Best Top 11 Hidden Features in Windows 10 (Latest Update)

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 01:57 pm

People in their common desire tend to use everything to their highest potential. The Windows operating system used by many is also no exception. Here are the Top 11 Hidden Features in Windows 10 for them who frequently customize their PC and make it cooler.

Windows 10 is the most used operating system that has tons of cool features waiting to be explored. Windows 10 a complex piece of software and the best part is you can also customize it in many ways. Some of you might not like to play around with the hidden features, being scared of breaking the Operating system. This article will give you the most secure and safe way to fully utilize all the hidden features of Windows 10.

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Latest and Top 11 Hidden Features in Windows 10(Unlock the powerful and highly useful features):

Microsoft frequently updates it’s Windows 10 OS and tweaks it to add various features. The features below are generally kept hidden but now you can use them to make your PC faster and more efficient. So, let us begin,

Top 11 Hidden Features in Windows 10

Top 11 Hidden Features in Windows 10

1.Mixed Reality Viewer

If you want a way to play with the 3D Viewer software of Windows 10 or if you own the Mixed Reality partner Headset, then this feature is just for you. You can see any 3D images or make 3D photos as you desire.

2.Rotate Your Screen

You can rotate your PC’s screen simply by pressing Ctrl, Alt, D, and any arrow button from the keys at the same time. The arrow button will determine the angle of the screen rotation.  You are allowed to rotate the screen upside down, or 90 degrees from the initial position.

3.Nearby Sharing

 Windows 10 allows you to share your multimedia contents directly from one device to another nearby device. Simply choose a document and right-click to make the nearby sharing option visible.

4.Dark Mode and Light Mode

Dark mode always gives the PC that cool vibe you always wanted. Simply go to the settings//Personalize//Color. Then click on “Color and there you will find your desired dark mode option.

5. Drag to Pin Windows

Drag to Pin Windows is a cool feature that helps you to place pieces of software anywhere you want on the screen. Windows always had this feature but many beginners don’t really know how to use it properly.

6.Quickly Jump Between Virtual Desktops

The feature is most useful when you are trying to multitask. You don’t even have to minimize software to do it. Just click on the “task view” option near the search option located below the desktop to quick jump between virtual desktops.

7. Make Your Command Prompt Window Transparent

Surprised to see this feature for the command prompt software? Trust me I was also surprised to see it on the windows 10 OS. Just click on the properties of Command Prompt and you will see a color section. Increase or decrease the opacity to set the transparency of the Command Prompt.

8.Right-Click on Tiles

Right-Click on Tiles will enable you to personalize them quickly and easily. You can easily pin or un-pin tiles to the start menu. You can also resize windows, and disable (turn off) live tiles.

9.Secret Start Menu

Secret Start Menu lets the users have an old school Non-Tiled experience. Just right-click on the Windows icon located below the desktop and enjoy it.

10.Stop Typing, Start Dictating

Windows 10 uses one of the most advanced voice recognition software to help your voice convert to texts within seconds. Just use the Windows Key-H hotkey combination to help you convert your voice into a text format.

11.Right-Click on the Taskbar

Right-Clicking on the taskbar will give the Windows 19 users quick access for the toolbars, Cortana, windows schemes, and many more. Your multitasking skills will surely improve with this feature of windows 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you making the most of Windows 10’s hidden features?

Windows 10 has a lot of features and its use depends fully on the user. But most of us tend to make the best use of the money we have spent buying Windows 10. You can add Clocks, take a screen capture, rotate the screen, and many with Windows 10. So, keep exploring and find the uses of the hidden features of Windows 10 and make the most of it.

What are the best features of Windows 10?

The best feature of Windows 10 is that it gets frequent updates and bug fixes. Various cool features are added for the user benefit and also to improve user experience.  Xbox App, Universal App, Continuum, Office apps get touch support, Multitasking, etc are some of the cool features of Windows 10.

How do I find hidden apps on Windows 10?

Finding hidden apps on Windows 10 is very easy. Simply type shell: AppsFolder (Don’t give any space) on the “Run” icon and press enter. You will find all the software you have installed on your PC.

Ending note:

Windows 10 is currently the most used and popular operating system for PCs. In this article, only the Top 11 Hidden Features in Windows 10 are mentioned. But frankly speaking, there are a lot of other hidden and cool features stored for you.

If you liked this article then please stay with us for our next article. We are always there for our viewers and supports. Bye and Have a nice day.

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