Kakaotalk vs WeChat Things You Should Know Before Use

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 10:20 am

Kakaotalk vs. WeChat is a comparison from the very beginning. Kakaotalk is known as the most used social media app in South Korea. Already it started to gain popularity across the globe in the last few years. Similarly, WeChat is the most prominent social media platform in China. This is not just an app but an ecosystem with many services and features.

Here we will give you detailed information about those apps from where you will know more. In the last article, we will also recommend the best one depending on the given information. So without further ado, let’s jump into the depth discussion.

What is Kakaotalk?

Kakaotalk was launched in 2010. It has more than 150 million-plus users all over the world. This is a messaging app for smartphone, desktop, and wearable devices. This free communication application offers thousands of benefits to its users. It provides clear voice calls and high-quality video chat, besides free messaging and many things. You can also share location, gameplay, and scheduling through this app.

What is Kakaotalk?


This is a perfect platform for sharing lifestyles, interests, and hobbies. The easiest way to connect people worldwide is Kakaotalk. You can use it for free messaging by sharing photos and videos with your friends and family if you have internet access.

Kakaotalk is available in 15 different languages. More than 95% of smartphone users in Korea use this app for chat and video calls. You can make friends through Kakaotalk even without their phone numbers. It allows its users to export and save group chats. This is the first messaging app that offers thousands of games and coupons. You can also purchase daily goods with this app so quickly.

This application is equally famous in Japan. When Japan suddenly faced a massive earthquake in 2011, Kakaotalk messaging traffic has increased in Japan because millions of people wanted to ensure the safety of friends and family. Kakaotalk has played an essential role as a data network-based communication method;  It has successfully replaced disabled wired and wireless networks and helped connect disaster victims.

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Features of Kakaotalk

Features of Kakaotalk

Kakaotalk continuously adds newer and newer features every day. Let’s know some of the features of this app:

  • It assures simple, fun, and enjoyable messaging in any network.
  • It has an open chat feature that helps create friends worldwide.
  • The most eye-catchy feature is its excellent voice changing filters
  • Offers to multitask while you are on audio or video chat
  • Easily customizable profile picture and themes, even with this application, you can create your unique profile with stickers and music
  • You can check out your special events or anniversaries at a glance, and it will remind you about your special events in time.
  • It has real-time live chat and streaming
  • You can receive discourse or offers of your favorite brand in Kakaotalk
  • Kakaotalk has a bus and subway checker so you can get the correct information at the right time easily
  • Kakao hair shop Kakao tv are other mind-blowing features people love most.

What is WeChat?

 WeChat is known as a Chinese multipurpose application, for example, messaging, social media, phone payment, etc. This app was first released in 2011, and it gained much popularity in 2018. The founder of the WeChat app is Ma Huateng, a student at the University of Shenzhen.

Kakaotalk vs WeChat Things You Should Know Before Use

It has up to 100 million active users in the whole world. WeChat has almost billions of active users, and it was reported in January 2022. People of China know this app as an “app for everything” and “super app” because of having so many functions and features. It offers voice messaging, text messaging, broadcast, video games, video conference, sharing photos, videos and location.

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The most attractive advantages of WeChat are its advertising integration, communication enrichment, reach beyond social, and wallet replacement. Besides, it gives the opportunity of free downloading and texting no matter where you live in. Though this is a Chinese application, people of any nation can grab the benefits of this masterpiece.

All users have their debit card to pay bills from another user. If you are worried about its safety, I would say WeChat is cautious and sincere about your privacy and security even most of its users think only WeChat can ensure their higher safety.

Features of WeChat

WeChat app is being popular day by day for its aesthetic features. Here are the features of the WeChat app:

Kakaotalk vs WeChat Things You Should Know

  • You can post photos, music, and videos; also, you can do like and comment on your friend’s post.
  • It has a WeChat search engine by which you can explore moments in your contacts and discover other WeChat accounts.
  • You can book movie tickets and a hotel room and pay for that through the app.
  • It has a feature named flash sales which allow the users to get the best offer in online shopping
  • You can find a home for rent or buy.
  • It helps to access public services like traffic status, weather forecast paying public utility fees, and more.
  • WeChat allows its users to connect with WeBank and get a loan up to RMB 300,000 without any collateral.
  • It has an E-wallet by which you can connect your phone with your bank account.

Kakaotalk vs. WeChat- Difference Between Kakaotalk & WeChat

 Here we will discuss what’s the difference between Kakaotalk and WeChat. Lets know what they are:

Walkie- talkie

Nowadays walkie talkie is a well-known and popular thing for the young generation. This is an audio chatting feature where many people can talk. Most of the WeChat app users are allowed to use this feature.

Group video chat

Group video chat means you can make a video chat with several users. WeChat offers group video chat where you can add more than 100 people. So, it becomes easy to arrange virtual family gathering business meetings.

Showing someone is typing

This feature shows who is typing a reply to your message, which helps avoid confusion. And this fantastic feature is very available in the WeChat app.

Massage seen notification

With this feature, you can quickly know the person you have sent the message has opened it or not. This means you can quickly know whether or not it has been read yet. This feature is available in the Kakaotalk app, and users are satisfied.

Connecting users

That means you can add any of your fellow users. This feature is available in WeChat. Through this app, it becomes straightforward to make friends worldwide.

Two-way opt-in

Two-way opt-in means before taxing someone, you have to add the contact first. Let me clarify, sometimes unknown people send messages and fall into awkward situations; these features help us avoid an unknown person. But you will find this feature only in WeChat, not in Kakaotalk.

Which is Better: Kakaotalk or WeChat?

After the long discussion above, it is clear which is the best one. Both applications are very acceptable among people. But if you want to hear from us, we would prefer WeChat, and We have enough reason to prove our final decision.

WeChat has some features that make it one of the best. First of all, you will get the Facebook sign-in option here. It also has two-way opt-in search engine features that are aesthetic and unique. While texting with your friends, it will show the typing status. WeChat allows group video calls and chats with more than 500 members. WeChat supports 5 to 10 languages so that people can use it. You can connect the bank with this app, shop, and pay the bill by e-wallet. So, we can say WeChat is more effective than the Kakaotalk app.

Final Thought

Kakaotalk vs WeChat is a common confusion among world people. WeChat is famous for its unique features like e-wallet, app banking, booking tickets, and many. On the other hand, Kakaotalk has some features that you won’t find in WeChat. For example, messages are seen in the notification, syncs in the cloud, and so many.

Those application are equally famous, and their primary purpose of those apps is not different. Both apps are instant messaging apps. The main difference between those apps on their features. Here we discuss both applications and share enough details from where you can choose the best one on your own.

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