TP-Link Tether for PC / Windows 7,8,10 / Mac – Free Download

Last updated on November 19th, 2022 at 03:15 am

TP-link tether app is now one of the most downloaded apps for the mobile platform. It comes and won many hearts of users and it breaks down the hassles of users as they get to manage the router right from their mobile. Now, this article is about how you can manage TP-link tether for PC while sitting next to the table for hours.

What is the overview of tp-link tether for PC

TP-link tether would be an amazing app as it helps to get a better configuration with your router. The router sometimes hard to manage as you need to go over the place where you hang on the stuff and configure it. The hassles would become to an end with using the superb app Tp-link tether for windows or Mac. Both the operating systems would be good to go whenever you will keep it.

tp-link tether for Windows

TP-Link Tether for PC – Windows 7,8,10 & Mac – Free Download

Now let’s talk about the parental control of a router. As you know the parental control that comes with the limitation then the app will manage to uncover it and give you more functionalities. As a result, you are going to have more features also, the user interface is user-friendly hence, no worries to keep running the system at you one way. Setting up with the SSID will be in a more extended way. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or not keep the router turn off from remotely.

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Features and APK of tp-link tether for PC

Using a router management app like a tp-link tether for Windows and Mac will give you so many features. This app is much more functional than the other as it ensures a better router management app for you. Here are some of the distinguishable features of it

tp-link tether For Mac

TP-Link Tether app in PC – Download for Mac

  • It allows you to set up SSID with Password along with the VDSL/ADSL
  • It will block your unauthorized users
  • Activate the permissions on your client devices
  • Schedule the parental control function
  • Url based internet access management
  • Locate the best location to your place
  • It automatically turns off the LED at a certain time
  • Allow you to manage a versatile number of TP-link devices

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How to download and install tp-link tether for PC

(Windows and Mac)

When it comes to downloading the tp-link tether app, then you won’t make it happen just like other software or apps on your computer. In that case, you need to have the emulator first. Let’s give you some of the steps on how to get it for PC

  • Step1: At first, you need to download one of your preferred emulator that works great with your hardware configuration
  • Step2: You can see the emulator at your desktop icon and click to open it
  • Step3: Once you will open the emulator it takes a while to begin and once it starts its operation then look for the search box
  • Step4: Meanwhile, you need to have a verified Gmail ID for PlayStore
  • Step5: Now type the “Tp-link Tether” app name and install it to run on your computer.

Free Download tp-link tether for PC

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Now, you get to know how to download and install a Tp-link tether for PC. So far it is not a big deal for you. However, if you find any issue to finish the process make sure you will let us know about it. Afterward, we will shortly give you a solution for you. So now enjoy it.

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