistles or bells will not be there to make you confused.
  3. Excellent voice messaging service
  4. No download is required to listen to the voice SMS.
  5. People who are only on your friend list can see and comment on people’s “Moments.”
  6. Through shake, you can meet new people around you.
  7. Live chat gives an experience about real tine conversation with many people chatting together simultaneously.

The Bad Sides:

  1. Not enough unique features:Wechat has exciting features like “Moments” through which you can share pictures, update your current status, save your most favorite messages, and many more. But as the days go on, other social media app are introducing more exciting features, whereas wechat is not introducing more features for their users.
  2. There is no sign available to show if the user is active or not or deleted the app from their smartphone.
  3. Most users belong to china.

How to download and install WeChat from the Apple Store?

wechat download mac

WeChat can be downloaded from Mac App Store. Wechat is available on both Mac and windows. Here, you will find out all the processes and steps of downloading wechat app from the App Store.

Firstly, click on the Mac App Store from your browser and open it.

Secondly, Go on the search bar option and type Wechat to find the app.

Thirdly, From the top right corner, you will find the Get option on Wechat App. Tap to install it.

Finally, After the installation process is complete, click on the open button to open Wechat and enjoy wechat on your MacBook device.

How to download and install WeChat from the Google play store?

wechat for mac download

In order to use wechat and download it from the google store is not possible directly. You need an emulator to download wechat from Google Play Store. Google Play Store services are available only for android or smartphone users.

First of all, download an emulator such as “Nox Player” from the official site of Nox Player and download the Mac version, which is available to download.

Secondly, when the installation process is complete, open Nox Player, search for Google Play Store and open it. You need to sign in to Google Play Store first when you open it for the first time.

Thirdly search for wechat from the google play store search option. You will find a wechat thumbnail with an install option in it. Click to install the app situated on the right side of the screen.

You will find the app from the “My App Folder.”

How to download and install the app using memu?

After downloading & installing memu player, you can now download and use wechat on your pc.

First of all, search for wechat on Google Play Store.

Download and install wechat.

After the installation is complete, click on the wechat icon to start the app.

Now you can enjoy using wechat on PC using memu player.

How to download and install the app using bluestacks?

There are many advantages of using WeChat on PC and Mac. You can use WeChat on your pc with the help of the bluestacks emulator. To use wechat on bluestacks, you have to follow the given steps:

First of all, download and install Bluestacks on your PC.

Now you have to complete the Google Sign in to get access to Play Store.

You should look for Wechat from the search option.

Click and install wechat from the results you have got.

After the installation is complete, you can start using wechat by clicking the wechat icon shown on the screen.

Alternative apps to wechat

Some may prefer alternatives to wechat. Finding an app that functions like wechat is hard, but it is possible because there are so many apps available on the internet that can be considered an alternative to wechat.

KaKaoTalk app:

This is a multi-branched messaging app through which you send messages alongside pictures, videos, voice SMS with your live locations. The app offers free messaging and also allows you to use the KaKao channel. This app is an excellent alternative to wechat.

Download KakaoTalk App


Line is one of the most popular social networking app available on the internet. It contains the largest amount of stickers that you can use. You can call landlines and have international calls towards landlines and android phones at a cheap rate, which is incredible. The best feature which is considered while using Line is that you can add up to 200 people in a group call.

ICQ New Messenger App:

The ICQ messenger app comes with lots of features to make high-quality video calls and have unlimited friends on your group chats. Moreover, the conversation you will have on the ICQ messenger app is encrypted, and there is a secured server where you can give unlimited messages to everyone. It’s fun to use and can be a great alternative app to wechat.

Yalla – Free Voice Chat Rooms:

Yalla Free voice chat room is a great app developed by Yalla Technology. This app allows you to have free voice chat rooms, play games with your favorite players, sing karaoke with your loved ones and have lots of fun with your friends. Being one of the best voice chat app available on the Play Store, this app can be a great alternative app to wechat.

Microsoft Kaizala – Chat, Call & Work:

Microsoft Kaziala is an awesome app for corporate people. You can have productive communication and cooperation with your colleagues, employees, boss, and even customers. It’s an excellent app for business owners who need regular meetings and keep in touch with their employees. This app can be a great alternative to wechat for business or commercial purposes.

Litmatch—Make new friends:

Litmatch is a great place to meet new and fascinating individuals. For these exciting warming features, Litmatch is a wonderful alternative to wechat.

There is a welcoming atmosphere at Litmatch, where you may openly express your opinions and feelings.

Hakuna: Live Streams and Chat:

On Hakuna, you can meet new people, communicate with them, and even create new friends. With Hakuna’s Multi-Guest Live feature, you can join conversations with several people at once.

Zangi Messenger:

Zangi Messenger app creates secure best quality voice and video call. You can experience the best quality calls with your friends and fast messaging even if there are any network issues. Downloading Zangi Messenger as your daily go-to app could be a get alternative to wechat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You might have a few questions and inquiries about what you face while using wechat. We are here for you to answer them all.

How do I Tickle?

To tickle your friend, you have to click twice on the profile picture of your friend’s account. You have to press the tickle message for two minutes not to receive any updated version recall notification.

How do I post text updates to moments?

If you want to give a text message, then, first of all, you have to go to the Moments Screen, and you have to find the camera symbol that is situated on the top right corner, and then long-press it. By this, you will find a text box where you can give a text message. Your given text will be shown on Moments as soon as you submit it.

Is WeChat for Mac safe?

Many studies have shown that Wechat doesn’t deliver what it said to offer to its users. Many loopholes remain hidden. There is a lacking of end-to-end encryption, and it has numerous security issues. It might not be safe to use.

How do I log in to WeChat on my Mac without a phone?

Wechat is available on android and iOS devices. You can also run wechat on your computer or MacBook, but you need to have your smartphone close to you as it requires access from your android phone to log in to wechat on Mac and pc.

Is WeChat available on the desktop?

Wechat is available on both desktop and Mac. If you want to use wechat on your desktop, you need to log in with the help of your mobile phone by scanning a QR code.

Can I log in to WeChat on the computer?

Yes, you can log in to wechat from your computer. First of all, download the app from the official site. Then you might scan a QR code from your mobile device in order to get connected. It’s that simple.

What do I do if my friend request expires?

Once you have sent a friend request, the request will be valid for three days only, and only within these days, your other friend must accept it; if not, the friend request will expire.

Why is WeChat automatically logging me out of Web WeChat?

There might be some reasons for which you are getting automatically logged out of web wechat, and the grounds are:
If you close your browser window or log out of the website, it might log you out of web wechat.
If you don’t use wechat for an extended period of time
If you choose to log out of web wechat from within the wechat app, it might log you out.
If you log out wechat app from your device.

Final Thought

Wechat is one of the best messaging and social apps in the world. Most of the users look for using wechat on mobile, iOS, PC, and Macbook. The users find it more amazing to use wechat on a bigger screen.

As wechat comes with many features, installing it on your desired device might give you some trouble. To get relief from that trouble, we have shown you all the necessary steps you should follow to use it properly. Follow the article properly to get a better idea about how to use wechat on Mac. Stay tuned.

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