Best 5 Screen Locker Apps for Android in 2022

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 03:57 pm

Generally, a smartphone contains lots of personal as well as valuable information nowadays. This is because we can reserve information for a long time as well as it is a handy way also. But here, security issues make us frightening.  Not only steal information by hackers but also if no lock use then someone can easily steal your information. Here we show you a solution by let you know the  Best 5 Screen Locker Apps for Android in 2022.

We do our task by writing and you need to go through it carefully. Eventually, you will be able to pick the best one for your device from this top five.

Best Screen Locker Apps for Android

There you will find lots of lock screen apps in the Android apps arena. But only a few gain popularity due to their blissful service. We will try to find out those good 5 and present in front of you so, you can choose the best for your little machine.

Solo Locker

The first android lock screen app that comes to our best 5 is Solo Locker. We take it at the top because it allows you to select a wide range of wallpapers from various categories like an animal, landscape, flower, festival, and many more. This lock screen app permits you to select a pattern or PIN code to lock the screen. Interestingly,  you can be able to set your own picture for each circle as the screen lock and this will give you the personal feeling.

Solo Locker for android

Solo Locker (DIY Locker)

Moreover, you can change the wallpaper, set the blur amount over your wallpaper, customize the date and time style, and do any kind of custom text. In addition, you can place your app’s shortcut to access quickly,  view the weather forecasts, and notification on a separate screen, and also change the shortcut icon’s color like the camera app. Here,  one point will be disappointing you a little bit like when there is no notification then you will see ads.

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Hi Locker

As an android fanboy,  you will get almost all the facilities from this app which everyone expects from a lock screen app. Here the older lock screen appearance ( from lollipop version) and modern material design blend in its UI. You will get three unique lock screen themes like a classic, lollipop, and the iOS in the hi locker. This app permits you to modify each element from different design languages thus make own custom lock screen display.

Hi Locker for android

Hi Locker – Your Lock Screen

Similar to other lock screen apps, it allows you to view weather-related information, make and see events on the calendar and so on. Interestingly,  if you wish a jolly mood then set to get jokes greetings every morning and evening in this app.

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Fireflies Lockscreen

Now comes to the third screen locker app for your android phone and its name is Fireflies Lockscreen. You will find it is used by more than 10 million users due to its gorgeous theme. There are lots of eye-catchy wallpaper you will find in this app.

Fireflies Lockscreen for android 2020

Fireflies lockscreen

This app allows you to customized the settings as your own wish. Here, you will find multiple animations of butterflies and fluttering fireflies and 10 beautiful tones for unlocking the mobile. Similar to other screen locker apps, it also allows you to set pins and turn on and off notification visibility features.

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Emoji Lock Screen

If you are an emoji lover then this cute option waits for you and it is the emoji Lock Screen app. You will take it as funny but frankly speaking, it is safe and secure as a lock screen app for the android user. In this app, the emoji is used as a pattern to set up your security pin number.

Emoji Lock Screen

Emoji Lock Screen

Don’t think it occupies huge space and consumes more battery power rather it is the opposite of this thinking. You will find beautiful wallpaper, themes and can set the funny emoji on your existing app’s button.

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Pattern Lock Screen

If you like to set the pattern as your smartphone’s security then the pattern lock screen apps will be the perfect choice for you. Here, you will get easy as well as a simple way to set a pattern as your phone’s password. Don’t worry the developer also keep the pin code option for the password.

Pattern Lock Screen

Pattern Lock Screen

Here you can choose your desire wallpaper and theme from lots of options. This app will show you the required widgets and app’s icons and it is fully customizable. Interestingly, it doesn’t demand huge memory rather it works as a battery saver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best lock screen app for Android?

From many other lock screen android apps, you will find the Pattern Lock Screen, Emoji Lock Screen Fireflies Lockscreen Hi Locker, and Solo Locker is popular among the user.

Which lock screen app is best?

The Pattern Lock Screen, Emoji Lock Screen Fireflies Lockscreen Hi Locker, and Solo Locker are popular among the user due to their blissful features and service.

Is there an app that locks the screen?

Yes, there are lots of apps you will find in the android app market, among them the Pattern Lock Screen, Emoji Lock Screen Fireflies Lockscreen Hi Locker, and Solo Locker is popular.

How do you put a password on your apps for Android?

There are lots of apps you will find in the android app market to put a password on your apps, here you will find the AppLocks is one of the best.

How do I customize my lock screen?

There are lots of apps you will find in the android app market to customize your lock screen, here  Pattern Lock Screen, Emoji Lock Screen Fireflies Lockscreen Hi Locker, and Solo Locker are popular.

Final Thought

As a reader of this article, I think security is your 1st priority for your smartphone.  Hopefully,  we can fulfill your desire like help to choose the right lock screen from the app for your mobile. If you have any suggestions regarding the Best 5 Screen Locker Apps for Android in 2019 then let us know.

Lastly, we cordially invite you to visit this blog, hopefully, you will find another important issue for your smartphone.

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