What is the difference between the TikTok and TikTok Lite?

Last updated on November 19th, 2022 at 03:10 am

Tiktok lite vs TikTok find the difference are few. Though both TikTok lite and TikTok are the same apps of social media. But TikTok lite is a little bit different from TikTok. It may happen based on its storage size, battery system, and some other functions. TikTok Lite has more users than TikTok.

How TikTok lite is different from TikTok, we will describe it in our post. Is there anything else or only an app? We will show you here. Because most of the south-east Asian people use TikTok. So it needs to know the main difference between lite and the normal TikTok app.

What is the difference between TikTok and TikTok lite?

TikTok consists of more features than TikTok lite. TikTok comes with more features than TikTok lite introduces itself as a features cutter. Yet, It cut off many features and reduced the size of the app. Let’s find out the Tiktok lite vs TikTok find the difference given below.

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What is the difference between TikTok and TikTok lite?

1. Storage

The TikTok Lite app file is typically smaller in size than TikTok. And they use 2G and 3G slower network data. Typically the TikTok app file size is 18 MB.  With cache data and app data, the app takes over 300Mb. On the other hand, the Tiktok lite storage size is 125 MB. So if you want to need more storage, then TikTok lite is perfect for your phone.

2. Battery uses

TikTok and TikTok Lite both versions are musically typed and carry video playback. Consumption of the battery is nearly similar for both apps. If you roughly use TikTok or TikTok Lite, the battery consumption is 4% overall. The consumption of the Battery depends on your use.

3. Functions

The TikTok app allows you many functions. For instance, number, password, email change, delete the account, and switch to a pro account are offered by TikTok apps. And TikTok Lite has many apps for your phone.

4. Load time and Option

TikTok lite takes too much time when you go to make a video. The purpose is, the TikTok lite app does not store data and saves battery, and that’s why it takes time to load. Another difference is that the TikTok app bears a circular icon where TiTok LIte has a square.

5. Setting options

When you set up an account on the TikTok app, you need a TikTok code and scan it to set up your profile. You can make your account private in the TikTok app. Other settings are Block list, Digital Wellbeing, LivePhoto, Wallet, and so on host the TikTok settings. But in the TikTok LIte app, there are few settings options.

6. Other features and capability

TikTok app allows many features like sharing as GIF, Favorites, Duet, React, Save Video, and Live photo. And they have the capability to share videos or photos on other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. And TikTok lite reduces those features for your Android device. You just copy the Lite link and post it into another media but do not share.  TikTok Lite uses less RAM and the TikTok app has full RAM storage options.

Which is better, TikTok or TikTok lite?

Which is better, TikTok or TikTok lite?

TikTok is safe in some concerns like cybersecurity. Because the TikTok app has come with a strong security system, and privacy concerns. Yet, It hosts webling, blocklist settings where TikTok lite has only few options.

Tik Tok cuts down the video, and saves the video. You just copy and paste from TikTok Lite. And you can not make duet videos in the TikTok lite app. And you can not create and upload a new video in the TikTok Lite app.

The TikTok app needs more storage where Lite consumes the storage and battery. Now it depends on you how you want to use this app. If you watch funny videos, then you can choose TikTok lite. But if you want to make your own video then the TikTok app is the best choice for you.

Final Thought

Above we see the Tiktok lite vs TikTok find the difference. Both are similar apps with a little bit of difference. TikTok uses 70 MB, whereas TikTok lite takes 30 MB. So if you want to make a comment, follow and watch your favorite video TikTok lite is for you.

Otherwise, To create your own video in duet and share the social media you can go for the TikTok app. Most people use TikTok lite to watch a funny video. And there are some who want to create new content and earn money from the TikTok app. So choose your favorite app whats you want to do.

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