Life 360 Alternatives For PC – 11 Best Family Locator Apps

Last updated on May 6th, 2022 at 05:49 am

Life 360 is a family locator app that enables you to see the exact locations of your family members. Besides, through the app, users can create a “Group” add family members on it and can chat with one another.

It is a real time location tracking app, that gives you alerts when your family member you are tracking leaves or rich a certain destination. Within the Life 360 app, it is also possible to view the real location in a private family map.

You may even be able to find your stolen mobile phone if it is installed and active on your device. That’s an incredible feature of the app. However, there are lots of apps available on the internet that can be used as Life 360 Alternatives for PC.

In this content, you’ll demonstrate some of the most prominent apps like life 360 that can be used to know the locations of your family members in real-time.

Best Life 360 Alternatives for PC

In this section, we have given a complete review of some of the best alternatives to Life360. These will help you to select the right one to track your family member from anywhere any time. So, without any further ado, let’s check them out.

Zoemob Family Locator

Zoemob Family Locator is contemplated as one of the best alternatives to Life 360 that provide accurate service with its GPS Technology. You will be able to track your kids using the app through an exclusive and private family map feature. It is a peace of mind when you are not close to your loved ones.

✅inspect the current location family members
✅Past History remain in Map
✅Provide Over Speed Alert
✅Confer Place alerts
✅Less obtrusive than other apps
✅State of Art Technology Used
❌Show Ads
❌Sometimes Stop Working
❌Stop Alerts rarely

Isharing GPS Location Tracker

Isharing is another GPS Location Tracker for Family which is developed by isharingsoft, inc in the category of Communication. This app lets you be in touch with your family members when you are not with them. It provides real time location information of a person you are tracking. With the app, you can even share the history of location with each other. Moreover, you’ll get automatic notification when your family member is nearby.

✅View the Real Time Location
✅Get real-time Alerts
✅Send automatic notification
✅Can track stolen phone
✅Turns your phone into walkie Talkie
✅Able to send panic alert
❌Sometimes Don’t Update Location
❌Ask so many permission

Findnow GPS Location Tracker

It is another best app to search and share location. With its hassle free user-friendly, users can follow their family members and children with ease. You can track the security of your family members when they are outside at home. The only thing that should be done is just send the following request through their contact number. When they will accept the request, you’ll be up to follow them continuously.

✅Track Location of all people in a circle
✅Search option to send request
✅Add family member on different group
✅Uses GPS features
✅Can block your followers
✅Create users list
✅3 days free trial
❌Limited access on Free Version
❌Contain ads

GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker

Would you like to invite and share your location with the family member? Use the Geozilla app. It is considered as a life saver when it needs to track family members’ locations to be ensured they are safe. Within the app, you can share your location with individual family members privately and can easily connect using a GPS tracker.

Life 360 alternatives Family GPS Locator by GeoZilla for PC

Life 360 alternatives Family GPS Locator by GeoZilla for PC

✅Share location in private circle
✅Get notification when family leave and arrives
✅You can share text and image
✅Works as private messenger
✅Supports Wear OS
✅Speeding alert
❌Accuracy is not much Good
❌Stop working sometimes

Zenly Location Tracker

Zenly is comparatively different from the other location apps. It is a kind of map that lets you know where your family members are stay. It has been used by millions of people who are concerned about their family members. Zinly provides the exact location history and, you’ll also be able to know when your friends run out of a battery.

Life360 Alternatives Zenly Location Tracker

✅Up to bump phones
✅Get notified if your friendly travel in different countries
✅Chat your friends with emojis
✅Get the place alert
✅Have your friend’s exact location address
✅Create a group chat with ease
❌Problem With updated Version
❌Some doesn’t show location [very rare]

Pathshare Location Tracker

Pathshare is one of the most beautiful apps that let you share your path in real time. It is designed with a user-friendly interface to keep your best location sharing experience. Using the application, you’ll be able to set up a session with your friend and share your location for a certain period of time.

✅Its real time and fast
✅Completely safe
✅Easy to use
✅Control your sharing history
✅Runs on web browsers
✅Swiss made software
✅Active duration control
✅Data transmitted over SSL protocol
❌Stop working on partner phone [Rare Case] ❌Problem while logging in [Sometimes]

Sprint Family Locator

It is one of the best apps similar to life360 that enables you to locate family members with ease. Just simply install the app, sign in and start locating the person you want to track. It is able to track any phone as well which is the incredible features of the app.

✅Locate any phone
✅No need to install anything
✅Find stolen phone
✅See location in real time
✅Offers 15 days free trial
✅Locate up to 4 phones simultaneously
❌Don’t work with T-Mobile sim card
❌Doesn’t provide accurate location [Very Rare]

Google Trips

Google Trips is a destination app that helps you discover the spots around you that are uniquely awesome. It does this by working with Google Maps. If you tap your destination on the Google Maps app, your trip will be listed in Google Trips. You can then browse hundreds of other awesome places that are nearby.

Google Trips for windows


Google Trips is a new service that lets you create, share, and view trips for your friends, family, and coworkers. Trips are great for sharing info about places you’ve been, things you’re interested in, or even things you’re plotting to do. Trips are also useful to show off your skills as a tester, sales rep, or organization leader.

Glympse Location Tracker

Glympse is one of the most simple ways to share real-time locations with the help of GPS tracking with friends, family, and co-workers. You can send a glimpse to inform your friends and family where you are and can request them to let you know where they are. The exceptional thing about the app is, you’ll be able to generate groups as well.

✅It doesn’t require sign in option
✅Live location sharing
✅Use in the background
✅Anywhere can be used with GPS and net connection
✅Coordinate social nights with Friends and family
✅No app is required to view locations

❌Gives an error message sometimes
❌Updates problems on some certain device

Famisafe Location Tracker

It is another best android app like life360 that are most trusted and reliable location tracker parental control apps. Famisafe is considered as one of the best controlling apps for parents because using the app you can block adult sites, website filtering and many more. It can also detect suspicious things like adult photos, videos, apps, and games. In short, it is one of the best apps that can keep your kids safe from inferior things.

✅View kids’ TikTok History
✅Track kids spending time on tiktok
✅Get your kids current locations
✅Track phone activities
✅Block restricted apps and sites
✅Filter different adult website
✅Suspicious photo and video detection

❌Little bit expensive
❌Sometimes send false alert

Geolocator GPS Location Tracker                     

Geolocator is a GPS tracker, child monitor, and chatting apps that make your life easier. With the help of the app, you can track your family members including old and young every day and every moment whenever they will stay outside of home. If you are always conscious about your children’s safety when they stay outside, then download the app and get free from the stress.

✅Provide accuracy in Tracking
✅No chaotic Movements on Map
✅Consume less battery
✅No need to register
✅Exchange message with your family members
✅You can call your child as well

❌Internet Connection needed
❌Stop working sometimes

Final Opinion

Life360 Alternatives Guide – It’s no secret that Life360 is the best deal for keeping track of your family’s whereabouts. But what if you’re not loyal to their service? Here’s what you need to know to get the same results with another GPS tracker.

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