2023 How To Cancel Picsart Subscription?

PicsArt is known to users as a very powerful Android photo editing app. Maybe you yourself have become a regular user of it. In the free app you will find many great features that are enough to make your initial editing work successfully. However, you must pay for advanced features. It’s normal that you don’t want to use it for long periods of time. In that case, you need to know how to cancel PicsArt subscription.

You may not always need advanced features as you get a lot of good things for free. If you want to enjoy some of the best features, you should go to pay, but after the work is done, you may not need it anymore, then cancel your picsart subscription. In this article you will know the ways with details.

How To Cancel PicsArt Subscription?

The PicsArt app is suitable for use on any device, so no matter what device you are a user of, you need to know how to unsubscribe from each PicsArt subscription. Each method is shown below:

Canceling PicsArt Subscription On Android

  • Login to your PicsArt account using username and password
  • Now go to settings
  • Unsubscribe by subscribing to the unsubscribe button.

Canceling PicsArt subscription On iPhone

  • Open the PicsArt app on your iPhone
  • If your account is not logged in then login
  • Now go to Settings and select Subscriptions
  • Now unsubscribe from subscription

Canceling PicsArt Subscription On a Computer

  • At first log in to your Microsoft account with email and passwords.
  • Go to the Services & subscriptions option
  • Tap on the Services & subscriptions button and find the apps associated with your subscription plans.
  • Tap on Upgrade & Cancel or Cancel button based on your subscription type
  • Now follow the further steps associated with cancellation.

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How To Cancel Picsart Free Trial?

How To Cancel Picsart Free Trial?

PicsArt offers its customers a free trial for 7 days, although they always promote that the trial lasts up to 14 days. However, 7 days is not enough to test the functionality of all the alternatives of the app. However, know how to unsubscribe to PicsArt’s free trial.

  • First, go to the Google Play Store from your Android phone or tablet
  • Click on the profile icon that you at the top-right corner
  • Now select Payments Subscriptions from the dropdown menu
  • Unsubscribe to unsubscribe from now on

How To Delete Your Picsart Account?

How To Delete Your Picsart Account?

You may want to permanently delete your Picsart account. There may be a problem with your account or you may want to delete that account and use a new one. In this case, you should delete the old PicsArt account although deleting your account will permanently eliminate all the data including your photos, videos, draft edits, collections, comments and followers.

  • At first, you need to navigate your profile in the bottom right corner
  • Tap on the Edit Profile option
  • Here, tap on the Delete Profile button
  • Click Delete Profile following the prompts

After the PicsArt account deletion process is complete, you will need to uninstall it from the device as a last resort. Deleting a PicsArt account permanently will only be possible if you cancel all subscriptions.

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How To Make Your Picsart Account Private?

As a PicsArt user, you may want to keep your account private, meaning you may not want to share any information with anyone. Picsart has many functional features for your security and privacy. There are also ways to hide any of your personal photos where you can hide them and restore them later. Let’s know the processes.

When you want to hide an image on PicsArt:

  • Go to your profile tab
  • Choose the image you want to hide
  • Press on the More_copy.png from the top right corner of the screen
  • Tab on Hide From Profile

To restore the image that you hide, go back to your Profile tab:

  • Choose the image you want to restore
  • Click on selected_3x.png and go to your profile
  • Click on Collections image.png from the top right corner
  • Choose the Public Posts folder
  • Tap on More_copy.png and tap the Move option to restore image to profile

PicsArt saves your device’s contact lists to help users share content. If you want to associate an account with Picsart like Facebook, Instagram then Picsart will use your details in the same way to associate those accounts with it. It is not mandatory for you to allow this as you may at any time withdraw your access to Picsart for not using your information.

How Does Picsart Work?

There is nothing new about Picsart. It has everything from photo editing effects to camera apps, drawing tools, and social platforms. As the most downloaded and useful photo editing app, PicsArt has popularity in the Google Play Store Photography category. Not only photo editing, but this app can also serve you in almost all fields with editing and sharing photos on different social accounts.

Editing photos with PicsArt is very easy which many people don’t know. Anything will be easier for you if you use it properly. These two applications are full of so many options and features you have to learn using them. If you can learn how to use it properly, then with these apps you can make any photo look much better. So let’s find out how PicsArt works.

Here’s what you’ll find in PicsArt:

First, open the PicsArt app. After opening, you can see the options of many paid versions. Close all the people and select the photo to edit. There are many options to edit from the PicsArt app. Other options can only be enabled for you if you opt for the paid version.

When you are using the PicsArt free version, naturally some premium options will not be hidden until you buy. There are also many more free and paid versions of image editing with the PicsArt apps that you can see and understand. There are also many options that will help you in many ways.

Final Words

If you do not want to have a PicsArt account or if you do not want to be associated with it, you need to know how to cancel PicsArt subscription. Remember that deleting your PicsArt account or app does not invalidate your subscription. You need to unsubscribe properly.

The way to unsubscribe from all devices is not the same, so you need to know about each one. Hopefully, this article will help you find the right way to unsubscribe from PicsArt.

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