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Growing the digitized life, people make them update and advance with modern equipment. The new generation refuses to keep them within the boundaries, and it becomes a hard task to track family members, especially the new generation. That’s why many applications such as Sprint Family Locator provide GPS tracking opportunities. Nowadays, Sprint promoters provide the best service, such as Sprint Family Locator For PC.

Sprint Family Locator application permits the users to track family people and make a secure family circle. Besides smartphones such as Android and iPhone, it works in the PC configuration. Once it activates in your device, it will turn on the security of your loving circle.

What Is A Sprint Family Locator?

sprint family locator app for PC

Sprint Family Locator is a tool that approves users to find another location through a device such as a smartphone or PC configured equipment. After installing and creating an account in the Sprint network, you can maintain the service in your targeted device.

Sprint Family Locator provides exact GPS real-time location. A user can manage a free or premium version of the Sprint Family Locator.

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Features Of Sprint Family Locator

sprint family locator for Mac

  1. Sprint Family Locator shows the real-time location of the connected device in one spot.
  2. Setting up and user ability is very friendly.
  3. When your device is lost or stolen, you can quickly recover it by using the application features.
  4. You can get detailed information about your connected people or device.
  5. Children can provide their exact location by easily sending SMS.
  6. Visiting a Website or by Sprint Family Locator mobile app, Parents can investigate their kid’s position.
  7. If parents fail to check the kid’s location in their busy moment, they can check their previous location history and find out what they want.
  8. Anyone who wants to follow another mobile device location from a website can do it without any effort because it has cross-platform support.

How To Download Sprint Family Locator For PC Using An Android Emulator?

Generally, as a user, you can download and install the Sprint Family Locator app on your smartphone without any emulator. But different types of emulators such as Bluestacks Emulator or Nox Player need to be set up on Windows or MacBook. So, if you want to download and install Sprint Family Locator For PC, you require an emulator based on the configuration of your PC.

download sprint family locator

  1. First of all, you download your preferable Emulator from the official website on your PC.
  2. After downloading from Bluestacks or Nox Player Emulator, you can install it.
  3. Now, you can open the installed Emulator and start the procedure with a login by Google account.
  4. In this step, go to Google Play Store and search the Sprint Family Locator app.
  5. After finding the desirable app, you can download and install it to use.

How To Use A Sprint Family Locator?

Sprint Family Locator performs a valuable function in the family where parents can care, or notice their child. So by applying this small task, parents get to relax a while when their child gets freedom. You can easily set up the pointed location with a fixed time on your handset in this app. Then, when its features understand that the person is vulnerable, it warns other connected people.

The app tracks other people’s locations when a user covers the Sprint interface and gets connected to the GPS Map. Normally, this app provides an accurate location and helps to find your loved one.

Pros And Cons Of Sprint Family Locator

sprint family locator app for android

✅The Sprint Family Locator app automatically controls the safety zone. Because when your child enters a set-up location such as a school or playground, an information or safety notification will be given to your devices.
✅This application is supported by advanced Android phones, iPhone also windows, or Mac configured devices.
✅It gives 15 days free trial for the first user.
✅It has built a configuration that controls secured and safe performances.
✅It gives alerting notification through a message and also carries the history of the previously collected location.
❌Some characteristics are common and lack many and more features.
❌If you are attached to a Sprint network, only you can get the service from the app; otherwise, not.
❌For premium service, you need to pay $5.99 for every month that can control only 4 devices at a time.
❌Sometimes GPS doesn’t show the exact location rather presents false information.
❌If the owner blocks the tracking information of the app, it stops showing the location.
❌Sometimes, the app fails to represent the updated information of location timely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Turn Off The Sprint Family Locator?

There are many solutions to turn off the Sprint Family Locator app. If you legally want to stop this app’s service, you can do it in different easy ways, such as turning off the GPS configuration or uninstalling the Sprint Family Locator.
To uninstall the updates of the app, you can follow the steps: Menu > Settings > Apps > swipe > All > Sprint Family Locator app > tap > Uninstall Updates > Force Stop.

Should You Use A Sprint Family Locator?

If you are tense or think about the children’s movement, you can use a Sprint Family Locator. Because it will give you a relax mode for some time if your kid doesn’t cheat with the app or they have no extra device for use. Although this app has some demerits, it is useful in the critical moments of a family person. So whether you can use it or not depends on your needs.

How Much Is A Sprint Family Locator?

A Sprint Family Locator app has a premium version, and you can take it by payment. To use this app, you must pay $5.99 every month and then enjoy its unlimited features.

Is The Sprint Family Locator Still Available?

Now, the Sprint Family Locator is unavailable, and the company replaced it with another app named Safe & Found.

Can Sprint Family Locator Be Blocked?

Yes. You can easily block the Sprint Family Locator, and you can do this by disabling the GPS. But you should disable this feature only in the disturbing moment; otherwise, it should enable the GPS.

Is Sprint Family Locator Free?

No. Sprint Family Locator is free for 15 days trial time, and then you should pay to use it.

How To Cancel Sprint Family Locator?

First of all, you need to log in to the account www.sprint.com/mysprint. And follow some easy procedures: My Device > Change My Services > Remove Sprint Family Locator.
Otherwise, you can go to the contact package of the app’s website and try to connect with them and try to solve your problem or talk to cancel the Sprint Family Locator.

Final Thought

For a secured and harmless moment, a family person chooses a tracker and uses it among the family members. Nowadays, Sprint Family Locator For PC is usable. Its popularity increases day by day because it provides a reliable and accurate location that helps find out other people quickly.

Every application like Sprint Family Locator never represents endless advantages and again doesn’t provide full of disadvantages. So, you can apply the Sprint Family Locator and enjoy its features and encourage another person to use it for careful significance.

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