How to Use the Life360 App On Mac And Windows PC?

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 09:34 am

Use The Life360 app appears in the modern world because it provides protection and connects with family and friends. Its high-level features are sharing location,
attaching each other, etc.
In the modern world, busy life needs smart privileges such as the Life360 app to live in or emergency moments.

How To Use The Life360 App Ghost Mode?

How To Use The Life360 App Ghost Mode?

The CEO of Life360 is Chris Hulls, who created an account in TikTok that used to communicate with his younger users. Often, these younger users create memes about the Life360 app’s tracking issue.

In the development procedure of the app, Chris Hulls suggested “Ghost Mode,” and this process occurred at the time of asking for data from TikTok. Also, the teenager can use their parents as “ghosts” by using this outstanding feature.

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How To Use The Life360 App Without a Phone Number?

How To Use The Life360 App Without a Phone Number?

When you start your sign up procedure in the Life360 app, you require an email address and a phone number. In this situation, if you want to use Life360 without a phone number, you don’t think it’s possible because you can run the Life360 app by applying outstanding methods.
The outstanding method is described in detail below:

  1. The first step is to make a Gmail account because it creates permission to access the Life360 app.
  2. The second step, make a Google Voice account by applying for the Gmail account.
  3. In this step, make a Life360 account that is based on the created Google Voice number. Then, you will get a message that shows the download link of the Life360 app. To do it, you require a mobile device for the beginning procedure. Also, Google Voice will get verification codes.
  4. In the final step, you complete your Life360 account setup by filling up the email and password.

How To Use The Life360 Without Draining Battery?

When you use the Life360, it drains the battery just like other location tracker apps. When we turn on location or GPS, It uses an extra battery. So, if you use Life360 more times or 24 hours a day, it drains the device’s performance.

How To Use The Life360 Without Draining Battery?
If you face a draining battery problem with your device, you can stop or turn off the location, and the app won’t show any location. Also, you can manually turn on or turn off location service in the device, or you can apply a power bank to charge your device.

How To Use The Life360 App Without Someone Knowing?

A Life360 app user wants to hide his location, but it’s not possible because it uses your location from the phone’s GPS or Google Map. Also, if you need to do it urgently, you can do it by applying different very easy methods. Some incredible methods are given below:

How To Use The Life360 App Without Someone Knowing

Fake your Location:

There are many fake location trackers available in the Google play store. So, using these fake location provider apps, you can control your location in the Life360 app. Just download it and set it up on your device, then you can get your freedom at least from the Life360 App.

Turn off yourData or wifi:

It’s also a very naughty way. If you turn off your data or wifi while using the Life360 app, it will stop sharing the location rather than showing only the last location before turning off the data or wifi.

Use Another Phone:

If you think that someone tracks your Life360 app, you can take a new phone and open the Life360 with the same account. After logging on to the account, you can take the phone in one place and use another phone without the Life360 app. Then the tracker can’t understand your strategy.

Also, if Life360 users fall in danger or are affected by hackers, hiding location is good, but for well-wishers, it’s so dangerous because if you fall in an accidental moment, these relations can help you a lot if they would know it. So be careful and think and decide what you want to do, whether you want to turn it on or not.

Frequently Asked Questions


How To Get Life360 On Computer?

If you want to get Life360 on your computer, you need an Android emulator to run it. After getting the emulator from the emulator’s approved site, you can download or install Life360 App.


How To Log Into Life360 On Computer?

After logging in on the computer, you can get access to run the Life360 app on your computer. At the first step, you sign in using an Email address and a secured password. Also, you can add the name in the Life360 app. Thus, you can completely log into Life360 on your computer.


Final Thoughts


Hopefully, as a location tracker or protection provider, Life360 performs a valuable role in the family and friends circle. So, as a user, you apply the app in your life and share your thoughts about it with your friends.
Although Life360 is very beneficial, you keep your report safe from bad people or hackers. Because if they notice this data, they get a chance to misuse and harm you.

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