Download Google Trips For PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac OS)

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 11:14 pm

Nowadays, mobile applications have become better and better at mimicking the natural world. Google is also doing the same thing with its Google Trips for PC software. Earlier, we demanded to hire a guide to plan our tours. However, now you can summarize your trips with this app, make a day plan, and things like that. Certainly, this wonder software offers some fantastic features for all you travelers.

Google Trips app comes in handy in all sorts of situations. Even some professional traveling guides use it and maintain their traveling plans. In short, this software will save your time, effort and help you explore unknown locations. If you are going anywhere for a trip, you should download and install google trips for windows or Mac software for your PC before that.

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Benefits of using Google Trips For PC

When you desire a quick and easy way to plan your trips, then Google Trips is the way to go. Installing this wonder software for your PC will even let you explore unfamiliar regions entirely free. If you are lost or just want to find a plan to enjoy, just install the Google Trips for PC. The Google Trips app benefits are,

Google trips for Windows

Google Trips app in PC – Download for Windows

  • It stores your traveling programs and gives you an overall idea of the situation.
  • This software provides you personal transport options.
  • Google Trips give you the best traveling plan.
  • You can save notes for each place you visit or will visit.
  • Download everything about your location for totally free.

Google Trips For PC APK & Features

Generally speaking, almost all of us want to spend our time traveling to unknown places. So, for all your travels, Google Trips is there to help. The features of Google Trips merely is remarkable. They are given below.

Finding a Place worldwide

Google Trips software is undoubtedly a great way to travel to unknown places without even taking any help. With this app, you can program your trips, get travel suggestions, and more. But the best part of this software is the pick and find feature. You will always find your place of choice, for example, the park, restaurant, movie theatres, etc.

Guide Planning

If you often hire a traveling guide before a journey, then you are in luck. With the Google Trips PC software, you can make life a litter simpler. Furthermore, you can also save quite a bit of money on professional traveling guides. So, make every tour plan very personal with Google Trips.

Offline saving

Won’t it be nice to have all your directions saved on your device? Well, the offline saving feature of Google Trips can surely help with that. Now save all your searched locations and enjoy finding them even without any network.

Making Reservations

A unique feature of this Google software is the online reservation one. Suppose you want a quick reservation for a plane, a train, or even a hotel; just search and reserve. So, this software has made it easier to make reservations for a place without even going there. Also you can use google trips your mac OS and MacBook.

How To Download And Install Google Trips For PC (Windows & Mac)

To install or Run the Google Trips on your desktop PC, you need to get some software first. The software is namely Bluestacks, Nox app player, or any other android emulator. Unfortunately, there is no native version of google trips app for PC (Windows and mac OS). So, the ways of installing it on your Windows or mac OS computer are,

Google Trips For Mac

Download Google Trips – Travel Planner on PC & Mac

  • First of all, run an android emulator such as the BlueStacks. I will suggest you get Bluestacks as it is better for all sorts of installations.
  • Now, after you have opened Bluestacks, search for the Playstore software.
  • If you can see a search bar inside the app, then search for google trips.
  • It is basically a one-click installation and you don’t need to install any access files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Google Trips for PC?

Using google trips software is relatively simple if you can receive a phone call. Yes, it is that simple. When you have this Google app on your device, just open it and search for the location. In general, you will get many tips for your search. The software will automatically guide you to make vital decisions like choosing a hotel, reserving, and so on. So, save each and every location you like or simply write it down to make your traveling plan.

What is replacing Google trips?

As you may have heard, Google Trips will be no more. However, there are a lot of alternatives for this Google Trips software. Some examples of this software are Tripit, TripCase, Kayak, Roadtrippers, etc. All the software will use Google services to give the best and accurate traveling results.

Is Google trips still available?

Unfortunately, the Trips from Google have all its apps closed. But you can still use them using google search and also Google maps. You will not get all the functions in them, but you will get most of them. Then again, you can use alternatives to this google trips app.

How do I access Google trips?

Using Google Trips is very simple. Just open your browser and hunt for google travel. You can also go to the website to use the online version of google trips.

How much does TripIt cost?

If you want to use the premium version of Triplt, then the price is about fifty dollars. However, you can still utilize the free version of Triplt. Then again, it is free to use and also quite useful.

Wrapping up with Google Trips on PC

If you grasp these hacks, you will certainly know everything you know about Google Trips for PC. In fact, I have even covered things like their unique features and how to use it on windows 7,8,10 operating system. If you have any problems with this article, then please let us know. We are always there to help you get the best suggestion on tips for PC.

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