How To Fake Location On Zenly?

Zenly is a magnificent app that provides location, and people can understand the location of their friends and family. A French start-up company thinks that location tracking apps will return a great value to create close friends and family. According to this continuity, the young generation accepts the Zenly app for different purposes, like someone wants to share their location or fake location on Zenly.

In the modern and digital world, people bring the world into their hands. So people want to keep them closer than in the previous era. They want to know about each other’s location and connect just by using Android and iOS devices. These devices also help their requirements just by applying some workable and amazing tools.

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How Does Zenly Work?

Zenly is a tool that can detect the location of the other through their co-operative. By implementing the app, friends can catch others’ locations, and family members can observe others with peace of mind. It not only shares location but also generates a messaging option. That’s why it is ranked just like other social networking apps Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

Here a descriptive description is given of how does Zenly work:

Step 1:

  • Download and install the Zenly app on your device.
  • Open the app, and after pressing the button Create an account and Accept, you go to the next page and write your name.
  • Click on the arrow option.

Step 2:

  • Pick and enroll your birth date.
  • Now select the country code and enroll your mobile number.
  • After entering information, you will get a message that includes a unique code that represents registration confirmation.

Step 3:

  • Press on the Choose some friends and permit your phonebook to the app.
  • Because this contact list will show your connection, and you can make friends from the list.
  • If they have accounts, you can attach them to your Zenly app; otherwise, you can send an invitation to join with you.
  • Now click on the arrow button to go to the next page.

Step 4:

  • In this step, the map will open, and you can observe the location if any friends are added to the Zenly app.
  • Now click on the lower right corner button that represents your profile, setting of the app, anonymous mode, or ghost icon, and add new friends options.

Step 5:

  • You can see a “+” icon at the bottom, representing the instantly accessible friends list.
  • Press on your friend’s name and detect the location of them on the map.
  • If you want to add more contact in this quick access, you can choose your best connection in the list.

Step 6:

  • If you press on the map of your friend’s location, you can see the different options such as sending SMS photos, tracking the direction to locate him, or giving a sticker.

Step 7:

  • Now again, go to the map and press the bottom left edge option, representing the chat records of your friends.
  • You can do it from the “+ Group” option if you want to build chat groups.

How To Track People On Zenly?

Nowadays, different occurrences make the family and friends tense. That’s why they find a way that supports them to track their beloved ones.

Zenly app is an excellent way that can use different technology and provides exact real-time location. Without any query, family and friends members can control or observe them just through this nice application.

  • After opening the Zenly app, you can see a GPS map.
  • You can see different options such as the chat option, adding friends, and the profile setting that helps track the person connected with you on the screen.
  • Here the “+” symbol displays the friend list or your connection, and from that, you can observe the friend’s movement.
  • Just view the map, you can follow the location, but you can use another option to track the person, such as the chat option.

How To Fake Location On Zenly ?

For different causes, it is also important to hide your location or fake this. Zenly app provides numerous options to manage your location. These options are described below:

fake location on Zenly


It isn’t any tricky way that fakes your location because it represents the real-time location which you pass or continue.


It keeps a small trick that doesn’t show the exact location but keeps a great distance from your real position. This distance may be 10m or 1.2 km. Moreover, it provides an irregular location.


This way depends on the Ghost mode because if you turn on the Ghost mode, you can enjoy the frozen mode. In this way, your friends can only see the final live location until the frozen mode is off. In this situation, your friends may think your phone or network connection is turned off.

For Turn On Or Off Ghost Mode

ghost mode zenly frozen location

  • Open your profile on the Zenly app.
  • Press on the ghost icon, which is displayed in your name, provided in the Zenly app.
  1. You select some friends or the “Select all” option and go on the selection procedure to continue this procedure. What you want, such as Precise, or Blurred, or Frozen.

How To Change Zenly KPH To MPH?

If you want to drive with your Zenly app, it will help you to see the length. The speed will show in KPH or MPH, which relies on your Setting. You can easily turn the KPH to MPH. To change this, you can follow the step:

  • Open the Setting of the Zenly app.
  • Go to the Length units option and choose what you want, where “Metric” represents kilometers and “Imperial” represents miles.
  • When you change KPH and MPH, it also modifies the temperature that may be Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Final thought

The Zenly app is very straightforward. So a user easily finds out which option returns a value, but a newcomer gets confused about the app and thinks it’s very complex. Although the Zenly app brings a good and successful positive view, it also has some tricky and destructive options, such as Frozen mode hiding the user’s location.

For a long time, users have used the app in their daily life with a good sense. That’s why for your secured life with your well-wisher, you download and install the Zenly app on your Smartphone.

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