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360 Smart Camera is an android based mobile application that gives you access to your home or the desired place you want through your android devices from anywhere you are. All you need is a mobile device and a security camera, both have to be an android based device. An internet connection is also an essential thing here.

Even though its an android application but you can also use this wonderful application on your PC. If you want to know how to use this application on your PC then read this article from the beginning to the end. In this article, we will provide you all the information about 360 Smart Camera for PC.

What are the benefits of using 360 smart camera for PC :

Who doesn’t needs a security camera under their roof? Well everyone needs it. People who stay outside of their house for a long period usually feel compress about their house’s security. That’s why they use a security camera inside of their house which records every moment it sees with its lens and saves it on storage. When they come back to their home they check the video footage.

But is it enough?

Listen to my friend Robert’s story and you will find the answer. My friend Robert is a businessman. For having relief from business stress he used to go on vacation with his family. He is a security camera user. He has multiple security cameras inside his house. Like every time Robert and his family were on vacation. After they came back from their vacation they realized their house was stolen. Their furniture, TV, Fridge everything was disappeared. They were looking for their security camera and its storage and couldn’t found them.


360 Smart Camera For Windows
360 Wireless Smart Home Security Camera

So does normal security cameras are enough? The answer is no.

You need something smarter than an ordinary security camera. And guess what? 360 smart camera and its supported security cameras are the smartest of all. Features like motion detection, face recognition, smart alert system, full HD recording, 8x zoom, 0.2 seconds shutter speed will make you feel like you have a security guard in your home.

You can check what’s happening in your house anytime from anywhere with just a tap on your mobile device. You will get an instant notification if anyone comes inside your house and if he is a thief you can take an instant action to catch him.

Now you don’t have to be worried about your houses’ security, with this mind-blowing application you will be relaxed and your house will be safe.

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Features and APK of 360 Smart Camera for PC :

This application is so much popular for its outstanding features. They are the key features of this application :

360 Smart Camera For Mac
360 HD Smart Security Camera
  • You can share your camera with friends and family.
  • Technology like facial recognition and motion detection will give you high tech security.
  • The smart alert provides instant notification so you can take instant action if there is an intruder.
  • 8x zoom helps you to see things properly, no matter how small your screen or things are.
  • Capture videos in 720/1080P, so you can see everything clearly.
  • For different connections, it has HD and smooth viewing modes. with a small data plan, you can watch your footage’s.
  • Captures footage’s quickly with 0.2-second shutter speed.
  • Be connected with your camera view with just a single tap. See your loved ones from anywhere, anytime and be connected with them in every moment.

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How to download and install 360 Smart Camera for PC :

Like I said before you can also use this tremendous android application on your PC but unlike a window based application. You will need an android emulator to run this application on your PC because a window system can’t run an android application normally. Now we’ll describe the complete processing of how to download and install 360 Smart Camera for PC step by step.

  • At first download and install a well-recognized android application.
  • Now run the emulator by double-clicking the emulator icon showing on your desktop.
  • Make sure you have a verified Gmail account because now you have to sign in with a verified Gmail account. Otherwise, go and sign up for a Gmail account first.
  • After signing in open the google play store.
  • Type 360 Smart Camera on the search box.
  • Now you can see 360 Smart Camera appears on your screen. Click on the install button.
  • When the installation process is done you are ready to use 360 Smart Camera on your PC.

360 Smart Camera For PC

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Final Verdict:

Well, now you know everything about 360 Smart Camera for PC. Use this incredible application and stay connected with home and family anywhere, anytime with just a click. If you face any complications using this application please let us know. We will try our best to help you overcome your difficulties.

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