How Many Times Can You Use A Windows 10 Key?

If you want to know the answer of How many times can you use a Windows 10 key? you are in the right place. We will tell you the answer and discuss related topics to the Windows 10 keys. We use windows 10 to activate our windows. Anyone can install windows 10 so many times but cannot use it in windows 7 or windows 8.1 version.

Every Windows 10 key user gets a unique receipt that shows the activated copy of Windows. Each Windows 10 Provides 25-character product key which are unique. It also helps to verify that Windows is being used on more PCs following the Microsoft Software License Terms.

Use a Windows 10 key for so many times

Typically, Windows 10 key provides one device. So, you can use the Windows key once on a laptop or PC. When you are ready to reinstall your operating system, please enter the windows 10 key again.

Some software and hardware give the one-time restriction of Windows 10 which is compatibility. Windows 10 key is applied once in Boot Camp on Mac hardware and virtualization software like VirtualBox. After completing a fresh installation, you can use windows 10 key again. Don’t worry, because the windows 10 key can performance well. The older versions were activated without need any digital entitlement.

You cannot transfer Windows 10 OEM key to another machine. Because it is bound with a laptop or PC. You have to purchase a new key if you replace your computer.

So, you are required to buy a new Windows 10 key under three circumstances. They are Boot Camp, VirtualBox, and reinstallation.

Once it has been acquitted on your primary computer, you cannot use the same digital entitlement. If you install Windows 10 on a different device, your original Windows 10 key is deactivated after installation successfully.

After successful activation, you must contact with Microsoft support team within 90 days.

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What happens if I need to reinstall my operating system or upgrade hardware?

When you reinstall your operating system, it does not create problems on your hard drives, multicore cups, SSD etc. And your pc provides better performance than previous versions. By reinstalling you will get the answer where is a problem of your pc. After reinstalling you will see that your pc speed is increased. By upgrading hardware, you will get a clean slate and can trace other malware problems on your pc.

Why are the Windows 10 keys limited to one installation?

Usually, Windows 10 keys come with a PC or laptop. So, If you change your PC or laptop, you cannot transfer it from the old to the new laptop. Because you can activate Windows 10 license a single time for one laptop through Digital Entitlement.

Do you run windows 10 key well, then purchases a license from their website?

Users will get the most secure version by Microsoft and its operating system. If you face any problem after installing Windows 10, they recommend you reinstate to fix the problem.

There are some reasons for the limited installation.

Why are the Windows 10 keys limited to one installation

  1. If you try to transfer keys between machines at your discretion, official licensing through digital entitlement may fail. If product activation is also involved, the problem becomes more complex. That’s why Microsoft wants you to buy a license every time you buy a new machine.
  2. Microsoft wants customers to use its products efficiently. Licensing or transferring Windows 10 keys is a complex issue. Customers become confused about key transfer and don’t know how to solve the problem. So, Microsoft gets more calls to support lines. Also, managing product activations becomes difficult if keys are transferable.
  3. Piracy fact. Microsoft doesn’t want piracy. People will find their products rampant without their permission. They don’t want that. They believe that the situation can be solved with the limitation key to one installation.

How much do Windows 10 keys cost?

How much do Windows 10 keys cost?

You can buy both Windows 10 keys from the Microsoft website and third parties. But you get a different price. If you want to buy from Microsoft’s website, go to their website and buy your Windows 10 keys.

On Microsoft’s website, the price of Windows 10 home is $139, and Windows 10 Pro edition costs $199.99. This price is for general users. If you are a student, you get a discount price.

You also can purchase from a third party at a low price. Most of the top third parties are trustworthy and deliver keys rapidly for activation. But all the third parties do not offer the same price.

You have to be careful not to beware of dodgy sites or links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Windows 7 or 8 key to install Windows 10?

No, to install Windows 10, you cannot use window7 or Windows 8. Go and purchase a new product key to install your Windows 10. Windows keys are made for one-time use.

Does the Windows key expire after some time?

No. The Windows key never expires. You have to buy the Windows key for one device. Then You can use it for a long time once installed.

Is it possible to transfer my Windows 10 license to another PC?

Yes, Windows 10 license can transfer to another pc in easy way and it is possible. But you must have retail permission on your PC. Otherwise, you can do another task. When you want to activate new licenses of windows 10, please deactivate your old licenses. The process is so easy.
go to the Setting option
then the Update & Security option
Now go to the Activation option
Finally, select Deactivatio

Can I give someone my Windows 10 product key?

No, you cannot give your Windows 10 key to others, if it came pre-installed. The Windows 10 key provides one-time installation. Even if you want to give to others, you cannot do it because for OEM licenses. But if you want to transfer it whom you want to give windows 10 key, he or she has to upgrade retail licenses.

Is Windows 10 a product key for a lifetime?

If you purchase the windows 10 USB product key, It will not have a lifespan time. Because the product key is genuine, or It has expired since it uses for over a year. You can make a chat with the Microsoft company team or try installing the latest version 1703 if you use the old version.

Final Thought

Windows 10 keys are built with 25 unique characters. It is used to activate Windows and help to verify the Windows used for one PC. We already mentioned How many times can you use a Windows 10 key.

Microsoft offers you to use Windows 10 keys once. You can’t move or transfer it from one device to another. If you need to change your PC, you have to buy new Windows 10 keys for the new PC. Microsoft does it for several reasons that we discussed in this article. You can purchase Windows 10 keys from Microsoft’s website or other third-party sites.

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