Top 10 Grossing Android Games for PC In 2024

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Lockdown situations make our normal daily life abnormal. For this, we need to pass an idle moment inside the four walls. Sometimes this makes us dull, here, you can use your smartphone to overcome this dullness. One of the ways to get pleasure from it is by playing games. Today, we are here to present you Top 10 Grossing Android Games for PC In 2023 for passing a nice moment.

So, if you wish to get pleasure from any of the top 10 games then give your full attention in this article. Here you can take green tea with your partner and this tea has medicinal value too.

Top Grossing Android Games In 2023

Which generation do you belong to like generation y, generation z or generation alpha, April is considered as an unforgotten and stressful month for us. We are forced to pass our time inside the home so, many people dive into the gaming world for solace.

Here we let you know about the top 10 android free games that gain popularity in this pandemic.

Coin master

Most of Facebook user plays this top-grossing fighting android game. The reason behind the grossing will—

Coin master for android
Coin Master game for android in 2023
  • It allows the gamer to take part in raids, spins, and attacks to build a Viking village.
  • Here, only the wheel spinning is not the medium to get loot rather you can also steal the loot after winning the wars.
  • Another blissful feature is it allows us to travel in magical lands and you need to win in the battle to become the next coin master or Viking them all.

When you choose this game then try to play on Facebook to get ultimate pleasure. Lastly, wherever you stay like inside the home it could be great fun.

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If you are a garden lover and want to do it in virtually then Gardenscapes will perfect for you. The reason behind the grossing will—

gardenscapes new game 2020
gardenscapes new game for android 2023
  • Here, you need to regain the garden’s former glory by raking through the garden as well as face some unexpected twists.
  • You are allowed to beautify certain areas in the garden and able to interact with some of the in-game characters like a funny dog.
  • Within the garden, you can explore the secret that definitely enhances the fun level.

This game allows the player to play offline and can contact the player’s Facebook friends.

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Candy crush saga

After come to the game market, Candy crush saga gets huge popularity among the users. The reason behind the popularity will—

Candy crush saga
Candy Crush Saga a legendary puzzle game
  • As a three-match puzzle game, it provides the gamer amazing winning feel every time whenever they play the three candies match.
  • You have to solve many puzzles by your fast thinking and smart moves in this game.
  • You will find a lot of interesting challenges that give you win rewards like collecting the ingredients, reaching a target score, and clearing the jelly.
  • Moreover, this game permits you to play alone or with friends and can watch who gets the highest score in the game.

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Brawl Star

As you are a former clash of clans or clash Royale player and love these amazing game, then I think this also attract you. The reason behind the attractiveness will—

Brawl Star
Brawl Star
  • Here you need to construct a pact and devise a strategy to overcome the opposing’s power.
  • You are allowed to upgrade some amazing brawlers and purchasing skins makes you distinct in this arena.

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Parchisi STAR Online

This top-grossing game is one kind of spinning game and it is known with different names in different countries like in subcontinent as Ludo, in Spain as Parchis. The reason behind the grossing will—

Parchisi STAR Online
Parchisi STAR Online
  • It is a multiplayer game and let 4 people play at the same time.
  • The player can able to show their expression by chatting or sending emoji from its huge collections.
  • Moreover, it allows you to play 2-4 players mode or in another sense in grouping mode.

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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

If you are a teenage guy and love fighting then you can choose this top-grossing game.  The reason behind the grossing will—

Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars
  • Here, you need to build your own kingdom virtually, devise a strategy to protect your kingdom.
  • This game allows you to hire real heroes from many sources like steampunk robots, dwarves, mermaids, and dark elves.
  • These recruited heroes have chosen to act as war generals and help you to regain past glory.
  • Moreover, you can able to update your kingdom’s buildings, level up your war generals, and train troops to make a great and prosperous kingdom.

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Rise of Kingdoms: Lost of Crusades

For the teenager and fighting lover gamer, this will be another choice able game in the popular strategy game arena. As you confined into your home, this game lets you run a big kingdom virtually and give you the feeling of ancient king.  The reason behind the grossing will—

Rise of Kingdoms Lost of Crusades
Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
  • Here, you can rise your own kingdom virtually, devise a strategy to take part in the battle.
  • This game allows you to assist your people or initiate the war to conquer the whole world.

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Garena Free Fire: Wonderland

It is gaining popularity among the shooter loving gamer. Here, you have to make sure you are the last person among the other participants, therefore, win in the game. The reason behind the grossing will—

Garena Free Fire Wonderland
Garena Free Fire: Wonderland
  • You can ambush your opponents, hiding in trenches, and looting off your rivals to make sure the last survivor in this game.
  • Apart from those, you can find a safe place to do sniping and kill rivals.
  • You can also play this top fighting game as up to four members team and lead the team to victory.

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LOCO BiNGO! Jackpots crazy for play

As the casino is known as a dangerous game for losing property but virtually you don’t fear losing your property that’s why it gains popularity. You don’t need to travel las vagus or Macau to play casino rather this android game allows you to play with friends virtually.  The reason behind the grossing will—

LOCO BiNGO! Jackpots crazy for play
LOCO BiNGO! Jackpots crazy for play
  • This game teaches you how to play the most dangerous game like the casino with its theme, etc.
  • You are allowed to maintain a conversation with the connected guys.

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As you need to live inside the house so, you can help Austin to renovate his family mansion. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go there it can be possible through the android game named Homescapes. The reason behind the grossing will—

  • Here you will find a lot of adventure after entering the Austins’ home.
  • You can discover yourself as an interior designer because you need to act as an interior designer in this game.
  • Not only decorate the house but you can discover many secrets hiding in the Austins’ house and feel the advantageous feeling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest-grossing mobile game?

In 2020 Coin master, Homescapes, Garena Free Fire: Wonderland, Parchisi STAR Online, Candy crush saga, Coin master, Gardenscapes, etc consider as the highest-grossing mobile game among gamer.

What is the most popular mobile game in the World in 2020?

The Coin master, Homescapes, Garena Free Fire: Wonderland, Parchisi STAR Online, Candy crush saga, Coin master, Gardenscapes, etc gain popularity among the mobile gamer in 2020

What is the most popular game on mobile?

According to 2020 data, Coin master, Homescapes, Garena Free Fire: Wonderland, Parchisi STAR Online, Candy crush saga, Coin master, Gardenscapes, etc consider as popular games among mobile gamers.

Which is the most earning game?

In the most earning game arena, Fortnite generate $1.8 billion in revenue in 2019, so it is considered as the most earning game.

Which is the No 1 Android game?

Basically, it varies like previously cash royal placed in the no 1 but now PUBG is considered as the next no 1 game in the Android game arena.

Final Thought

Hopefully, our article will help to pass your quarantine period blissful by playing the top-grossing games. Again we hope that our article on the  Top 10 Grossing Android Games for PC In 2023 will help to select the best game among the top.

Lastly. If any point is difficult to understand then let us know we will try to help you promptly.

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