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Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 04:24 pm

Who doesn’t want to monitor their home or office from everywhere to ensure security? For that reason, the use of CCTV cameras has been increasing day after day. To monitor the surveillance camera at your home or office, you just need an app that can record the real-time videos of your security cameras.

You will get plenty of mobile phone client software for IP cameras but a few apps confer the best services. Superlive Plus app is one of them that holds lots of features. Unfortunately, this application is created for Android OS which means, you can use Superlive Plus for Mac directly without emulators’ help. Here we’ll show you how you can get the app on your app.

Why Superlive Plus Different From Others App

Superlive Plus comes with a number of amazing features that will surely tempt you to download the app. Look at the remarkable distinctive features of the app below that we have enlisted.

  • It confers system messages service
  • You’ll be up to add a device with IPV6
  • It supports Plate alarm
  • Provides notification when something bad happens
  • You can store the recorded video for watching next time
  • Take a snapshot of certain footage for emergency purposes
  • You’ll be able to include device page optimization
  • It supports decoding of hardware with H265

Play Store Configuration of Superlive Plus For Mac

The app’s configuration has been included in the table below. We hope this will help you to sort out the original app from the play store to download.

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Get The Superlive Plus App for Mac

Downloading the Superlive Plus app on Mac is a bit complicated as it is not available for Mac OS. So, what will you do now? Will you keep yourself away from downloading it? Obviously not. There is a way of downloading the app that is an emulator. 

SuperLive Plus for mac download

SuperLive Plus for mac and windows free download

Emulators are third-party software that builds a bridge between your Android and Mac. Thus, Mac or PC users can experience all the applications that have been developed only for Android smartphone users. Whatever, in this context, we are going to illuminate the download procedure of Superlive Plus for Macbook.

How To Download Superlive Plus for Mac With Bluestacks Emulator

Bluestacks is one of the most familiar emulators that can be used to download any application on your Mac or PC. If you don’t know how to get Superlive Plus for Macbook Pro, or only Macbook, follow the instructions below.

download SuperLive Plus mac apk file

download SuperLive Plus mac

  • Install Bluestacks after downloading the app from its official site.
  • Once the app is installed, open it and select the Play Store.
  • Sign in with a Google account that you have to get access to.
  • Search the app name on the play store and wait for the search results.
  • After getting search results, press on the app icon and then Install.

SuperLive Plus mac macbook

Following the procedures as we mentioned you can have the Superlive Plus for Windows as well.

How To Download Superlive Plus for PC With Nox Player Emulator

Nox Player is another Android emulator that you can use without confronting any complications. Track down the steps below as we write down to perceive how to download Superlive Plus for your Mac.

  1. Download Nox Player from the official site
  2. Install it and then run the emulator app
  3. Sign in to the Google Play Store
  4. Search “Superlive” on the Play Store search bar
  5. Press on the “Install” option after getting the search result

SuperLive Plus mac For Windows

You can Download Superlive Plus for PC by executing the same procedures with Windows.

Frequently Asked Question

Here we have presented some of the questions that we are oftentimes asked by many users. We hope these answers to the questions will help you out to solve the problems you face.

Is Superlive Plus Free or Paid?

You can enjoy both the free and paid version of the app. If you use the free version, you won’t get some advanced features that they offer on the paid version.

How Can I Download Superlive Plus for Windows 10?

Simply, download an emulator, sign in to the emulator’s Google Play Store, and then download the by search on the Play Store search bar.

Can I Store Real-Time Video From Superlive Plus?

Yes, you can. Using the application you can store the real-time record videos on your device’s storage to watch later.


Undoubtedly, Superlive Plus is one of the best most tried, and tested applications for monitoring IP cameras of your home and office. This application gives you the opportunity to keep on your assets from anywhere. Besides, you can save the recorded file and take screenshots of some important footage of your CCTV.

However, in this write up we have illustrated how you can download Superlive Plus for Mac. Two different ways have been demonstrated with two emulators. You can execute any of the methods to have to Superlive Plus on your Mac operating system. Even then if you confront some difficulties while installing the app, drop your comments below.

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