Best 5 Android Faceapp Alternatives Apps in 2022

Last updated on November 19th, 2022 at 04:36 am

Due to the alleged controversy surrounding FaceApp’s data hacking, people are looking for the best android face app alternative in 2022. This entertaining android application could generate highly realistic face transformation by using swapping filters to look old, young, or even change gender and all prior to the latest trends.

People are getting extremely cautious with data security, to meet with demand new face transformation apps are being developed that use advanced features like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Enabling photo editing in a more constructive and much better way then FaceApp without undermining data security.

Top 5 best android FaceApp alternatives in 2022

There are many faceapp alternative for PC in google play store .Alternatives faceapp transformation apps for operating systems like android and Mac OS. You can get it for free and paid, also you can download these types of photo editing applications from play store or even from the official sites. It is better to choose apps that guarantee maximum data protection of personal information, data encryption and privacy.

Here are the top 5 best FaceApp alternatives in 2022

1.Oldify face app free alternative

Oldify is free to use a full-functional scan camera app. Just take a picture of your face and within seconds oldify will turn it into a highly realistic photo of how you look like at your old age. Oldify will instantly age your photo as per your choice. Oldify is easy to install, all you have to give access to your camera and photo gallery.

Oldify Face app

Oldify Camera – Aging Filter & Face Secret Predict

Features of oldify

  • Quick result.
  • Sharing option with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Animate your photos.
  • Different filters and features.
  • Easy interaction.
  • Simple and reliable.

Specification of Oldify for android

size 8.1 mb
Last update June 1, 2020
Current version 1.1.5
Required android 4.1 up
Rating 3+

 2. Face changer photo gender editor

If you want to know how you look when you become older, women, child, or even ugly and creepy then “Face changer photo gender editor” will exactly do that for you. “Face changer photo gender”  engages artificial intelligence to transform your photo with funny stickers and face warp effects. The application also uses a high-grade security policy to protect user’s data.

Face changer photo gender editor

Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

Features of “Face changer photo gender editor”

  • Amazing new and updated features.
  • Change gender.
  • Blend two faces into one.( new release).
  • Add long, short hair and bald.
  • Add funny warps like musk, hairstyle, lips, nose, eyelashes.
  • Add filters to look happy, smiling, angry, crazy, sleepy or even attractive.

Specification of “Face changer photo gender editor” for android

size 25.7 mb (varies with devices)
Required version 4.1 up (varies with devices)
Current version Varies with devices
Last update December 25, 2019
rating 3.5+

3. AgingBooth faceapp alternative android

AgingBoot is an amazing face aging application for android devices. It is free to download and easy to use. Just take a picture or select photos from your gallery and see the magic! AgingBooth will instantly age your photos with great sharpness. AgingBooth offers data privacy.


AgingBooth Faceapp

Features of AgingBooth

  • Instant face transformation no internet connection is needed.
  • Automatic photo cropping using face detection technology.
  • Works with photos taken by camera or from the gallery.
  • After and before photo comparison feature.
  • Auto save to your photo library.
  • Share with friends via instagram, facebook, twitter etc.

Specification of AgingBooth for android

size 8.6 mb
Current version 2.6
Required version 2.3 or up
Last update August 9, 2016
rating 3+

4. Face swap faceapp alternative for windows and mac

Face Swap is a free to download face swapping application for android. By using Face Swap you can swap your face with your favorite celebrity, the resulting photo will be highly realistic and extremely sharp. Face Swap also allows you to swap multiple faces at a time.

Face swap

Face Swap – Photo Face Swap

Features of Face Swap

  • Easy to use, just tap the faces you want to swap.
  • Features like the face bomb effect, all people in the photo with the same face.
  • Swap faces between 2 photos.
  • Save photos to the gallery.
  • Download photos of your favourite celebrity and swap faces.
  • Share photos on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media.

Specification of Face Swap

size 22mb
Required version 5.0 up
Current version 2.0.6
Last update October 18, 2019
rating 3+

5. Face blender alternatives for android

Face blender is a photo blending application for android. It is totally free to download and is full with awesome templates. Snap a selfie or select existing photos from the gallery and blend with your favourite template. Wanna look like an astronaut? Or the president of USA! you can easily create stunning photos by using Face Blender.

Face blender

Multi Face Blender

Features of Face Blender

  • Automatic face detection.
  • Easy to use.
  • New and funny blending templates.
  • No internet connection is needed.
  • Quick result.
  • Share the blended photos on social media.

Specification of Face Blender

size 19mb
Current version 1.3
Required version 3.0 up
Last update October 16, 20209
rating 4.1+

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use FaceApp for android?

No, although things have been improved but there’s always risk involving security issues. So, it is better not to use FaceApp for android.

while using these applications will I be traced ?

No, you can turn off the location option on android.

Can I get the premium versions?

Yes, you can purchase the premium versions quiet easily.

Is there a FaceApp for PC?

FaceApp is a professional mobile app that transforms your photos into unique works of art. It’s completely free and super easy to use. You can find it on Google Play, AppStore and Windows Phone Store.There is not a separate version of the app for PC.But you can use it by android emulator.

Is it true that FaceApp is dangerous?

FaceApp is an app that uses neural networks to transform your photos. This process is said to make you look older or younger. This is controversial because some users are saying that FaceApp is promoting racism, gender and age stereotypes, and that users should be more aware of what they are doing to their own photos.

Which face app is the best?

There are lots of Face app.But most of the app feathers are different. But I think the best app is FaceApp, which is a free app that adds an array of effects to photos. FaceApp is a free app that can be downloaded on your PC or Android device.


There are many face transformation apps for android that work much better than FaceApp. These applications use artificial intelligence and automatic face detection to adjust the best face transformation for the users. At the same time offers security, entertainment and also works much faster. You can add textures, effects, filters and many more amazing features that suit you the best.

Now you know about the best android FaceApp alternatives of 2022. If you have any queries regarding the article feel free to ask.

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