How to Fake Location on Life360 to Protect Privacy?

Last updated on November 19th, 2022 at 01:17 am

Life360 is an excellent app mainly used to connect a user with his family through sharing location, chatting, etc. But sometimes, sharing the exact location is very irritating and gives a question of privacy.

Although it’s not truly possible to prove the fake location shown through GPS, you can do it to protect privacy by using an extra app.

How to fake location on Life360 to protect privacy?

Sharing location with family and well-wishers is good enough because they can help quickly in any danger. But imperfect and complex-minded people take bad advantages. That’s why it needs to change your exact location by providing a fake place. The procedures to set up false areas on Life360 to protect privacy are given below:

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Setting Developer options
Go to your phone Setting option and click it.
Now scroll and open the About Phone option.
Then click seven times on the Software info.
After processing. You will be able to use the Developer options.

How to fake location on Life360 to protect privacy

Steps To Fake Location On Life360
Go to the Play Store of your device and install the Fake GPS Location App.
After installing, you go to Settings > System > Developer Options and find the Select mock location app, and press on it.
Select Fake GPS App as the mock location App.
Now click the App and select the location that you want and click Play Button.

After completing this step-by-step procedure, you can better perform fake locations on Life360 to protect privacy.

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Use Life360 On A Computer or Laptop?

No. You can use the only Life360 on Android phones and iPhones. That’s why if you want to use Life360 with your family, you must keep a Phone which supports Life360. Life360 is an app that includes some requirements such as GPS, Gravity sensor, Gyroscope, accelerometer, etc. But the Life360 App isn’t available for the laptop or computer version.

Can You Track Someone On Life360 Without Them Knowing?

No. You only track your familiar person who is connected with you and accept your connection permission. When you install your Life360 App on your device and send a request to another to add for location share, chatting, etc., anyone accepts it. After getting permission from others or sharing the location with you, you can quickly know him and learn about his site. But you can’t track someone on Life360 without knowing them.

Final Thoughts

As a user, you can use a fake location on Life360 for different causes. Sometimes, this faking location is significant for your safety and privacy.
Your phone takes GPS location from the satellite. So it is very challenging to make a false GPS location. But you can make it inaccurate by following the above steps.
When a question comes across behind your security, you can use a fake location on Life360.

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