What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Facebook?

Last updated on June 16th, 2022 at 09:38 pm

Over 1 billion active users on Facebook make it the largest social networking site online. So, it is bigger than any nation compared to the population.

As it connects many of us so it has such gravity to impact greatly on our affair. It would be about business, sports, media, online activity, pastimes, and so many things.

We will come to know the advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook today. So in this way, we will get to know both sides the good and the bad. So let’s get started with the good side first.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Facebook

The Advantage of using Facebook:

The good side of Facebook is overwhelming. To be frank, it is hard to narrow down them all. Facebook is the only social media that coverage is under the whole world. So without any further ado, let’s share the major advantages of it below:

The Advantages of using Facebook

The Advantages of using Facebook

Make friends easily:

The first thing which you can do is to make more friends from your interest. Facebook is open to sending requests so you can easily make it so. However, it would falter when a number of friend requests will be not accepted. So Facebook will be banned to send requests. Aside from that, it works faster and better to reach out to more people.

Stay safe from immediate climate and outbreaks:

Facebook is getting more innovative to help mass community regardless of any nation, creed, or color. One of the great pros of using Facebook is to know immediately when any catastrophe comes to hit people. It would be many things starting from earthquake, flooding, cyclone, or any disease.

Seeking help over Group:

Facebook groups are pretty effective and spreading out more people when a group becomes helpful for a certain thing. If you are fall short to know some stuff or you need to know something from experts then just write it on the search bar, afterwards, you will get to know a special community is helping out. Keeping this in mind, Facebook is pretty advantageous indeed.

Find same-minded people:

If you are dealing with some sort of sports, crafts, or a special activity, Facebook will allow you to get your hands on such a group of people. AI is far more developed to do so. It could be coming from many things, but the best thing is from your cookies from searches regarding some special interest.

Aside from that, if you like on a page of interest, there you will make comments and feel in the same way to a lot of people, it makes things happen.

Find old-mates easily:

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, created this social media platform with a motive to reunite with his old buddy. Back in 2004, it was just a media to unify with your dear mates. Now, the purpose has extended. Besides, the previous sole purpose gets improvised day by day.

You can manually find out your lost friends by writing their names on the search bar located at the top. You can also search them by their email address.

The best thing is if he or she has a mutual friend with you, Facebook will show them on the ” people you may know ” section. Also sometimes, it notifies you with  “friend suggestion ” when the AI thinks you may know them.  After getting their id, all you need to press the “add friend” option & you’re all set to relinquish the golden memory again with your long lost pals.

Connect to new people with different customs or tongue

In order to introduce you to the different customs of different people around the globe, Facebook has launched the ” Meet New Friends” feature. Another great motive of this trait is growing your social circle. Remember! We used to write letters about culture to our pen friends back in the ’90s. It is like a modified & digital version of that activity.

I must say that Facebook has opened up so many new doors to embrace different cultures & languages. Now you can get an opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with your friends. No matter in which geographical boundaries they are residing in, everything is possible just within a few seconds as well as a few clicks.

Business Promotion:

The business promotion was not so easy before the advent of Facebook. Now, you have the option to create a separate business page to promote your company. The only catch is people need to like your page for seeing the offers.

But, it is not a big deal to worry about.

You can boost your page to reach out to your target audience. You can boost the entire page or a specific post. The best thing is you will be able to do it without breaking the bank. You can offer potential customers a “give away” deal to gain more traffic. Lastly, Facebook ads are also a good way to drive the interest & sales.


Facebook is by any means the best way to collect funds. All you need to provide authentic information in front of the viewers.  You should use eye-catching titles, hashtags along with vibrant images & videos to create an urge among the community. Primarily, you can share the post in your own profile. Then, tell your friends to share the post as much as they can.

However, people get skeptical about authenticity as everything they get to see only virtually.   You should update daily to your friends & acquaintances about how much you’ve been able to collect or how much is still left. Lastly, try to thank the donors mentioning their names. This technique will not only motivate the contributors but it may also encourage others to donate.

The Disadvantage of using Facebook:

Just like every coin has two sides, Facebook also comes with some downsides. Like other online platforms, it is too prone to malware, viruses & external attacks. I will brief you soon about those issues. So, don’t go anywhere. Stay tuned with us for a few more moments.

The Disadvantage of using Facebook

The Disadvantage of using Facebook in 2020


Although Facebook is a fruitful medium to take entertainment, spamming some time pouring water in everything & makes your life like “HELL”. Spamming takes place not in a single aspect rather it comes in multiple forms.

Once you add friends, you start to get invitations for playing games, puzzles & so on. That’s ok to some extent. Therefore, people click those links finding it interesting. But when someone sends invitations to all friends, it adds extra junk to the social web.

Another form of spamming is creating a fake id of the existing account. Thankfully Facebook authority is so conscious of the issue. You can simply share the profile link & tell your friend to report. The authority will handle the rest.

Data Privacy

People often forget to set their data privacy while spending so much time on updating status & pictures. Some of the external websites or games notify you to log in by Facebook during getting access. When you allow those third parties, they take into account your personal info. If the website has SSL certification, you can give them access otherwise be cautious about this.

Spend more time

Experts think that our future is at a stake now as the young generation get addicted to social media like Facebook, Twitter. When they need to value their time, involve them in productive activity, they spend extra hours in counting likes, shares & comments. When there is nothing to do, the youngsters idly spend their time scrolling down the newsfeed.


Every year thousands of people commit suicide across the world for this reason. When someone hacks your account, he/she gets access to your personal information. The motive of hackers differs.

Some try to make money in exchange for ID, some blackmail to ruin life. If you want to avoid this kind of issue try to set a strong password with a two-step configuration. Avoid sharing sensitive chats & photos on social media. However,  It is not a wise decision at all to publish your personal stuff in the public domain.

Parting words

Before I sign out from my article on the “advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook“, I want to give you an example.  You can use a knife both for chopping vegetables & killing a person. That means it is not about the stuff, it’s all about your intention. Similarly, if you use Facebook for your betterment, you will be able to reap the benefits from it. So, when you have a chance to improve yourself as well as others by using it, then why would you use this medium in bullying & stalking?

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