How To Video Call On Kakaotalk? 2023

kakaoTalk is a new dimension of video calls that originates from Korea, and it is specially launched in Korea like the existing messenger app. Now, kakaoTalk users can easily chat face-to-face video calls with other kakaotalk friends.

You can connect with your friends and family using the kakaotalk app just need a stable internet connection.

Kakaotalk app allows you to backup your past conversations and restores them. It also offers unlimited video calls. In this article, I have described how to call on kakaoTalk. So if you are a new kakaotalk user, you are suggested to read the following article.

How to call on kakaotalk?

kakao talk is a Korean app used by millions of people. Anyone can easily use the video call and phone call options. If you use kakao talk, you will see 2 icons. One for video call and another for a phone call. First of all, go to your friend’s kakaotalk page. Then choose free call. It will bring up a menu you can choose for the existing call or a new call.

How to video call on kakaotalk?

First of all, you need to register an account for kakao talk using your phone number. Then they will ask you to give them permission to access your contacts. If you have any friends in that account, they will automatically appear in the friend’s tab. You can also customize kakao talk friend adding system by enabling or disabling add auto friends option. You can also scan a QR code to add friends.

If you want to locate people nearby and add them, you can use the shake option. You just have to shake your device when you are near your friend. You have to give them location permission to do so. You can use kakao ID search tool to add friends if you want. Then you can go to your friend’s profile and choose the video call option. It will have a camera icon. Tap on it, and you will start the video call with your friend.

How to group video call on kakaotalk?

Video Call On Kakaotalk

Starting a group call is funny and easy. You can group call up to 5 users using the free HD version. First of all, you have to create a group with your friends. Then click on the plus icon and tap on the group call. Then click on a request group call. Group call has a funny feature: they add talking tom and talking ben voice filters. You can also use many fun features by exploring their menu options.

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How to add friends on kakaotalk?

There are plenty of ways to add a friend in kakao talk app. The first option available is added by contacts option. You have to give kakao talk access to your contacts to do that. Then on the main page of it, click on the magnifying button. Then you just have to put your friend’s phone number and click on the “add friend” button. There is another way you can do this: scanning a QR code and adding friends to buy it. Go to the kakao talks main page and click on the QR code scanner button.

How To Video Call On Kakaotalk?

They will ask you for camera permission, or you can also choose a QR code from your gallery. So permit them to proceed. Put the QR code under your camera or choose a QR code from your album. The third option is to add friends by ID. When a user registers an account in kakao talk, kakao talk gives them a unique ID. They can use this ID to contact anyone. First, go to the main page and click on Add by ID option. Then ask your friend for his ID. Put their ID in the box and tap on “find”. If they successfully found your friend, click on Free Chat and start chatting. This is easy way to add or delete friend’s from your ID. You just have to block the friend and then hide the user to delete him from your friend list completely.  

Final Thought

kakaoTalk is an accessible communication app for android phone users. KakaoTalk is easy to use, and anyone can use the app to touch a button. It offers video calls and chatting,  sharing locations, and playing games.

Hopefully, after reading my instructions on how to video call on kakaoTalk, you can call anyone without facing any problems.

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